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Jess O Mac

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Guest Alliance Mark

My sister had a hamster. It stunk (dirty vermin). Can't remember its name. It used to bite me so i fed it a 5p piece. It curled up and started to shivver. It died a couple of hours later.



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I've has tonnes of pets over the years. Rabbits, goldfish, budgies, a cat, etc, etc. Lol, I guess it's not that many.


At the moment I have two dogs. A mongrel anemed Sally who I've had since I was little and a Westie, anmed Tom, who is four. Lol, they are like chalk and cheese, colud not be more different. One lives with my mum, one with my dad.


Sally got really sick last week and we all thought we have to have her put down. I cried myself to sleep on Wednesday night thinking about it. Lol, I even prayed to God to ask him for him to help her live. I know, but I was desperate! Well she had her op on Thursday and she's back home now, I spent all yeserday looking after her. She's got one of those protective hat thingies on her head to stop her ripping out her stitches. Lol, it's miles too big for her and she looks like some kind of astronaut with it on.

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