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WWFe loses court battle


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From Ananova.com:



The World Wrestling Federation has lost its second legal bout with the World Wide Fund for Nature over the right to use the initials WWF.


The Court of Appeal has dismissed the Federation's challenge to a High Court injunction granted last October.


The injunction forced it to keep to the strict terms of a 1994 settlement with the wildlife charity under which it promised to severely restrict its use of the initials in its business activities.


The Federation, faced with an £35million rebranding exercise in addition to a bill of around £1 million for the legal costs of the dispute, is now expected to seek leave to appeal to the House of Lords.


The charity, whose president emeritus is the Duke of Edinburgh, registered the initials WWF as a trademark in 1961 when it was founded as the World Wildlife Fund.


Although it changed its name to the World Wide Fund for Nature in the UK and several other countries in 1989, it still uses the initials WWF along with the famous panda symbol in advertising campaigns all over the world.


It initiated legal proceedings to protect its global brand and reputation from any "unsavoury" connection with professional wrestling.


The US-based Federation - known for its encounters between stars like The Rock, The Undertaker, Hardcore Holly, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior - also sells toys and gifts, including children's school books and backpacks.


It argued that there was no evidence of confusion in the public mind between the two organisations and that to enforce the 1994 agreement strictly was an unreasonable restraint of trade and a breach of the right to commercial freedom of expression under the European Convention on Human Rights.


Lord Justice Carnwath, sitting with Lord Phillips, Master of the Rolls, and Lord Justice Judge, said there had been "clear and repeated" breaches of the agreement, which was designed to end the worldwide tit-for-tat legal battles in which the two sides had been engaged over the use of the initials.


Story filed: 12:19 Wednesday 27th February 2002


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Guest Alliance Mark
i was watching Scotty and Albert on Excess last week, (i was probably the only one) and i noticed that both Albert and Scotty kept saying "WW......World wrestling Federation". It seemed as though they'd been told not to say "WWF". Thought it might have something to do with all this panda wrestling federation crap.
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Guest Dean Douglas

This is absolutely ridiculous, just another example of the rest of the world's bias against wrestling, (the World Wrestling Federation is reffered to as WWFE for the sake of clarity).


Does anyone ever confuse the WWF with WWFE?. No


Does everyone know they are two entirely different entities?. Yes


Does the WWF stand to lose any money by letting WWFE use the initials WWF?. No


Does WWFE stand to lose any money by being forced to rebrand?. Yes


Is it fair to force this on WWFE when no one confuses them with the WWF?. No


Is it unfair?. Yes


Is the case hugely biased?. I'll leave you to figure that one out



And anyway, even if it is legal, on principle what right does a British court have to restrict the business activities of an American corporation?.

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Next Big money angle = WWFE v WWF


WWF(the evil panda people) invades Raw and terrorise WWF superstars with spray paint and squash everyone with Bear Hugs. This leads to a big pay-per-view.


I see it now.


Raven vs An actual Raven.


Rhyno vs A rhino.


Steve Austin vs A rattlesnake.


Hehehehe. :xyx

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From what i've heard the wwf (wildlife) were more concerned about the website address. But for a cahrity they should not be allowed .com and have .org as taht is what they are technically used for.



Does anyone actully know the finer points of the contract signed by both companies?

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wwfn advertising? the last time i saw that panda mark on anything was on a crummy fact card in a newspaper/magazine almost 10 years ago! i personally think that this is partly a publicity stunt to put the nature peeps back in the spotlight, what better way than attacking one of the most popular companies in the world, i actually feel Microsoft had the same thing done to them., and since the world wildlife fund has added "for nature" why can they not put n at the end of thier name afterall they are not exactly a big brand like the WWF, i say we try petitioning the lords on behalf of the wwf (the wrestlers not the tree hugging hippies) Edited by Anime Otaku
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