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Raw Thoughts **SPOILER ALERT**(Don't read if you don't want to know the results)

Dead Crow

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As always, if you don't want to know the results, don't read any further. Plenty of warning has been given so don't come moaning to me.


Raw, from the Dunkin' Donuts Center (erm...ok?) in Province, opened with the announcement that Mr Perfect would take on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Then, the nWo came out. Hollywood Hogan said it felt good to injure The Rock. Kevin Nash demanded respect for the nWo. Scott Hall challenged Austin to a match at Wrestlemania. nWo had a wheelbarrow with them, but the point was............?


Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo (the best tag champs i've seen in a while), defeated Hardyz. So predictable. Why do they have title matches like this when you know who is going to win?


Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon pulled up in a limo with a video to suprise HHH with.


Christian asked Arn Anderson where Ric Flair was so that he could sign the papers to quit. DDP came and told Christian that he didnt want to quit, he just had pent-up aggression. He told Christian to smile. DDP smiled, and Arn smiled. Christian gave a weak smile and then walked off with DDP.


Austin accepted Hall's challenge.


With William Regal as guest commentator, RVD beat Big Show in a triple threat match (the other competitor being Lance Storm.)


Booker T told Test he had been offered a chance to star in a Japanese Shampoo commercial and was trying to learn Japanese. Test said the company would be more impressed after he beats Rikishi later on.


APA went to the "Friendly Tap."


Booker T beat Rikishi.


Jericho and Steph came to the ring and showboated. Y2J then showed footage of him tearing HHH's quad (if you remember, it wasnt Jericho, it was HHH) and said he was the reason HHH was out for 8 months. Steph said that HHH always came up a little short in the bedroom department. HHH came out and said he didnt come up short, it was just the field he was playing in was a little too big. He then said that even a 747 looks small flying into the Grand Canyon. HHH then got in Y2J's face. Kurt Angle came out and said he had been given a title shot, then HHH attacked Y2J.


Mr Perfect looked forward to his match against Austin.He said his match with Kane was an exhibition, but against Austin, his record would remain perfect.


Jazz beat Mighty Molly in a pretty good match for womens standards to retain her belt. Molly was carried to the back with a Stinger (injury, not the wrestler), and as Arn went down to help, he was attacked by The Undertaker. Taker said that now, Flair couldn't say no.


Jericho beat Angle in an excellent, but pretty pointless match after Kane beat up Angle.


Flair arrived but was told what happened to Arn, and he raced off again.


Hogan barged into The Rock's locker room (notice he still has one, even though he wasnt there.) Hogan started talking to a cardboard cut-out (old age taking effect) and smashed it to pieces.


APA arrived at the "Friendly Tap" and after spawning off the advances of a drag queen, were attacked by Billy and Chuck.


The nWo wished Mr Perfect luck in his match.


In a pretty good match, SCSA defeated Mr Perfect (suprise, suprise). Afterwards, Hall returned with his wheelbarrow, full of cement blocks. Austin and Hall had a brawl, but Nash and Hogan came to Hall's rescue. Hall then smashed a cinder block over Austins knee and walked off as RAW went off air.



RAW seemed pretty good this week. The road to Wrestlemania looks very good and I hope WWF keeps it up. Y2J v HHH is being built up well although it could be better. Hogan v Rock looks very interesting and Im lookin forward to that match. Even Gunn and Palumbo v APA is being built up extremely well. And with RVD v Regal (look for RVD to probably win) WM looks great already. But im suprised that the match most built up seems to be Austin v Hall. We'll just have to wait and see.


Provide feedback below.

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lol raw, where the credibility strikes back.


lets give new champs the chance to beat over super stars, and take away their heat, and when we push these stars to go for the titles, no-one will care cause they will have jobbed so many times.


oh dear, stupid booking crew



lol and they beat down rock with an ambulance and hammer, austin with a plastecine err i mean cinderblock.


hhmm riiigghh..t

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Guest Alliance Mark

I was actually pretty certain that all you did was read the spoilers but when you were describing how good matches were i thought maybe you somehow watched it.


In a pretty good match, SCSA defeated Mr Perfect (suprise, suprise).


I went onto WWF.com and it doesn't show you the Perfect/Austin match so how do you know how good the match was? Instead you just pass it off as your opinion.


You could at least give credit to the person/site where you got the spoilers from.


P.S. Copy, Paste, Copy, Paste..... seems like you have a habit of doing that :D

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