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TWO Meetup


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Who thinks a TWO meet up at some point in the near furure is a good idea?


If so say where u are from/based and we'll look at the best location. If you can drive post that as well, its only fair that us older ones do a bit of driving if it means a better metting place.


So heres the start.


Me, Christof am currently based in Hatfield, Herts, just abouve the M25, so London is obviously good for me, but MK, Birmingham or Nottingham wouldnt really be too bad for me, and i dont mind giving others a lift if they are in that corridor or from the london area.

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Bob you are from Saffend so dont give that Africa excuse (though having been their I can understand the shame).


Draven i think brum might be the best option, I am one of those southern folk who realises that London isnt in the centre of the country!

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Well I'm based in sunny Doncaster and can travel!


But i am planning on having a BBQ Sunday the 15th August (Summerslam) and the TWO regulars are invited along! In fact, I posted something about this when I first joined the forums!


Well I'm in Sunny Scunny, so we can always car share if needed.

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