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Best 3 tracks for a Video


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Im looking for 3 suitable tracks to go together that would make up an ideal soundtrack for a motobike racing video.


can be any sort of genre but needs to be quite fast.


Some ideas are

Feeder - Just a day

Undertones - Teenage kicks

Blur - Boys and girls


Thers a lot of motobike racing but also some footage from the nites entertainment.


Best suggestion gets a free copy of the finished cd and a marxworld.com (eatsleepbreatheit.co.uk) t shirt :D

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Guest Thundara

Feeder : Waiting For Changes (Yesterday Went Too Soon)

Ash : Lose Control (1977)

and A life Less Ordinary (from Sundtrack of same name)

Green Day : Stuck With Me (Insomniac)

Papa Roach : Thrown Away (Infest)

Lit : Over my Head (Titan I.E soundtrack)




Heavier Stuff...


Dry Kill Logic : Rot (Darker Side Of Nonsense)

Static-X : This is Not (Machine)


I'm with stupid (Wiscounsin Death Trip)

American Head Charge : A Violent Reaction (unknown)



Just some I can think of off the top of my head.


You might also try some punk too, PennyWise, Lagwagon, NoFX etc as they use this music a lot for extreme sports videos, such as skating, boarding, bmx etc. The fast drumming and guitars go well with the action.

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Try 3 of these :


Alice in Chains - "Them bones"

SilverChair - "Israels son" (great intro)

Saxon - "Strangers in the night"

KMFDM - "Ultra"

Nickelback - "Hangnail"

Nickelback - "Hold out your hand"

Limp Bizkit - "The fast and the furious"

Lost Prophets - "Shinobi vs Dragon ninja"

Rob Zombie - "Iron head"

Iron Maiden - "Be quick or be dead"

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