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Lights out...


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O.k. Great!

I woke up this morning and the power was out! Did we forget to pay the bill? No, A damn'ed transformer blew. Blacking out the entire neighborhood! :help


What in the Blue Hell is The Maxx gonna do without his morning coffee? :evil

I'll tell you what I did. I imagined what life would be like if the lights never came back on...EVER!


Here is your assignment.

I want you to imagine what life would be like if you woke up tommorow to find that all,and I mean ALL...technological advances we posses via electricity, battary power, neuclear fusion, or anyother kind of energy you could think of, were renderd usless! :eek


What would life be like, and what would you do with yourself?

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In 1974, yes I am that old there was a series of power cuts right acroos the country and we used to sit my brother and I with our parents with candles in the living room huddled together to keep warm and play I spy by candlelight. It was probably the best fun I had as a child, without ever going outside. The streets were deserted and it was complete silence as no TV or Radio's coould be heard.


If it happened today it would be like 28 Days Later and the Rage would take over the crazies and everyone would end up fighting with one another and town centres would be looted as Video Camera's would be down so no one to stop you.


Or maybe we'd all get a decent nights kip.lol



Blacked Out.

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If the power were forever gone I would expect to hear a lot of the following:


"What do you MEAN I have to take the STAIRS? There must be at least 10 of them!"


"I have to WALK to get where I want to go? Are you out of your MIND?"


""But I NEED my cell phone!"


It's the 7th sign of the Apocolypse! Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!"

:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol


Several weeks ago a severe thunderstorm killed our power for 4 days. I must admit that I am glad that it happened in the Summer months, not the Winter. That happened once for 2 days and we had to go to her grandparents house. They have a fireplace. This time my wife and I played cards by candlelight, talked, and made another baby.


Hey y'all I'm gonna be a



2-time daddy! Woo-Hoo!!!

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Congrats dude! But why did you say "2-time"' date=' three times...? :D Cheers![/quote']


Yes I DID! Darn you and your ability to count correctly. I'm foiled again. I would have gotten away with it TWO if not for you meddling kids. {Insert Scooby Doo ending HERE}

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To Spiritchaser:

If its a girl she will be Lydia Cecile. My moms middle name is Cecilia and my wifes fave person, great grandpa, was Cecil. Works out. :xyx

If its a boy, not sure yet. We don't often agree on boy names but girl names seem to be easy for us.


To Christof:

:lol :thumbsup :lol You are always good for a laugh! Rep point for you!


To Darkstar:

I prayed that my firstborn, my son, would NOT look like me but it didn't work. Poor kid! :bawl Just kidding. He's gorgeous in spite of my "homely" genes.


BTW I love the messages here. i learn all these cool new slang words all the time. Chuffed. I assume thats good. Am I right? :?

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