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***Official Raw Thread - 12th July 2004***


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Judging by the look on Triple H's face after losing his match against Chris Benoit at Vengeance, Monday night may not be a good one for honorary Evolution member Eugene. Just prior to the Game's loss, he was inadvertently hit with a steel chair by Eugene. Undoubtedly, Triple H will be looking for somebody to blame for the loss, chances are that person will be Eugene.


Also at Vengeance, Matt Hardy pulled off this biggest single's pay-per-view victory of his career, pinning the mighty Kane. After the match, Hardy told Lita that he had to figure some things out and that she should stay far away from him while he does this. Will Lita listen to Matt? Or will she once again attempt to reconcile with her man? Find out on Monday Night RAW.


Edge regained Intercontinental glory on Sunday night, pinning Randy Orton to capture the title. Where does the new Intercontinental Champion go from here? Will there be a rematch?


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kam thanks for giving me some vengeance results. i thought u were admin? if so why the spoilers??


Well dont you think it was a bit silly coming in the Raw Thread if you dont want to know the Vengeance Results, considering the thread is about the Raw after Vengeance? :?

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a) i havnt seen it yet as i got a friend to tape it for me and i wont get it till tomorrow.


b) kam clearly states in another thread that they will be no spoilers till 17 july.


c) i only got to this thread by accident.


d) i could quote vengeance results from wwe.com

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How daft is it that you complain about someone posting Vengeance spoilers and yet you come into a thread about a show AFTER Vengeance?!


Anyways, no report so far so here it is. From 411:

Triple H is angry, and doesn’t want anyone in Evolution touching the kid before he gets. Batista had to take him to Chuck E Cheese, he stole Flair’s robe, and he cost Orton his Intercontinental Title. Triple H lost the most last night, though, and he demands they follow his league. Looking sad and distraught, Eugene enters the room, admitting to them that he made a mistake. Triple H forgives him since “friends are friends.” Eugene Uncle Eric is angry with him, though, so it’s best Eugene goes see him now. As Eugene leaves, the rest of Evolution isn’t too happy, but Triple H ensures them that Eugene is going to hear some difficult news from his uncle.


Non-Title Match: Intercontinental Champion Edge vs. Batista – Why exactly it this non-title? Ohh yeah, screwjob time. Batista poses on the aisle in a way that would make Shawn Michaels say, “Wow, that’s a tad bit feminine.” Batista invites Edge to lock-up, which of course leads to Edge being tosses down to the mat a couple times. Edge shoves Batista, but after a few punches, he runs straight into a shoulderblock. Batista boot chokes Edge’s, uhh, face. You might want to slip the boot down a tad bit more than that Bat’. Corner shoulders into Edge’s abdomen. Edge kicks Batista in the head off a whip, and after a second rope axhandle, he tries another, only to be kicked in the crotch. Two count. Batista runs into a boot after some boring offense. He gets drop toe held into the second turnbuckle. Spinkick nearly knocks Batista down. A dropkick sends him to the floor. He climbs back on the apron, but Edge shoulderblocks him back to the floor. Randy Orton begins to make his way down to the ring to observe. We’ll continue after this advertisement for Joe Schmo 2. Something about a woman orgasming in a vat of pork and beans, which explains why Scott Keith frequently pimped this show last year.


We’re back live, and it’s bow and arrow resthold time! Orton got himself ejected during the commercial when he tripped Edge. Quick, somebody whisper to Edge that it’s time to Hulk-Up. During the commercial break, Batista smashed Edge’s back into the ringpost, which makes the bow and arrow a tad bit less useless. Sidewalk slam by Batista after Edge mounts a very brief comeback. Suplex gets two. He tries again to make a cover, because God knows THAT makes sense. Since Scott Steiner isn’t getting used, Batista is free to use a bastardized version of the camel clutch. Edge is able to escape and bring Batista down. After a double KO, Edge is able to knock Batista down with an axehandle. Edge counters Batista with a DDT for two. Batista sidesteps a spear, and here comes a Spinebuster! 1-2-nope. He keeps working over Edge’s back with clubbing blows designed to set him up for the Batista Bomb. Edge rolls to the apron and necksnaps Batista on the top ring rope. Batista tries to catch Edge on the top rope, but Edge knocks him off. Missile dropkick from Edge gets two. Batista tries to catch Edge when he goes for a spear, but Edge escapes out the backdoor, rolling up Batista and getting the win by holding onto the top rope at roughly 14:00. Well, that certainly didn’t suck. Batista, though, needs to vary his offense in the early going, because the constant punching and pressing his knee into his opponent’s face isn’t cutting it.


Eugene visits Uncle Eric, who is furious not with Eugene, but with those blaming Eugene for last night. Eric isn’t mad. In fact, he’s proud of Eugene. Eric is now convinced, and believes that Eugene is cut out for the wrestling business. Tonight, it’s going to be Eugene vs. Chris Benoit… For the World Heavyweight Title. Eric hugs Eugene, who is unaware of Eric’s plans.


I go to grab coffee, and when I come back, it’s the ****ing Raw Diva Search bullshit. And not just a video. This is Jerry Lawler bringing out three of the women throughout the night, and absolute shit happening. Right now, the slut on the screen can touch her tongue to her nose. I’m impressed that her tongue isn’t stained white by this point.


That ugly kid interviews Ric Flair, who echoes Triple H’s sentiment when he says that he wishes Eugene the best of luck. He hates encountering freaks, and with a WOOSH sound effect accompanying him, Hurricane comes in, Flair’s book in tow. He wishes for an autograph, but that’s not going to happen. Flair tells Helms that he knows that his real name is “Gregory Helms,” and he knows that since he’s in the business, and became something while he is just a joke. Hurricane says it wasn’t as good as Rock, Hogan, or even Chyna’s book, nor is it number one like Foley’s book. Hurricane gets decked for that comment. If the Sugar Babies were behind him, there’s no way Flair would mess with him.


Rhyno (w/Tajiri) vs. Robert Conway (w/Sylvian Grenier) - Rhyno and Tajiri interrupt the Canadian National Anthem. Rhyno and Conway exchange fists. Rhyno hiptosses Conway, but Sylvian provides the necessary distraction to allow Rhyno to be sent to the floor. Sylvian pounds away on the outside. Rhyno comes back with clothesline and a backdrop that get two. Back suplex from Conway gets two. Rhyno rebounds with a spinebuster that gets two. Sylvian tries to interfere, but Tajiri kicks him in the head. GORE GORE GORE gives Rhyno the win at roughly 3:00. Wow, that was just way too incredibly short what they needed to accomplish.


Last night on Heat, Maven returned from the dead to save his Tough Enough slut, Nidia.


Tyson Tomko (w/Trish Stratus) vs. Maven (w/Nidia) – He still has the awesome entrance music, for those keeping track. I smell a cluster****. Tomko immediately goes to work, powerslamming Maven down. After using his knee on Maven’s face, he gets tripped up by Nidia. He goes to the outside to chase her, allowing Maven to necksnap him on the top rope when he tries to come back in. Back in the ring, Maven is only able to get two. Maven gets dropped on the top ring rope. Tomko runs right into the corner, and gets dropped with a dropkick for two. Trish tries to interfere with the cast, which prompts Nidia to make the save. This distracts maven, and when he turns around, there’s a big boot waiting for him. That’s it at 2:35. They’re throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks at this point. Tomko’s bouncing right off.


William Regal confronts Benoit, who despite liking Eugene, will do anything to hold oto his title.


Last night at Vengeance, Matt Hardy told Lita that he needs her to stay away from both the ring and himself.


Chris Jericho is out for the Highlight Reel. Jericho says that the highlight of his career occurred last week when he became the undisputed champion of musical chairs. Since this is WWE, you’re not allowed to have privacy, so you must solve your problems in front of the millions of WWE fans. Makes sense. What kind of an unstable, psychotic man agrees to appear on a talk show? Kane says that Lita is deeply mistaken if she believes she’ll get away with costing him his match last night. Cue that terrible, God awful music. Kane says that people who hurt him “suffer.” Lita, however, says that Kane will do absolutely nothing to her. In WWE world, there is no such thing as DNA tests, as Lita says her suffering comes from not knowing who the father of her baby is. A minute later, she rescinds that comment, saying that it has to be Matt Hardy because he is more of a man than Kane will ever be. What kind of logic is that? Kane is very upset, and he even tries to destroy the obscenely expensive JeriTron 5000, but Jericho doesn’t allow it. He goes, though, get thrown to the outside, and Kane retreats to the back.


Jericho tells Kane, who is backstage, that he got “punked out” by a girl, and that they might as well cancel the Diva search, because they have a winner. What prompts Kane to come back to the ring is him saying that Kane has no balls. When we come back from break, it’s time for a match.


Chris Jericho vs. Kane – We join in mid-match. Lawler’s voice is starting to sound really raspy at this point in the night. Jericho tries some corner punches, but gets thrown to the mat. Kane backdrops Jericho to the apron, who comes off the top with a crossbody for two after the convenient thumb to the eye. Kane goes downstairs, and then drops Jericho on the top ring rope. Kane clotheslines Jericho in the corner. Kane goes to the outside of the ring to apply the worst submission hold I’ve ever seen using Jericho’s hair. Side slam from Kane gets two. Kane delivers knees to Jericho’s lower back. Jericho briefly retaliates, but Kane goes to old equalizer; a bearhug. Jericho avoids an elbowdrop. Kane reverses a corner whip, only to wind up getting a boot to the face. Jericho drops a leg on Kane while he’s on the bottom ring rope. Big boot to Jericho. Kane goes to the top rope, only for Jericho to springboard off the second ring rope and dropkick Kane. Beautiful. Kane shoves Jericho off the top rope. Kane goes off the top, only to get met with a dropkick to the stomach. Kane pops up. Jericho escapes a clothesline, clipping Kane’s knee on the way down. Kane avoids a Walls of Jericho attempt, but winds up hurting his leg when he misses a big boot. Jericho goes to the Walls of Jericho once again, but Kane is too close to the ropes. Jericho pulls him towards the center of the ring, but Jericho gets pushed away. Jericho lands an enzuguri, leading to Kane low blowing Jericho for the… DISQUALIFICATION???? with about 7:40 being shown. Jericho and the referee get chokeslammed. If you’re name isn’t Marc Mero, you shouldn’t be distracted for a low blow. What a cheap ending.


More Diva Search bullshit. She dances for the crowd, and big surprise, she has no talent. In her case, the pucker of her ass is probably stained white.


Smackdown Rebound reminds me why, besides for the Paul London title win, I didn’t watch Smackdown last week.


Cute little promo for Summerslam reveals just how poor the WWE’s long term planning is.


The Hurricane vs. Ric Flair – Hurricane shoulderblocks Flair to start, and goes to work with furious punches. Backdrop for Flair. Hurricane tries ten punches in the corner, but Flair carries him to the center of the ring. Hurricane goes to the thumb to the eye, and shortly after, it’s Flair flop time. Hurricane runs into an elbow. Chops from Flair. Hurricane gets sent shoulder-first into the ringpost. Jericho puts Hurricane in a hammerlock and works over Hurricane’s arm in various positions. This goes on for more than a minute, which I dig. Hurricane fights back, but a chop sends him to the mat. Hurricane ducks a clothesline and hits a flying one of his own. Hurricane and Flair exchange punches and chops. Flair begs off. Flair gets thrown into the corner, and in classic Flair fashion, sends himself backwards to the floor. Hurricane follows him to the outside, even chopping Flair a few times. Flair’s ear is bleeding. Thumb to the eye from Flair. Flair just unleashes punches and chops. Hurricane fights back. Backdrop, side kick, and a second rope Blockbuster get two. Flair catches Hurricane when he tries to go up top again. Flair chop blocks Hurricane, now focusing on his knee. On the outside, Flair shows why he’s still awesome by alternating between chopping Hurricane and punching him in the knee. Back inside, Hurricane gets locked in the figure four. He tries to escape to no avail. Flair wins at 7:20. Pretty damn good stuff, though I wasn’t big on Flair working over the arm, and then immediately switching to the knee in the final moments of the match.


Another slut who deals out some terrible innuendo. This one in particular is the 2004 Playmate of the Year, which means she likely won’t win since there isn’t a huge amount of money to be made in her nude shoots at this point.


Eugene is in the back with a giant, stuffed monkey when Chris Benoit confronts him. Benoit says that they’re friends, but Eugene is confused, since Triple H is his best friend. He also really wants to be Heavyweight Champion. Benoit wishes him the best of luck.


WWE World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit vs. Eugene - I can imagine this is going to have some badasss counters. Eugene chops Benoit, who retaliates with one of his own. Eugene is ecstatic about being chopped by a man like Benoit, though. Benoit unleashes a few more after a lock-up. Snap suplex for Eugene gets two. Back suplex gets two. Benoit throws Eugene chest first into the corner, and now it’s time for the triple German suplexes. Benoit calls for the top rope headbutt. Eugene moves out of the way, and Benoit crashed on his injured sternum. Eugene tries a Pedigree, but Benoit backdrops him. Benoit charges at Eugene, only for him to get spinebustered. That makes three tonight folks. Eugene tries the People’s Elbow, but Benoit catches his foot. He applies the Sharpshooter to Eugene, who reaches the ropes after fifteen seconds. Eugene ducks under a chop, but runs right into a hard elbow. Eugene is getting angry and fired up. He charges back in the ring and explodes on Benoit with a lot of punches. Snap suplex to Benoit gets two. Eugene even drools a bit. Eugene goes for his own triple German, but on the third one, Benoit tries a reversal. Eugene reverses that reversal into a Crippler Crossface! Benoit gets his foot on the bottom rope. Benoit runs into a boot, but he’s able to grab Eugene’s arm on a charge. Eugene counters it by throwing Benoit shoulder first into the ringpost. Rock Bottom to Benoit! Benoit gets his foot on the ropes, but Eugene thinks he won the Title. He grabs the title and runs around the ring celebrating. Evolution is now coming down to the ring, and the match still has not ended. Triple H delivers a straight right hand to Eugene, and they go after Benoit. Eugene fights back, but the numbers are too much. So I guess we’ll cal it a no contest at roughly 8:00. Pedigree for Benoit. William Regal runs in, attacking Orton briefly before Batista attacks. Eugene’s back up, and he fires away at Triple H and Orton before Batista hammers on him. RKO for Regal as Flair pounds on Eugene while Batista holds him in a full nelson. Triple H starts by slapping Eugene, and then moves his way up to punches. RKO by Orton. Huge Batista Bomb too. They go to a wide angle to allow Eugene to blade, and he’s bleeding pretty good now. Triple H continues to pound away. Pedigree. He delivers a final kneelift for good measure before leaving with the World Title in his hand.


I've not long finished watching the show, I thought Jericho was great on the microphone this week. Give this guy a World Title push Vince!


Eugene and Benoit showed flashes of what they could do together. I thought that was good until Evolution came down. The whole Evolution beatdown ending in the Pedigree is getting a tad boring. Any chance of Benoit getting some offense in on the TV shows? I know Austin or Rock wouldn't allow themselves to be dominated like that. Granted I haven't seen the Vengeance match but I gather Benoit won with a sneaky roll up. Anyhow, the ending was a shame - I'd have liked to have seen Benoit and Dinsmore go at it a bit more - but it made sense as Trple H finally broke away from his pretense and now we can see how Eugene responds next week.


Pretty good Raw I thought.

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