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In Doncaster almost all the trouble is caused by the Townies, we moshers/metalheads/punks/sweaties/whatever are the ones allways bearing the brunt of idiotic comments and abuse!


JB, we arent saying all chavs cause trouble, just that most of the trouble is caused by them! Im mates with a lot of them who are very nice people, but the ones who cause trouble tar them all with the brush of stupidity!


Sc had some very good points about how people are taking the easy way out of life and then wonder where they've gone wrong! Its the same here, gangs of 12 year olds threatening to knife you then running for there Dads when you push them away! Thats the sort of stuff Sc was speaking about, not saying chavs are ruining Britain.

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Guest charlie
I'm with Colin on this one - large groups of any kind of people make me feel uneasy. I don't like going down the shops by myself because there's always a gang of kids hanging around outside - they aren't going to do anything to me, but it makes me nervous all the same. You hear stories, and although you might not want to you apply them to your own life and experiences. Whether they are wearing burberry or marilyn manson hoodies, I would still feel nervous if there were more than about 3 of them.
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Thanks for that DS at least you read my thread eh!

Anyways here is one for you all, as I type this right now I am sitting wearing a black "Big Evil" hoodie and a pair of three quarters length Lee Cooper Shorts with my Rockport Boots, they are all black.

When I was younger I liked bands like Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy and The Cure, but I also liked Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Motorhead and Metallica.

Other music I listened to, depending on my mood was The Eagles,The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor etc... This made me a more rounded person, listening to other people's take on life helped me to understand what I know now.


I now listen to bands like Everlast,Puddle of Mudd,Limp Bizkit etc... but I still listen to the bands and artists mentioned above.


And before the mods read this and move it to Music, let me make my point, dressing and listening to someone's sound does not make who you are, understanding what they are really saying does.


Scallies in these here neck of the woods, listen to Oasis and any other no marks, because a tiny little man by the name of Liam Gallagher is their Idol.

I once told as many people as I could find, that when Robbie Williams and Liam have their little fight for ten grand(remember).lol. I would fight both of them at the same time for nothing. I still stick by that.


I am tired of the scallies now so I have said my piece and those with diminished brain power will likely be the ones to disagree, so for those folks: Come back when you have the mental acumen and are really a challenge for me, because at the end of it all, brains always wins out over brawn.




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Youve misunderstood me totally.

I am not defending these people who do start fights and vandolise but I am saying that you shouldnt say all "chavs" or "townies" are like that. I am defiently not but because of the clothes I wear and the music I listen to people assume I am, which isnt right.

I know people who do these things like fight etc and I guarentee if you speak to one of them they will be nice people. Ive known these types of people since I was probably around 6 and used to play football, cricket etc with them and I have never had a problem with them and they havent with me BUT the people who have problems with me are usually moshers and goths. I go to town and see them skating and they look at you like your beneath them and its wrong. Now exlain to me why they dont expect some retalation?

"Townies" and "moshers" will never get on when each are with groups but speak to them one on one and they will probably like each other.

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Bibby I understand what your saying and its kinda what I was saying... don't matter how you dress, what you listen to and your hobbies... Some people are just d**k's.


Now as a 'mosher' I just leave everyone alone until they speak to me and I try when I speak to them to treat them as an equal and maybe a new friend...


However if anyone, regradless of what ever little demographic he falls into, gets in my face and wants trouble I deal with them... On the otherhand if their alright decent people then they earn my respect...


I know most of the people in my area, Chav's or Mosh and I got to know them before I drew my opinions on them and I found out that most of the ones that lived near me are a**eholes... And so are half the Mosh as well....


Jus face it people, other people can be the biggest k**bs you'll meet regradless of their label... Go to the Backdoor club on Friday and inside the club you'll find plenty of them inside that are mosh and outside plenty of the same with the chavs...


Face it you just can't win so don't bother about them until they bother you, just be the niceist person you can.

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