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TWO Weakest Link - Greatest Title Belts Round 3

TWO Weakest Link - LEAST Greatest Title Belt  

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  1. 1. TWO Weakest Link - LEAST Greatest Title Belt

    • WWF World Heavyweight Championship (Pre-Unification)
    • WCW World Heavyweight Championship (Pre-Unification)
    • ECW World Heavyweight Championship
    • NWA World Heavyweight Championship
    • WWF Intercontinental Championship

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The topic for this series is which belt do you hold in highest regard above all others? You can base this on anything you like, from its lineage to its alliance with classic title matches.


WCW US Heavyweight Championship left us last time!


Remember to vote off the belt you LEAST regard, so that the last belt standing can be crowned the greatest.


The choice is yours!



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ECW Belt means the least, so it gets my vote. It was created in about 1994, and died in 2001, thats only 7 years!

The NWA title, although worthless now, was THE main Worlds title from the 50's - 80's until the WWF World title became the title in around 1984 or so when Hogan won it...

The IC title meant alot from 1979 - 1995 or so, then it all went down hill after 1997...

WCW title was created when JCP turned into WCW in 1989 (No, it was NOT NOT NOT the NWA which became WCW people, get it right! lol) and meant quite alot from 1992-1996 or so, then that turned into crap.

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I voted for the WWF IC belt. i have always held the World/Heavyweight belts with more regard than the mid-card belts such as IC and US, no matter what company they are in. If someone holds a World title then that should mean they are the top guy in that promotion.
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