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Right I've done this thread for many reasons. Firstly I'd like to hear your comments, about how u think ure club has done in signing players, if u like said players, if ull think they'll improve and better the club, how u think they'll do.


Then please say which club u think has done best in terms of singing players.


Right for me, my club Oxford haven't done bad, we needed some new players, I suppose our biggest signing is Tommy Mooney from Swindon, who I like as a player, but have to hate as he played for the enemy, But well u know if he scores 30 goals next season, he's my favourite person.


As for best club, I've gotta go for Boro. I always thot Boro had a fantastic midfield, just lacked some decent strikers, and they've bought Viduka and Hasselbaink now, both proven top level goalscorers, that and they've got Reiziger to play full back, so I think personally, gr8 additions, so hopefully they'll do good this season.


So people tell me your thoughts!

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I'm happy with what Rangers have done in the pre-season. We obviously needed to strengthen after last season and I firmly believe we have.


We've gotten rid of dud players like Capucho, Emerson, Ostenstad, Mols. I thought all of those guys sucked bad last year so I'm glad to see they aren't Rangers players any more.


I thought it was a shame we let Christian Nerlinger go. He's went to Kaiserslautern. I thought he could have done a job for us next year.


We've signed six players so far this summer. We got Dado Prso on a Bosman from Monaco. I thought his performances at Euro 2004 were quite encouraging. He took his goal against France brilliantly so I think he'll do a job for us.


We eventually got Nacho Novo from Dundee. Celtic seemed favourites to get him at one stage so I'm glad he choose us. He managed to get around 25 goals for Dundee last year and if he can do that for Dundee then I'm very confident that he can do a great job for us next year.


We've also signed Jean-Alain Boumsong from Auxerre on a Bosman. Liverpool were after him and he was in the French squad at Euro 2004 so he's gotta be of a good standard. He'll add some much needed strength to our defence, as will Marvin Andrews from Livingston.


Alex Rae is a good signing also, from Wolves. He got 8 goals in the Premiership last season and for a midfielder playing for a struggling side, that's pretty good going. He's also a Rangers boy so I'm sure he'll give 100% for us.


Dragan Mladenovic is an unknown quantity to me. Apparently he's a big centre midfielder who is a bit of a set piece expert and is good in the air. I've heard good things about him but I've never seen him play, hopefully he can do well.


We've also got young Michael Stewart on trial from Manchester United. I've not seen too much of him but hopefully he can do well in pre-season and we can maybe sign him.


We've sold Mikel Arteta which is a shame. Best getting rid of him though if he isn't happy. Craig Moore is also transfer listed and stripped of the captaincy which I'm quite pleased with. I wasn't happy with some of his comments last year and I'd rather he had stayed at Rangers than disappearing to play in the Olympics.


So I'm pretty pleased with how things have went so far. With the exception of Novo, we've signed players who are big and aren't afraid to get stuck in. Alex Rae isn't the tallest but he isn't scared of a tackle. We've been bullied too much out of matches against Celtic in recent years and now we can maybe match them again, especially with Henrik Larsson leaving to Barcelona.

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Well Smith will be intresting at Man U... don't know what expect really but I think he can come in and do a good job for my team as a target man and a commited player...


Heinze looks to be a good defender and we need good defensive cover as Brown wasn't at his best last season and he played a big part after Ferdinand went and his performances at first cost the team... as did our lack of taking chances...


As for Miller... we'll have to wait and see like with Smith... but judging by Fergies last midfield signings... Djemba Djemba, Kleberson and Veron etc, it could be a dud...

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Birmingham have brought in : Mario Melchiot, Emile Heskey, Muzzy Izzet, Julian Gray and on the youth front, 15 yr old Jamie Price.


I think Mario Melchiot is a good signing on a free, and will fit into our right back role nicely, as we have been crying out for one for a long long time. Should even out our already pretty strong defence.


Emile Heskey is the one I'm going to be looking out for. Everyone seems to use Heskey as the scapegoat for everything, call him and donkey ect ect. What everyone seems to forget is that he was shunted around positions for liverpool, and he's lost confidence. When I saw him at St Andys last season, he was strong, fast and his goal was very good, and I'm just hoping we'll see that sort of form next season when he's being played as a traditional striker with Steve Bruce willing him on.


Muzzy Izzet was a great capture by us. Wanted by the Villa numerous time, the bloke with the top number of assists in the premiership last season has come to us. I can't wait to see him linking up with Forssell and Heskey for hopefully, a lot more goals than we did have last season.


Julian Gray looks like a good free transfer from Crystal Palace. A midfielder who could push for his place and could be helpful during Birminghams usual injury crisis we get.


Jamie Price is an up and coming 15 year old who was bought for 100,000 from Cheltenham town. He looks like he could be a future player in the first team, and it's nice to see Bruce and the team identifying players for the future.


I think with more attacking players coming in, Birmingham will be a much more attacking team next year, hopefully reaping with the reward of plenty of goals. Should be a different team to the defensive minded one of last year.

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Well being in the "Championship" West ham havent got too much money to spend on players. So far we have released Kevin Horlock, Sebastien Carole, Brian Deane, Robert Lee, Darryl McMahon, Wayne Quinn, and Pavel Srnicek in an attempt to lower out wage bill. To be quite honest though those players (with the exception on Deane) didnt really make an impact last season. We look like hanging on to Carrick this season which is a huge bonus as he will play a major part in our push for promotion.

As for bringing in players, we have signed ex-Walsall keeper James Walker in an attempt to improve Bywater and give him some competition. And thats it, no-one else at all, although according to the fountain of knowledge that is the Daily Star we have supposedly been linked with Spurs reject Sergei Rebrov. To be honest though, we could never afford his wages.


The team that has pulled off the best signings so far is Boro in my opinion, the Brummies havent done too bad but Middlesborough have excelled themselves. Signing Hasslebaink was a stroke of genuis, and with viduka they will be a force to be reckoned with come next season. Reiziger as well will no doubt bolster their defense immenesly.

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They were a partnership at Leeds weren't they? Did pretty well together from what I remember, I like the way McClaren gets back successful partnerships. First it was Ehiogu and Southgate from Villa, and now Viduka and Hasselbaink.


I also think Birmingham have made some excellent signings and will have a damn good side. I think it will be a very close season.

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Arsenal have signed Robin van Persie and Jose Antonio Reyes for the next season. Reyes has been hugely impressive so far, and van Persie is another versatile forward who can play on the wing, or "in the hole". He is the Dutch Young Player of the Year, ahead of Robben and van der Vaart, but he fell out with Feyenoord, his old club.


We have got rid of Wiltord, Kanu and Keown, yaaaay!! And have sent David Bentley to Norwich to learn the trade. Jeremie Aliadiere has also been sent on loan somewhere. Jermaine Pennant will be given an extended run in the team, as will defenders Gael Clichy, Justin Hoyte and Pippi Sendoros.


As for future signings: well Arsenal have just completed the signing of 17 years old Parma striker Arturo Lupoli (he's meant to be a bad-ass striker). As for the rumour-mill? Well, Owen Hargreaves is strongly linked and I think he'll join, Johnathon Woodgate and Brazil striker Adriano are also heavily linked.


There was commotion about Michael Owen joining a week or two ago, but that seems to have died down.



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Wolves In-Rob Edwards from Aston Villa $150,000 plus appearances


Wolves Out-

Paul Butler to Leeds

Isaac Okoronkwo-released

Miguel Silas-On Loan in Portugal

Oleg Luzhny-Released

Alex Rae to Rangers

Nathan Blake-released


too many out only one in, dissapointing summer so far for wolves but i expect the signings to come in a bit more soon, and hopefully a return to the top flight again would mean they actually spend some money on decent players then unlike last year. Robbie Keane would be a target in my opinion seeing as though he owes a lot to Wolves and said himself he would love to play for Wolves again at some stage, so heres hoping.


In fairness we dont have a bad team anyway looking at who we have but we could do with strengthening more in my opinion.


Goalkeepers-Paul Jones, Michael Oakes, matt Murray

Defenders- Mark Clyde, Jody Craddock, Lee Naylor, Joleon Lescott, Rob edwards- I think we could do with a solid defender in here as Lescott despite being amazing he hasnt played for over a year and isnt fully fit yet.


Midfielders-Shaun Newton, Colin Cameron, Keith Andrews, Paul Ince, Mark Kennedy, Kevin Cooper


Strikers-Carl Cort, Henri Camara, George Ndah, Kenny Miller

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Ure selling David Connolly to Leicester to apparantly...


Looks like you were spot on, we have reportedly sold Connolly to Leicester for around £300,000. I was dissapointed at this news as he was one of our best players last season. However after the typicaly untrue rumour about Rebrov in the Star, West ham are in the running with Coventry City to sign Teddy Sheringham. At 38 years old he is getting on a bit, and if he does make his way to the East end i doubt that he will get a resounding welcome due to his ties with Spurs.

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Arsenal have also signed goalkeeper Manuel Almunia from Celta Vigo this week. H made his debut yesterday in Arsenal's annual friendly against Barnet.


Arsenal won 1-10 by the way! Reyes scored a hat-trick in 23 minutes. he ws replaced at half time by Jeffers who scored a hat-trick in 19 minutes. Dennis Bergkamp score two, Quincy Owusu-Abieye scored and other debutant Robin van Persie smashed one into the top corner from an unlikely angle.


Patrick Vieira is on his way to Real Madrid for the 4th year in a row. When will the tabloids give this up, eh? Same story every year:


1. Patrick goes on holiday

2. Real Madrid's President says he wants to sign Patrick

3. "Deathly Silence" from Patrick

4. Wenger says "Patrick will stay"

5. Tabloids claim Arsenal are in crisis

6. Patrick returns from holiday and says "what's going on here, then?"


Right now we are at Stage 5, just waiting for Vieira to get back from holiday...



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So far Villa have signed Martin Laursen, he impressed me during Euro 2004 and looks to be a good signing as Villa are lacking quality defenders. Hopefully his partnership with Mellberg will prove to be a solid one.


We've also got Carlton Cole on a year's loan from Chelsea. He has the potential to be a star and I'd like to see him start in the first game alongside Angel to see how that partnership goes. If Chelsea don't put an unreasonable price tag on him, I'd like to see Villa buy him to create competion amongst the strikers.


It looks like we've signed Mathieu Berson, a midfielder from Nantes for £1.5 million. I've never heard of him, but O'Leary knows he hasn't got much money to spend and I don't think he'd waste it on a bad player.


I'm hoping Villa sign some more players to add some depth to the squad, last time I looked we had only 19 full-time professionals at the club so either we have to be very lucky with injuries this season or we have to buy 3 or 4 more players.

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Lizarazu wants to stay in France apparantly. Bolton also have bought Big Les Ferdinand, and want to buy Cisse from Birmingham, and are interested in Emerson (old Boro boy), and Fernando Hierro. Not bad picks I have to say, although Djourkaeff hasn't signed a new deal apparantly.
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He never got in last season either. Dunn, Savage, Izzet and Gronkjaer will be the preferred midfield, but we've already got: Lazaridas, Kilkenny, Motteram, Carter, Clemence and Johnson competing for those places BEFORE Cisse. Shame, because he was decent when he first came.
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As a Villa fan I hate to say this but Birmingham's team is looking very strong this season. They have a realistic chance of making the top six. If they had a better strikeforce they could challenge for a Champions League place as well. They've made some very good signings during the summer and most have either been have been free transfers or cheap. I don't think Heskey is worth £6 million but Gronkjaer at £2.2 million was a steal.
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Well Tranmere have probably been busier than most in the transfer market, and seems like we have made some cracking signings. We have Michael Jackson (yes that one :P), a great player who was on loan with us a while back. Mark Rankine, he's an experienced midfielder who should hopefully help some of the younger players along.


We also have our Jamacian international Theodore Whitmore, a great midfielder who scored Jamacia's two goals against Japan in 98! Up front we have ZOLA!!!! Well Calvin Zola, he was released from Newcastle and looks a decent young striker.


And of course our latest summer signing, Jasin McAteer, from playoff losing Sunderland to Tranmere, the guy obviously knows which teams going places.


Division 1, erm I mean, Coca Cola Championship here we come.

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Well there has been a massive change this summer in team i support Sheffield Wednesday. Out have gone 13 players, Two have recently been put on the trsnfer list and 10 have come in. We have picked up some great player that i think can lead us to promotion this season i don't think we will have problems scoring goasl cos we have plenty of good strikers such as Adam Proudlock, Jon Shaw, Guylain NDumbu NSungu, and we have just recently purchased Lee Peacock from bristol City and steven Maclean from Rangers we have also got formaer saints midfielder Chris Marsden in as captain. to add some experience to a young side. The only worry i have is we have a better first 11 than last year but with so many players going out the squad is abit bare so if we pick alot of injuries and suspensions we could be in trouble but still a good summer in the market by Chris turner and Come on The Owls lets get back to where we belong and thats the Premiership. but we have to take things slow and hopefully this time next year i will be talking about gettin promotion from the Championship
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