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TWO Weakest Link - Greatest Title Belts Round 2

TWO Weakest Link - [B]LEAST[/B] Greatest Title Belt  

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  1. 1. TWO Weakest Link - [B]LEAST[/B] Greatest Title Belt

    • WWF World Heavyweight Championship (Pre-Unification)
    • WCW World Heavyweight Championship (Pre-Unification)
    • ECW World Heavyweight Championship
    • NWA World Heavyweight Championship
    • WWF Intercontinental Championship
    • WCW US Heavyweight Championship

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The topic for this series is which belt do you hold in highest regard above all others? You can base this on anything you like, from its lineage to its alliance with classic title matches.


AWA left us last time!


Remember to vote off the belt you LEAST regard, so that the last belt standing can be crowned the greatest.


The choice is yours!

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I vote WWF, simply becuase, I've never been a WWF/E fan, I was much more into WCW at the time when WWE was called WWF, the current state of the WWF/E titles right now is a shambles, they mean shit. I watched ECW, WCW alot more, I followed their storylines, title history alot more. The NWA belt has been in all three companies, its the most precisious belt to date in my opinion.


Its also a brilliant belt becuase AJ Styles has held it twice. ;) Gah, im such an AJ mark. WWF for me.

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