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Evil Gringo

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Sorry to drag up this old thread but here goes...


Last night after I went to bed I fell asleep straight away cos it was 4:15 and I was shattered....


About an hour later I fell out of bed and landed hard on my right arm, which landed on a four way plug adapter loaded with plugs...


My arm was killing me and seemed a bit strange, when I looked its because I realised it was pointing slightly the wrong way at the elbow...


So a quick trip to the infirmary at 5:30 and a quick click back in and a sling and now I can safely say that I have at last dislocated my elbow...

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Guest BWS Soldier
the only really serious injuries i have had is a concusion i know they grade them dont they and they seaid mine was the highest grade of concusion also i have smashed teeth out of my mouth but nothing major really
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Guest Davros

I suffered a severely sprained ankle and a very bruised ego playing football with a load of kids 10 years younger than me.


I was showing off diving round the place in goal. Jumped into the air to catch the ball, landed, and my ankle folded underneath me......chucked the ball into my own net as a result. Ended up in hospital. :dumb Tit!!!


I've also dislocated my shoulder when I destroyed my car. Had an epileptic fit behind the wheel and ploughed off road doing 70mph. Lucky to be here today!! :xyx

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