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Yet another Doink Thread!


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O.k. this should be an easy one for some of you guys and gals.


Does anyone know the real Identity of Doink "the Evil Clown"?


I've been told that it was two different people...one,the original was a man named Glenn Taylor, and the other I have no idea :help!

If anyone has the Info It would be a great service as Glenn Taylor actully works at a bussines in Steel City(or so I've been told)!


Any Doink or Glenn Taylor info would be helpful.



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Matt Borne was the original. Steve Keirn (Skinner) had a stint as the Clown next' date=' then Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler), and then Ray Licachelli.:([/quote']


I pronounce the correct answer to be the one given by Master DraVen here above. :thumbsup

First rate sir an answer excecuted with terrific excellence. :worship



Bestowing Greatness.

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the original doink, played brilliantly by borne, was a superb gimmick...too bad its remembered as wrestlecrap for how the character sucked ass after borne left


much like eugene, it got over in spite of itself due to the person playing the character

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