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Happy Birthday Boyo!!


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Happy Birthday Boyo....


Remember if the present you are unwrapping is ticking its one of two things... a time measuring device or a bomb...


But hopefully no one will be that nasty and lame and you'll get everything you want... enjoy the day, because at 23 you must feel the cold at night...


But seriously happy birthday, have a good one.

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Thanks for all your warmest wishes you guys!


I have had a great birthday so far and have just finished off a cake that can best be described as "death by chocolate" :D. I also spent five whole pounds on a book by Dan Brown called "Digital Fortress"; a conspiracy thriller of the highest regard!


Anyway a Boyo thread wouldn't be a Boyo thread without some bantering so here comes the wit!


Have a good day Boyo' date=' buy yourself a pint, send me the bill and I might just send you the money![/quote']

I've sent the bill to your branch of the Inland Revenue!


I thought only lesbians drink corona with lime!

Only in your screwy country!


Naah, seriously I'm the biggest lesbian you'll ever meet, I LOVE women!


Happy birthday Boyo' date=' have a Bud on me (I'll pay you back when I see you!).[/quote']

Don't worry mate, you need to save up your prison pay, you don't get much


Happy Birthday Gooner Scumbag

Thanks again blinkered glory hound!



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