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Edge on CBBC!

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He didn't say much. The new submission looks like a Boston Crab' date=' except modified.[/quote']


Huh! :eek

That kinda sounds like the Walls of Jerico to me!

I knew this guy couldn't come up with anything original!


Let's see:


2.Impact DDT=Gangrel

3.Downward Spiral=Kannyon(The Flatliner)

4.Inner Fury...does anyone remember this move?

Edge used it a couple times. It starts out as an electric chair and tunes into a sit out pancake! Original enough it seems, but I bet he stole it from someone!


I might like Edge if he would turn heel again and come up with a different finish!

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I think Edge's "new" finisher that's a bit like a Boston Crab is the Edgeucation, the kinda reverse Sharpshooter/Figure 4 Leglock he started using before his injury. In fact, during his column for WWE.com, Edge himself said he loved the move and would be keen to use it more on his return.


If you have Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain for PS2, he has the move in that game. Press O and Left (or is it right?) at their feet.

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