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Least favourite wrestlers of all time

Guest peoples eyebrow

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OK heres mine.


1. Pual London-The most overrated piece of crap I have ever seen. If WWE pushed Cruisers they should forget this guy and hire AJ STyles and Christopher Daniels. London is awful.


2. Sandman-This guy is a cheap gimmick of Austin but done without the style, look and most of all is really awful in the ring. Looks scruffy


3. Raven-Maybe its not him I like but how overrated he is. I get fed up of hearing people say "push London" "push Raven". Very annoying. Plus he wears a skiirt and has a poor gimmick.


4. Mick Foley/Cactus Jack/Mankind/Dude Love-Good character and brillinat on the mic but just cannot pull it off in the ring. He is truely awful in the ring.


5. Jyushin Lyger-In my opinion when I have seen this guy on TWC he has been very plain. he is like Raven and London overrated. Plus his ring attire. What is the point simply.


Im very suprised Hogan is in a few of peoples top 5. Hogan made wrestling. Without Hogan we wouldnt be having this topic.

First off, it's accepted fact that Austin is a rip-off of The Sandman. Albeit a more successful one.


Second off, Foley may be awful in the ring, but I hope you're ready to give credit to him for making the career of HHH, who you like to defend. Even HHH would more than likely admit that Foley made him.


And finally, you obviously don't know the Raven gimmick, so I'm gonna let that comment slide :)

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I don't think Foley is awful in the ring - I was actually just accepting his opinion on that point (although admittedly, I wrote it wrong, and now it looks like I'm not a Foley fan :()


I don't really see problems with peoples opinions on wrestlers cas like, everyone loves Benoit and London, and they really do nothing for me at all. I like Jushin Liger a lot and think he really is the best junior heavyweight in the world, but fair play to those who don't.


But the fact is, Foley made HHH, Stone Cold is essentially a toned down Sandman ripoff (Sandman was the Austin character back in 1995 when Austin was the Ringmaster) that was toned down by Shane McMahon and Vince Russo (big fans of ECW, btw).



The Raven comment wasn't serious either btw - different strokes. But I think his gimmick is essentially stronger than any other gimmick in North America. But then there is a lot to it, so some don't get it :)

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Lex Luger - Never liked the guy one bit, pretty talentless in terms of wrestling ability, and I feel he only ever made it because he had the right look.


Scott Steiner - I actually thought he and Rick were pretty cool as a tag team and had quite alot of talent, however as soon as he joined the nWo and became "Big Poppa Pump" he went down hill. He can't really cut in on the mic and most of his matches since about 97 have been awful.


Billy Gunn - Don't know what it is about this guy, I just don't like him a whole lot.


I'm sure there many more, but I can't think of them at the moment.



4. Mick Foley/Cactus Jack/Mankind/Dude Love-Good character and brillinat on the mic but just cannot pull it off in the ring. He is truely awful in the ring.



Without trying to go on a different subject all together, I wouldn't say Foley was awful in the ring. I mean he had some great matches in his time - around 1996 and 1997 with Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Then in 1998 had some excellent matches with Austin and The Rock and then again in 2000 he had the match from the 2000 Royal Rumble and at No Way Out with Triple H which in my opinion were first class matches.


I know would could argue that Foley's opponents carried him to a good match, but I don't believe that, I've always thought Foley was a solid in ring wrestler. But I do respect your opinion Jack :xyx

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Lyger is plainer now due to a serious ankle injury and a brain tumour which slowed him down and grounded him more... but I see your point


Sandman's gimmick made Austin's... Austin made it better and was better in the ring...


Foley is good... the title doe's not lie!


Raven is an aquired taste, some like some do not...


London sucks now, watch him in ROH and you'll see what he could be...

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