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Least favourite wrestlers of all time

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A while back, somebody started a thread asking everyone's top 10 favourite wrestlers of all time. Well, now that JBL is WWE champion (a horrible, horrible situation to be sure) , I decided to do a variation on that theme; I'd like to get everyone's top 5 LEAST favourite wrestlers of all time.


Now I'm not just talkin' about which characters you hated, or which wrestlers had the worst matches, etc. I'm talking about what wrestlers directly ruined your enjoyment of a show the most often, be it through a lack of wrestling talent, being over-pushed, or backstage antics.


For example; take the APA. Both Farooq and Bradshaw were crap wrestlers who never really brought anything to a show. However, at least Farooq was never in the main event scene ( aside from WCW in '92 ) ; at least Smackdown and pay-per-views were never built around Farooq; and at least Farooq was never given wrestlings most prestigious belt, therefore, Bradshaw is clearly more annoying than Farooq, get it?


Well mine would be;


1. JBL - A mediocre wrestler in his prime, and lets face it hes well passed that now. Currently holding WWE's most prestigious belt, which is an absolute joke and insult to every talented wrestler, past and present, who worked their asses off without ever even getting a sniff of that privilege.


2. Big Show - Basically, everytime I see him dragging his 500lb?! carcass down the ramp, I just wanna switch off. His in-ring abilities are now non-existent due to the fact that he cant prise his damn thighs apart.


3. Kevin Nash - He's always been crap, but has continuously been rewarded with world titles and main event spots, not to mention ruining WCW because of his selfishness.


4. Hulk Hogan - Was never a great wrestler relied on hype and publicity more than anything...don't get me wrong i respect him and what he's done for the business, but a hell of a lot of wrestlers with fifty times more talent have gone nowhere. Plus he was always adverse to putting people over which also helped to run WCW into the ground.....oh and personally being a rock mark i didnt appreciate the way he got over at the expenseof the rock at WMX-8 :P


5. Triple H - I'm not jumping on the anti-HHH bandwagon here. I did REALLY like him in 99/01. It's not that I don't like him as a wrestler; it's just that, who ever has the title, whatever way the storyline goes, you know HHH is gonna be champ agin soon. Anytime he wants.

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mine have to be:


1)JBL- now he has the title(which wont be long i'm sure), which is a massive mistake for vince to make as Eddie was a million times better champion than jbl can ever try and be, he has become even more vain, and pathetic as before!!!!!


2)Randy Orton- sorry all of his 'followers' but he seems to me that all he is, is a little jbl, so take all of me reasons for hating jbl above and count them for 'the legend killer' too.


3)Mordecai-he may be trying to forgive the whole world of it's sinners and all that crap but his gimmick is just a joke!!!!!


4)Big Show-he aint a wrestler!!!!! all he is, is a big lump of 500 pounds of fat and to be honest the only reason he's on wwe and is coming back soon is because he's bigger than vince and would beat the s*** out of him if anything else would to happen.


5)HHH-i've got nothing to extreme against the man but against his gimmicks(i know it aint his fault but he comes in the package too), his gimmicks are just so ridiculous compared to what HHH could be.

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1. Hulk Hogan - he's still wrestling about 10 years AFTER he passed his prime. Everytime he comes back to WWE it's a nostalgia trip. He could never wrestle worth a damn. He ruined WCW with his selfishness (wasn't the only one, granted). Always gets himself over at the expense of others. Did a lot for the business in the 80's, but that's where he belongs.


2. Kevin Nash - why does Kevin Nash always have a job? In his prime, he was a two-move wonder. Absolutely dire wrestler. Was rewarded with championships left, right and centre. So, so selfish. Along with Hogan and Russo, chiefly reponsible for WCW's downfall. Annoys me greatly just to look at him.


3. John 'Bradshaw' Layfield - the longer he's champion, the closer he gets to the #1 spot. People's Eyebrow just about said it all about this clown.


4. Lex Luger - the worst main-eventer I've ever seen. Even worse than Nash in the ring. Just absolutely abysmal.


5. Triple H - see the Triple H thread for my views on this guy.



I'm sure that, in time, Batista will make this list.

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1. Goldberg - A terrible wrestler who I've never seen have a good match, is awful on the mic, he squashes more talented wrestlers in two minute matches & somehow gets runs with the championship. Why on earth Vince let him beat Rock, Jericho & Lesnar is beyond me.


2. Scotty 2 Hotty - The Worm. Need I say anything else?


3. Val Venis - I've just never enjoyed watching any of his matches.


4. Doug Basham - One half of the worst tag team in WWE history. I find myself switching the channel whenever they are wrestling as I find their matches utterly dull.


5. Danny Basham - See above

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1. Goldberg - A terrible wrestler who I've never seen have a good match, is awful on the mic, he squashes more talented wrestlers in two minute matches & somehow gets runs with the championship. Why on earth Vince let him beat Rock, Jericho & Lesnar is beyond me.


1) Goldberg takes my #1 most hated too for the above reasons and the guy has an ego that out matches Hulk Hogan's. "Believe the Hype"; that's a bunch of crap!


2) X-Pac - that little punk had no business being in the business or with the people he was associated with.


3) Dusty Rhodes - Never liked the guy, never will. the American Dream was a nightmare for me whenever I saw him in the ring.


4) Mick Foley (or any of his other 20 alter egos) How did that trailer park trash truck driver get to legendary status in the WWF/E!!! It's just wrong and you Foley fans are to blame!


5) John Cena - I have never recovered from that stupid "rapper" thing he started out with. S-T-U-P-I-D!! First impressions can make you or break you. The guy is way overrated too.

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5. John Cena- reason being, hes nothing special so why do people get worked up about him


4. Jeff hardy- druggie, sloppy all words to describe Jeff, i admit tho I marked out when i saw him in TNA lol


3. Macho Man Randy Savage- oooooo yeah the Macho Man, hes just plain annoys me


2. Ric Flair- as great as he is in ring, I dont like him


1. bret Hart-controversy rules, i just plain cant stand bret

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I can not abide the following people as wrestlers or human beings take your pick.


1. HHH. Can't say enough about him without getting bile in my mouth.

2. Kevin Nash. Most overrated Big Man in history, including Big Show and Big Vis.lol

3. Brock Lesnar. Big Man. Small Heart. Small Brain. Small Cajones.

4. Lex Luger. For being Lex Luger.

5. X-Pac. No positive qualities about Sean Waltman, just someone who the nWo liked to watch be sick on himself, thanks Larry Zybysko.



Me no Likey thesea folksa.

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1) Ricky Morton

Couldn't beat up my dead grandmother. He always tried to be TOUGH :lol :lol :lol and INTIMIDATING :lol :lol :lol .

Oh stop please or I'll pee my pants.

By the way... Al Snow hung him with a rope during a scaffold match. :lol :P :lol :P :lol :P :lol

:oops Now I've gone and done it. Gotta go change clothes. :evil


2) X-Puke

What a crybaby. What a jackass. Someone needs to teach him how to bathe. He's a midget Scott Alco-Hall (although I always liked Hall before he became a broken-down drunk).


3) Ultimate Doofus, er, um... I mean Warrior

The guy is deluded. He uses 20 words where 5 will suffice just to hear himself talk. His ego is up there with Hogan and HHH.


4) Hump Hogan

He should be known as the Career Killer. He was so much the opposite of what he portrayed in his heyday (Which is WAY over with).


5) Stacy Keibler

Of all the divas/lady wrestlers she and Molly are the ones I do not find attractive. I AM straight. I LOVE women. But Stacy just doesn't do anything for me and I find her attempts to be provocative and her gyrating to be annoying.

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John Cena - I cant stand him or his fans. I think they only love him for his daft costume and annoying raps. I would say raps, I'd say scrappy sentences he kind of makes rhyme and it ends up sounding awful. Why is the guy so popular? Here is a proven fact, find a fan who likes Goldberg and they will also be a Cena fan. Who wants to see a 5 knuckle shuffle? Not me I dont. Somebody should slap the guy when he's "pumpin' it up". They only chant his name because of his colourful, defying authority gimmick. If Cena was a Bacham from the start, John Basham and used the same moves he does now, the people would be bored of him. See, you can tell how much I cant stand the guy but I have been quoted as saying I found his recent match with 'Taker half decent, but credit the Pheonom. ---No Cena marks trashing my post.


Rico - Its his gimmick that annoys me. In the ring he can wrestle mad! He can be great, but the camp, gay character is completely daft and an embarrasment to watch. It proves how much WWE use stereotypes to easily get their gimmick across to stupid fans.


Batista - Ok so the guy has a pretty cool looking powerbomb, but I can do that to my brother. And I dont smash him in the face before hand and pretty much take his head off. I've said it before, the guy is a liability.


Goldberg - All the reasons Wolverine says. He sells for no-one. Not even a patented Ric Flair knife edge chop. If I was chopped by the Nature Boy I'd sell it as if somebody had slashed my chest open with a chainsaw. It would be the best moment of my life


Mr America - Who was that guy, a complete Hogan rip-off?! OK joke, but that character was hard to get rid off after it had started. When the storyline developed into Hogan wrestling under that mask, there was no way out of it. At least it seemed like it. They should have just dropped the gimmick. It was a shame seeing the Hulkster leave the WWE like that, with Vinnie Mac screaming at him in a parking lot.




Trash Master - "Take out the trash"

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#1 Matt Hardy nuff said.


No, Prof.V.D. enough isnt said.

Please explain to us why you think Matt Hardy is one your least favourite wrestlers.


Matt Hardy is hugely talented, yet has not received the push he deserves on Raw right now.

The Version 1 character is excellant and made WWE fans forget he was one half of a tag team where he was shadowed by his brother.


He established himself as a top contender from mid 2002 onwards, and when he overcomes his knee problem then i hope that we can expect to see great things and a rise from mid card status by the end of the year.


You by saying "nuff said" is not explaining anything, and its unlikely people will understand what you mean by not explaining your point.


I think you'll find that also some people would disagree with you, like myself.


Explaination please. ..

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1. JBL/Vince/the writers. What the hell are they doing making him the champ? Talk about devaluing the belt the maximum amount possible. I didn't have a problem with Bradshaw until he suddenly got in the title picture for no reason.


2. X-Pac. Crap wrestler, crap matches, crap moves, annoying twat, crap beard.


3. X-Pac. How did he win matches? I could beat him up and I'm known as the "one-hit wonder"!


4. X-Pac. Rubbish! Why did he get all that exposure in DX?


5. Stacy Keibler. Same as Machomat, I'd forgotten about her but she's got to be included. Not attractive, where are the curves? Bugger off with your diva search too. She came out to do some stupid dancing at the last event in Birmingham, we were giving her loads of abuse, "Stop this K-rap" etc then Bischoff came out and was like "Stop, these people didn't pay to see you dance!" Three cheers for Bishoff there!

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In no particular order:



- Chris Benoit: bores me. Plain and simple. I admire his heart and determination, but unless he's in there with an opponent I like, I have no time for the Crippler anymore.


- HHH: Used to be something special. Now he and his fans are just riding off his 2000 success which is long gone. He's no longer what he was - a huge shadown of his former self, and now he just plain bores me.


- Michael Shane: This guy is really bad. Ok, in the ring he's ok, but I've not seen him in a good match with anyone bar Chris Sabin (Jesus) and Chris Daniels (God). And whilst everyone thinks he's just like HBK, he's simply a copycat imitation that isn't half as talented as his uncle. Not to mention his promos are abysmal. At least TNA saw sense and stuck him with Shane Douglas, one of wrestlings premiere talkers, to carry him.


- Lita. Matt Hardy had a rant about Lita being very talented but we couldn't see it on the surface or some bull. If we can't see it on the surface, then she's screwed. She blows her moves, she looks like a man, she's almost crippled every opponent she's had, she's almost crippled herself with that god-awful moonsault, and her voice is just so damn irritating.


- Lex Luger. Just plain awful, in so many ways. His wrestling, his talking, his attitude, his look, everything about him.

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1. Hulk Hogan... Egotistical, media hungry, pesdo tough guy a*shole! He's pushing his daughter into showbiz and after she brought home serial teen star humper Aaron Carter he threatened to know his block off! Real tough Hulk, saying your gonna beat on a 16 year old!


2. Nash.... the only thing silky and good about him was his hair... nuff said No charisma, moveset, abilty or any redeeming features...


3. Ultimate Warrior - Overrated, over pushed, ego fueled pious gimp... Batista is todays version, so any Warrior fans who think he's crap look at your tapes and you'll see the similaritys... Green, potatoing, dull sod pushed due to size...


4. A-Train - Pushed because Pat Patterson has a back hair fetish!


5. HHH - Look at what you've become Hunter/Paul/JPL/Nose on legs.... Your not the performer you once were so theres no way you can paper over your acts with a great performance as justification... You just blow now... like Billy Gunn.

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Eddie Guerrero: The man is tedious and yawnsome. His promo's with that awful accent make me switch over, and his matches have no originality.

Kane-Has been sleepwalking through his matches for years now.

Matt Hardy: I have seen nothing that warrants the praise this man get's from the IWC.

Rey Mysterio-Has been going through the motions for some time now. Embarrasing on the mike: See-

Chavo Guerrero.

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I have no time for the Crippler anymore.


There was me thinking we got on ok. I'm offended, frankly.


My top five least favourites:


5. Rikishi

I could bare his dancing for a while back when he first started it but its 2004 for christ sake. Nobody is interested in seeing a big fat samoan dance and stick his arse in people's faces.


4. Giant Gonzales

This guy was just useless. He was really really really bad. He could barely move.


3. Lex Luger

Same reasons as Mitchell. He was just dreadful.


2. Hardcore Holly

I don't think he's a terrible wrestler but you can just tell by watching his matches that he is a jackass. You can tell he is taking liberties a lot of the time. And why? Because he has been there a long time. I don't mind stiff wrestlers, hell my favourite wrestler is one of the stiffest wrestlers around but I don't like guys who take liberties and Holly takes liberties. I just don't like this sort of guy. The sort of guy who thinks because hes been around for a while that he should get his due. The whole paying dues thing sucks. Holly is the one type of these wrestlers I dislike most but the likes of Bradshaw are just as bad.


1. Hulk Hogan

I respect what he's done in terms of popularity and how he works a crowd but I don't respect his wrestling ability, I don't respect his attitude towards others and I don't respect how he worked behind the scenes. He's just really embarrassing to watch. If you were to ask me what would be high on my list of embarrassing things in life, I'd say watching a Hulk Hogan match with a bunch of people who don't like wrestling.

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i agree with what most people said about Goldberg, he was about to ruin the Rumble, then Brock saved it.

Brock i dislike, i started to hate him round November and then he left & said he wished he was never in WWE, got me angry, people would of Killed to get the air-time, pulisity, merchandise, populatity & WWE title in such a short time, you ask a non-wrestling fan who they have heard of, tHe Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar come up, & in 2 years.

but someone like Rhyno will never get this, but if he did he wouldn't throught it all away.

JBL just missed out in...

619er's top 5 most Hated wrestlers


5. Bob "Hardcore" "Spark Plug" Holly

I never thought i would be bored of a Booker T match, until they versed each other, 15 minutes i could of planted a tree or had a nap or eaten some food, and booker didn't didn't even win clearly.



4. Chavo Guerrero

I hate this guy, always have, but i started to hate him more when he won the cruiser title from Rey, 1 of the worst mistakes on Smackdown, lead to Bullcrap matches & Crusier title may be ruined, forever.


3. Triple H

Pretty much what everybody else said, by Summerslam we get to see an other half year long feud against his "Former Best Freind" for the title.


2. Randy Orton

I'm tired of Evoultion, him with the Intercontinental title, the fact that because he's a 3rd Generation Superstar, he has to become a sucsess, and my Sister's obsesion of him also fuels my hatred for him, she thinks he's the best thing sinse Sliced Bread.

And also if Shelton would of become Intercontinental champ at Badd Blood, he wouldn't of had to verse Cade on Heat & break his hand, with Shelton one of the best on RAW, IMO, so there-fore i blame Randy for his broken hand.



2. X-Pac. Crap wrestler, crap matches, crap moves, annoying twat, crap beard.


3. X-Pac. How did he win matches? I could beat him up and I'm known as the "one-hit wonder"!


4. X-Pac. Rubbish! Why did he get all that exposure in DX?


Couldn't agree more, Also crap gimmicks, and cant get anywhere unless he's in a group with sucsesful people, eg. nWo & DX

But he makes my #1 on my list, the site of him makes me wish someone would beat the crap out of him.

I want to know why he ever got to WWE & WCW, i would of never hired him.

The only good thing about him was his 1-2-3 kid music.

I would say how much more i hate him, but people will get angry again.

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Couldn't agree more, Also crap gimmicks, and cant get anywhere unless he's in a group with sucsesful people, eg. nWo & DX

But he makes my #1 on my list, the site of him makes me wish someone would beat the crap out of him.

I want to know why he ever got to WWE & WCW, i would of never hired him.

The only good thing about him was his 1-2-3 kid music.

I would say how much more i hate him, but people will get angry again.


Continue saying how much you hate him, I had to restrain myself from doing a full page rant. The Bronco Buster must be one of the most crappiest, most annoying moves ever.


I can't limit myself I'm afraid so here's some more:


The Hurricane: Again like X-Pac, he looks like a weed, anyone could beat him up. Annoying voice, annoying pose, annoying gimmick


Mae Young: Can somebody please put her down, we do not want to see a stupid old woman on screen, especially one who keeps getting her "puppies" out, and what was that thing with Mark Henry and her giving birth to a hand? Disgusting! The only good thing I've seen her involved in was when Bubba Ray did his Buuba Bomb on her off the entrance ramp through a table when the Duds were nasty women beaters, that was brilliant!


Brian Kendrick: stupid nickname, and he also looks like a 12 year old boy, he could not seriously beat anyone.


Kenzo Suzuki: Shave your undercut properly! Also can an acting coach tell him that that "angry" face he tries to pull actually looks like he has just smelt a bad fart.

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OK heres mine.


1. Pual London-The most overrated piece of crap I have ever seen. If WWE pushed Cruisers they should forget this guy and hire AJ STyles and Christopher Daniels. London is awful.


2. Sandman-This guy is a cheap gimmick of Austin but done without the style, look and most of all is really awful in the ring. Looks scruffy


3. Raven-Maybe its not him I like but how overrated he is. I get fed up of hearing people say "push London" "push Raven". Very annoying. Plus he wears a skiirt and has a poor gimmick.


4. Mick Foley/Cactus Jack/Mankind/Dude Love-Good character and brillinat on the mic but just cannot pull it off in the ring. He is truely awful in the ring.


5. Jyushin Lyger-In my opinion when I have seen this guy on TWC he has been very plain. he is like Raven and London overrated. Plus his ring attire. What is the point simply.


Im very suprised Hogan is in a few of peoples top 5. Hogan made wrestling. Without Hogan we wouldnt be having this topic.

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