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It could've been different..

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I was thinking earlier and I was wondering "What if?"


What if Brock Lesnar had hit the shooting star press at wrestlemaina 19. Would his character of gone a whole different way. That one second that took the whole attention of the match could change a mans career.


And also, when Nathen Jones was first introduced, did anyone else get the impression that he would be a bad ass heel? It seemed to me that he would. Squashing cruiser weights for a while would of made him (to me) seem more impressive then being the good guy fighting Bill DeMott -Shivers-


Anyone else have any what ifs about wrestling, that could of changed a wrestlers apperance to us today?



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What if Vince had never been born?


What if 'Taker and Lesnar became best friends?


What if Jake wasn't a Junkie?


What if Gorilla was still here?


What if Andre fought Big Show?


What if Hawk could hit the Doomsday Device one last time?


What if D'Lo hadn't dropped Droz?


What if Kane hadn't interupted the first HITC?


What if J.R. were Spanish?


What if Terry Funk retires?



What if. huh!

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What if the Kat hadn't been fired... where was that RTC storyline going?


What if Mae Young didn't get her puppies out at Royal Rumble 2000? Would Channel 4 have got rid of wrestling so quickly?


And what if the WWE's test run of the WCW brand hadn't been a disaster?


I think you'll find these are all important issues :P

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What if DDP hadn't gotten hurt.

what if Styles signed with WWE.

What if Rey and Red had a match

what if Eugene gets he belt.

what if Shamrock stayed in WWE

what if he got the push that Rocky got

What if Owen got the push that Rocky got

What if Owen Hart vs Chris Benoit vs Bret Hart was a main event in Canada

What if Bret decided to give the belt to HBK

what if Shawn and Bret could go at it one last time

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