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my top 10 wrestlemania matches

Craig Van Dam

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1.bret hart vs shawn micheals iron man match[12]

2.the rock vs steve austin [17]

3.TLC2 hardyz vs dudleys vs edge and christian[17]

4.bret hart vs steve austin i quit match[13]

5.shawn micheals vs razor ramon[10]

6.bret hart vs owen hart

7.randy savage vs ricky steamboat[3]

8.bret hart vs roddy piper[8]

9.ultimate warrior vs randy savage retirement match[7]

10. the rock vs steve austin[15]

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Originally posted by Simon

Great, only we've had this thread recently about best Wrestlemania matches.


Ta again for ruining last weeks Raw for me.


LOL- your nice simon - the guy is just listing his fave wrestlemania matches, and you come in here and tear him to shreds- hate to meet you in a dark alley on a bad night

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Guest nWo Hogan

Heres my top 10


1. Hogan V Warrior-WM6. The anticipation was incredible and it features the only time Hogan was cleanly beat (as in 1-2-3) in his WWF (Hulkamania) Tenure.

2.Razor Ramon V Shawn Michaels-WM10. The first ladder match and they really went for it. Probably the best non main event Wrestlemania Match.

3.HHH V The Undertaker-WM17. Great hard hitting match between 2 big names in a match that no one thought the Undertaker would win.

4.Don Muraco V Dino Bravo-WM4. Surprise choice, but the match was entertaining and featured good solid wrestling from both guys normally considerd 'power' only.

5. Macho Man V Ric Flair-WM8. Good technical wrestling from a still capable Flair in a solid and long lasting match, probably the best match of the night on a unusually poorly contested Wrestlemania card.

6.Bret Hart V Owen Hart-WM10. Near classic wrestling from both sides with an unexpected win for Owen Hart, which was undoubtedly an inspired push from Mr McMahon.

7.The Rock V Stone Cold-WM17. Great anticipation,dramatic spots and hugely unexpected ending makes this one a necessity. If only the Rock had more variety of moves this would have placed higher.

8. Bret Hart V Yokozuna-WM9. All the credit in the world to Bret Hart for making a credible match against Yokozuna, where veryone else before or after failed.

9.Ultimate Warrior V Macho Man-WM7. It was a toss up between this and his Rick Rude match at WM5, Good match which showed that what the Warrior did do well, he did very well.

10. Ultimate Warrior V HHH. Had to include this squash, watch it and weep HHH. He says he's the 'Game', not on this night anyway, the match took less time (90 secs) than Warriors entrance.

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