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Too many spoilers


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Is it just me, or are there too many spoilers popping up week in week out on this forum. Sometimes its just little hints, but i wish people would stop even dropping them, maybe im splitting hairs but its annoying (ie. thread about the pregnancy angle - BRM "Irrelevant anyway, anyone whos seen Raw" or similar, before Raws been on).


I'd just like people to be more careful about what theyre posting, Its annoying having to stop using the forums Tuesday-Saturday just to avoid chances of a type of spoiler popping up.


Indeed just last week some jackass, what? Thats right i said jackass :) , called Craig Van Dam ruined Raw by blabbing his mealy mouth and saying that it was gonna be HHH v Jericho at Wrestlemania, no warning of a spoiler in sight.


Please, have a heart, especially as its getting close to Wrestlemania :)

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we had a thread on here recently about people's favourite wrestling moments. imagine how much less entertaining they'd all have been if you knew they were happening. knowing hbk was about to kick jannetty through the glass for instance.


i think the problem extends much further than spoilers on here that aren't labelled. half the problems with wrestling at the moment are that nothing's a surprise anymore.


but i can't complain too much, i still go on the internet, on wrestling websites, knowing that there's every chance that i might read something that'll ruin an element of the next raw/smackdown/ppv. i do have the choice not to.

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I really don't see the point in spoilers, it's just a text report and not like you've actually seen the show.


It's a little like when The Sun post Eastenders storylines a month in advance, sad lifeless idiots that they are?


Is everyone so keen to talk about the WWF and look knowledgable that they can't be bothered waiting a few days until they've actually watched the show?


I used to only read postings where someone had signed, but you now even get snippets of spoilers in them also so I now read everything that doesn't have SPOILER in the topic heading...and even THEN, you get minor spoilers plonked in the middle of a full story.


It's like giving the ending of a book or telling someone what happens in a new film...but still, people don't understand why others get so annoyed.



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Guest Perfection
yes, but people are giving them out accidentally and stuff, what he's asking is that people think before they post and try to be more careful (or something like that) :)
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