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Smackdown Thoughts *spoilers*


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Smackdown was a bit like Raw -having good promos but Average (or in those case below average) wrestling.

i thought it was a step down from Raw and wished there was more wrestling!




*Angle angle facing Kane - there's a surprise, match gets a *1/2

*woah, 5 mins into Smackdown and already the commentator's table is broken, it's a new world record

*Angle doing a belly-to-belly suplex on the time keeper- brilliant!

*M.Cole: "I have never seen anyone dominate Kane before"

Me: "Where have i heard this before"


*Ya gotta love it when the camera goes all weird just before the NWO comes out

*one of these days Razor... mean Scott Hall is gonna choke on his tooth pick

*Stone Cold just freakin rules, (i duuno who to side with SCSA or the NWO)


*whoa! i just thought how funny it would be if Edge faced Christian and the second match is just that (like to pint out that this is the second match out of 40 mins minus adverts)- i'd give the match **1/2

*Edge's new submission move (Figure four edge lock) is great

*Marty Jennety...i mean Christian Quits...didn't see that comming


*not a bad six-man tag team match puting the Hardy Boyz + RVD vs the Dudleyz + Lance Storm- it get a ***

*gotta love the litacarnna and stacy shows what girl power is


*i knew who was gonna win out of Billy anc Chuck vs Tazz and Spike thanks to my freinds- i'd give it **

*i'm gonna get heat for this but i like B+C theme music

*...wonder if...nahhhhh

*that wasn't a bad promo by the APA


*to say i was glad when i saw the Y2J countdown with stephanie in the ring, i knew the promo was gonna be sweet

*...WTF...you call that a main event, that sucked- the HHH and Undertaker gets a DUD rating


*the cat and mouse promo played by SCSA and NWO was pretty good


*Too many afterthoughts spoil the broth"

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I'm glad we never got to see Taker v HHH on Smackdown, its a blooming PPV type match, not for wasting on one of those shows. The same happened with Big Show and Kane a while back actually, where a perfectly fine PPV match lasted 2 mins on Raw or something.


I thought Smackdown was pretty class again, thanks to Jericho, Austin and the NWO all being as class as usual.


Although i hate the hardys, especially Lita, and wish theyd just go to OVW or something. Theyre just so blooming boring, and if there was any justice in the world you woulda seen Lance Storm giving Lita a crescent kick (or whatever he calls his version).

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