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Raw Thoughts *May contain spoilers*


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what did you guys think of RAW this week.

personally from a wrestling stand point i thought it was average, but promo wise, it was brilliant. Especially when we saw what happened to the rock.



it may just be me but i thought it was ironic that Godfather came out dancing and all happy after what happened to the rock.


HHH seemed Rusty and slow in the main event against Kurt Angle

where's DDP?

where's the light-heavyweight bel?t

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I liked most of Raw too. The Rock/Hogan angle was great up until the Ambulance bit - which was just so over the top - I hated it.


I loved it when Hogan/Nash/Hall all did their signature moves on the Rock - great to see!


I was getting the feeling that Godfather might turn heel, although it could still happen in the next few weeks.


It was ashame that Mr Perfect lost his match - I was hoping they would build him up by starting a undefeated streak - to co-inside with his promos.


The crowd were great too – lots of heat.


I hope they have more wrestling on Smackdown though

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