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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Birthday Edition #04


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

- Birthday Edition #04



:balloons Welcome to a special edition of the TWO Newsletter. If you didn't know, TWO is 4 years old today!!! Happy birthday TWO. :balloons

TWO is something special - great members, great boss, great site, forum, chatroom - TWO has it all. Everyone knows TWO is still the read deal, W101 will always be second best to our old buddy! I've met so many great guys on TWO, and the future is bright as there are posters joining all the time who are bringing something to the table. Kam has to be credited for the great job he has done with TWO. In the space of 4 years, he has created a site produced on Front Page which went out to a dozen people to nowadays, Dreamweaver and a audience of thousands of visitors. :D The guy markets TWO so well. I think every forum I've been to, I have witnessed a post by a Kamran, Kam, TWO_Kam, Kamster, Vince McKam plugging a TWO Chat & Quiz or FWL. I'm sure I was on the RajahWWF message boards once and saw a thread started up by Kam. He gets the word out well and people come running. The design of TWO/W101 is excellent and the amount of work this guy does is unbelievable. The other major part of TWO is you, the members. You make it what it is. If we didn't have any members, TWO would be dead and basically damn boring but it isn't thanks to you. Keep up the good work Kam and keep up the good work members/visitors and here's to another great year on this wonderful community.


- Pabster

Newsletter Editor



Talk Wrestling Online Timeline



Interested to know whats happened at TWO over the last four years? Well theres one place to find out...the Talk Wrestling Online Timeline!


Tony (Inno) has updated it as usual, go check it out: Talk Wrestling Online Timeline.



Forum Focus Special



As it's TWO's 4th birthday, here are some birthday wishes from some of the good folk from our community...


Happy birthday, wish I could have been here from the start... I love this site now and long may it continue!

- Evil Gringo


TWO + TWO is FOUR... coincidence? I THINK NOT!!! - Inno


Happy Birthday TWO, and congrates to Kam and all the other mods and leaders for keeping the place running as smoothly as can be expected. - Walshy


Couldn't be happier here...TWO! My home away from home! - mpx2k4


Have I really been here this long?? (well actually no...give me a couple of months). Happy Birthday TWO - Verb


Happy birthday TWO! Obviously the last two years have been the best, as i have been here! In all seriousness, well done to Kam and the top brass for keeping it going this long. - AlanJP


Happy Birthday TWO! We've had a great year here, so heres to many more to come! - Peter


TWO is very special to me. It's a place where I can feel important and stop kids from having fun. For that, Kam, I am eternally grateful. - Russ


Happy Birthday TWO, and congratulations to all the people who've been here from the start, and the people who look after it - E2K


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The Crippler gets probed



Forum Name : The Crippler


Reason for Forum Name : Tribute to Chris Benoit aka The Canadian Crippler.


How did you get into Wrestling?: I'm honestly can't remember. I think probably through primary school friends. I remember having my WWF schoolbag with the Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and Davey Boy Smith on the front.


What's the first match you remember seeing?: The first match that stands out is the Undertaker versus Hulk Hogan at the Survivor Series 91. Taker winning the WWF Title stands out as my first main memory of watching wrestling although I'm sure I saw a few shows prior to that.


Who's your favourite wrestler of all time? - one pick, no lists : Chris Benoit. I remember seeing his first match and thinking "he's a legit badass". He's got great technique and great intensity and theres just a great realness to his matches.


What's the one match you could watch over and over again if you had to? I'm torn between Angle v Benoit at the Rumble 03 and the WrestleMania 20 main event. Angle v Benoit was a pure wrestling masterclass but I gotta go with HBK v Benoit v HHH at Mania purely for the emotion factor in seeing a guy who had busted his ass for so many years finally getting his reward.


How did you find TWO? I found it through the Smashwrestling chatrooms.


Do you remember your first post? Yes, I got flamed by Latino Reheat for it, lucky me.


Whats been the YOUR highlight of being a member of the TWO community? My own personal highlight of being a member of the TWO community was winning the forum member of the year 2 years in a row. When you consider there are over 2,000 members and a hell of a lot of great posters, that was really nice for me.


What's your favourite TWO Forum memory? It would be very hard to limit it to one. There's been a hell of a lot of interesting posts by a lot of interesting people. It would be impossible to limit it to one.


Does Kam really exist, or is he just a supercomputer? It's a question I've spent many an hour pondering. My line of thinking is that it would be impossible for a human to put up with all of us for so long so I think that he is a supercomputer.


Finally, TWO is four years old where do you think you will you be in four years from now? Finished Uni and hopefully in a good job, failing that I'll probably have a crummy job. Either way hopefully I'll still be watching wrestling and hopefully TWO will still be going strong.



25th June in History



1934 - Jim Londos defeated Jim Browning for the NWA Heavyweight Wrestling title

1976 - Antonio Inoki and Mohammad Ali fought to a 15 round draw

1995 - Event - King of the Ring, CoreStates Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

2000 - TWO was born

2000 - Event - King of the Ring, Fleet Center, Boston, MA

2000 - The Rock defeated Triple H by pinning Vince McMahon in a 6-man match for the WWF Heavyweight title

2000 - Edge & Christian defeated Too Cool, the Hardy Boyz, Test & Albert for the WWF Tag Team title

2000 - Crash Holly defeated Pat Patterson for the WWF Hardcore title

2001 - Rhyno defeated Test for the WWF Hardcore Title

2001 - Mike Awesome defeated Rhyno for the WWF Hardcore Title

2001 - X-Pac defeated Jeff Hardy for the WWF Light Heavyweight title


C0ma's first year at Talk Wrestling Online



Well, when I received a message from Kam concerning writing an article on my first year here on TWO, I must admit I thought about it for a few seconds, What can I possibly say about this community that's it's many dedicated members haven't already said? I guess I should talk about how friendly and welcoming many of the members have been towards me, I must admit I'm not really a big forum poster simply because on most forums your opinions don't usually get noticed.


Which is what makes TWO unique, I like to think that other members are willing to listen to the opinions of others on a variety of different subjects and are capable of holding a decent discussion debating those opinions. Everybody seems to have some different opinions on different subjects and everybody stays in line and you don't tend to get any abuse for having a different opinion to other people, Whereas on other forums you're likely to get torn apart by the "Regulars".


Whilst I'm still not the most regular poster on this forum, this is quite possibly the only forum/community that has kept me interested for a decent length of time. My first post was in the excellent Introductions forum, where everybody gets a nice warm welcome which is a very nice touch. Like many new members at first I spent most of my time giving my views in the US Scene Forum, Occasionally I'd venture into some of the sections of the forums, Which are full of good laughs, thoughtful discussion and general banter on various things.


I like to feel that when I first joined this forum I instantly fitted right in, which I think is the main reason I've stuck around for as long as I have. After my initial post in the Introductions forum several members claimed to have similar tastes to me, Even Kam thought I'd fit right in, It's always nice to see the owner of the place taking time out to greet the newbies.


I've since started getting more involved in the "other sports" forum, Being a big football/soccer fan myself, It's good to see a lot of others in the community shared my same passion for the beautiful game, another reason I'm still enjoying my time here.


I've strayed into the music forum on occasions also which are often enjoyable but despite my love for all things rock/metal, I probably haven't posted here as much as I could do, Again though, I don't know if it's because of the links between Metal and Wrestling, But there seems to be several others in this forum who like the same music as me, I guess I'm repeating myself here heh, But again this is an important factor.


My heart will always lay in the US Scene forum though where I'm found spending most of time singing the praises of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero and bashing the good name of Triple H which I'm sure has displeased many of the HHH fans, but hey we all know it's in good spirit, although I have been known to praise the cerebral assassin from time to time, So you have been warned heh.


I'm still enjoying my time here on TWO as much as I did when I first joined the community some several months ago, Hopefully I'll still be enjoying this community as much this time next year, On that note I'd like to wish a happy birthday to TWO and thank my fellow members for making my first year here on this forum a very enjoyable one.





draVen gets probed



Forum Name : draVen


Reason for Forum Name : My friend at the time was called DraVen after a character in his and my favourite movie "The Crow". So mine was directly copying my mates name, who copied Brandon Lee.


How did you get into Wrestling? I think my mom sat me in front of WWE as a baby and I was hooked. I remember having my first toy wrestling ring aged three, and my Hulk Hogan figure and this really cool sound machine that counted "1..2..3" and had seven other cool noises. But in summary, I just woke up one morning and knew I was a fan.


What's the first match you remember seeing? I was extremely young, but I just about remember Warrior v Hogan at WM6. I think I was about 2 and a half at the time, but I always knew I remembered everything I saw when rewatching the match again at a later age.


Who's your favourite wrestler of all time? - one pick, no lists : Raven, simply because I love workers I can relate to and get into, who have unusual but fascinating and cool gimmicks, who can draw me in and who knows the business and loves the business visibly in his work, who can work a microphone and who can work a crowd and who basically has it all. To me, no one matches Raven for all that.


What's the one match you could watch over and over again if you had to? Bret Hart vs Undertaker at Summerslam 1997. I always loved that match. To me, it had so much to it, plus both were my favourite workers/characters at the time.


How did you find TWO? I went to Smash Wrestling through it's link with TalkSport, and on the chat room, noticed it was "In Association with Talk Wrestling" so I went there and I believe Grapple was the first poster I noticed. I was told by Russ that TWO was full of smarter people and I joined there. It remained my home ever since.


Do you remember your first post? No. But I think I've looked for it before and was horrified. Probably moaning or asking to be modded or something. There is an obvious change in maturity since those days, and I'm glad I've been able to mature at TWO. Lord knows I bet everyone else is glad too.


What was the first thing you wrote for the site? I believe it was an interview with iceman. I wrote it for the forums and it's probably still there somwhere. I think it was probably awful compared to my interviews with Blue Meanie and Colt Cobana, but at the time, I got good feedback for it, so I did one with Rob McKay too. It led to me getting a job as an interviewer, then a columnist, and finally a US scene editor (although I don't seem to do a lot of editing LOL).


What's been the YOUR highlight of being a member of the TWO community? The people. Growing up with Peter Richards, Nicole, Peter, and Emag from the start, making friends and enemies with HSM, Russ, Pabster, Goldy, Crippler and Chris2k, and seeing the delights of Jess, Ravenmark, Tanya, and Amanda V (who can forget her?). Of course, I've missed out so many names, but the point is clear.


What's your favourite TWO Forum memory? Probably the Ravenmark incident. As poor minded as it was on the behalf on the creator, the essence of a real family came together as we worked out who did what, when and why, and united to "fight the forces of evil". The fact that I was right all along when Goldy was trying to convince me otherwise was an added bonus too lol (but to be fair, she hadn't lived through Jess and Tanya).


Does Kam really exist, or is he just a supercomputer? Kam? Ain't that one of the Lotto ball machines?


Finally, TWO is four years old where do you think you will you be in four years from now? Still here, waiting for my mommy to cook my dinner (I've been waiting half hour as it is).



Darkstars first year at Talk Wrestling Online



Dear God, TWO is 4 years old. And to think you got through 3 and a half of those without ol' Darkstar!


But seriously, TWO is the finest internet forum I've ever been on. I would say wrestling forum, but its so much bigger than that. The people on here are fantastic, and I consider many of you friends. When somewhere can boast people like Boyo, The Crippler, Jackbibby (yes, I like the guy, despite the ribbing I give him on MSN), Evil Gringo, and of course the man behind it all - Kam - then you know it can only be a success.


I hope everyone on this forum appreciates what Kam has done for us, and the hard work he and the mods all put in to keep this a great community.


On behalf of us all 'Thank you, and well done!'


Heres to another 4 years with Darkstar buggin' you all.





Inno gets probed



Forum Name : Inno


Reason for Forum Name : Short for Innovator Of Violence, Tommy Dreamer's nickname.


How did you get into Wrestling? : I watched it on ITV one day, saw Big Daddy, then saw some WWF and that was me. I fell in and out of love with it over the years (including right now) but the love of it will always be with me somewhere.


What's the first match you remember seeing? : Big Daddy vs. somebody else. Big Daddy won, natch.


Who's your favourite wrestler of all time? - one pick, no lists : Shawn Michaels


What's the one match you could watch over and over again if you had to? : Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle, Royal Rumble 2003.


How did you find TWO? : It found me, seriously, I was working for Smash and Kam appeared on the horizon, like a big blue burst of lightning, and suddenly, I was in the chat room, and on the forums. Eventually, he took pity and started to post my not-much-missed column The Live Wire on the site.


Do you remember your first post? : No, but it was probably crap anyway... the rest have been!


What was the first thing you wrote for the site? : I think, going by Kam's archives, that it was a Summerslam 2003 prediction thingamabob... I'm sure it was something to do with WrestleMania though...


What's been YOUR highlight of being a member of the TWO community? : Just the feeling of belonging somewhere, and a camaraderie between the peeps. Well, most of the peeps... OK, some of the peeps!


What's your favourite TWO Forum memory? : For me, the huge Sherlock Holmes vs. Moriarty posting thing I was involved in. I found it hilarious, and I still remember it.


Does Kam really exist, or is he just a supercomputer? : No, Kam is actually a bit like Candyman - if you say his name 5 times into a mirror, he appears behind you and bores you to death with Jeff Hardy matches...


Finally, TWO is four years old where do you think you will you be in four years from now? : Drunk.




Ed_666 VS Rikidozan



It had to happen. For the past year, two dominant egos have collided in many a thread, over many a subject, to many a laugh, tear and fit of rage against either man. One is the sometimes overbearing but always fascinating Rikidozan, the puro fanatic who sees himself as the second incarnation of Dave Meltzer. The other is, whom many consider to be HHH himself, for no other man has dared even try to justify anything the great selfish himself has done with such vigour and intensity... Ed666. The number of the devil... a sign we all should have picked up from the start? More than likely.


These two have fought tooth to nail to prove that their opinions and facts are the correct ones, and FINALLY, in a TWO Newsletter exclusive, I will conduct a fantasy warfare, ala RAW Magazine, and we will see just who would win in a much wanted fight, one on one in the centre of the ring, between TWO's most controversial members.




Strengths: One of his most noticeable strengths is his refusal to back down from an argument. No matter what the subject, Ed will always find all the facts he can to prove that he is correct. He is also a rabid HHH fan and WWE defender, and will take on six or more opinions at any one time if it means he can prove himself to Vince McMahon and hopefully get himself a contract with the company as it's #1 superfan.


Weaknesses: More often than not, Ed shows blind ignorance to obvious facts that are in front of him. Some may blame his eyesight, whilst others blame Stephanie McMahon, for having big breasts. What her breasts have to this discussion, I have no idea, but I find it fun to blame her for everything else. His connection with HHH also often alienates him from the rest of the community, who mostly hate HHH ("Kill the pig, cut his throat, bash him in" - sorry, Lord Of The Flies moment there), so he won't often find anyone rushing to agree with him.


Key Wins: One of his more successful crusades was over the Eddie Guerrero deal. He said that if it was Eddie in the shoes of JBL, it would be seen as more acceptable, but because we hate JBL, it was nothing but backlash. In most ways, he was right, and definitely had little opposition from Eddie defenders.


Key Losses: Wrestler's Court. A post made by myself was founded from a website linked at Wrestlecrap.com where HHH was undoubtedly put on trial and found guilty of several acts of misconduct in a humorous fashion that all predictable HHH bashers exhaled and all typical HHH defenders resorted to the age old "You only say it because it's the in thing to do" argument. Ed found himself unable to defend himself and his best friend in the whole world (eat your heart out, Eugene), and although he gave it a good try, found himself totally out of his depth.


Finishing Move: As documented over and over, his love for all things Paul Levesque knows no bounds. Therefore, I can safely assume his finisher is the dreaded "Prove It" line. A sure-fire killer, Ed pulls his opponent through the mud, arguing until the cows come home, and then hits them with the "prove it" line. Instantly, the opponent has to dig long and hard, through every Google search possible to show proof that his claims are correct. More often than not, it is unbeatable, but on rare occasions, he may have to resort to a back up.


Strategy: Knowing he's often on his own, Ed's best line of defence is to call on his own team of HHH lovers. Cactus Jack, StoneColdSteveAustin and Nicole are his best bets, and together, they could easily form a new Evolution-like stable to combat the forces of evil. Whilst Nicole distracts Riki with her Birmingham City shirt and half naked picture of Robbie Savage (or whomever she may be), Cactus should get on all fours behind him. SCSA can push Riki over Cactus, Ed can make the quick pin and whilst doing so, shove a Wrestlemania 12 video down Riki's throat, avenging the loss HHH suffered to the Ultimate Warrior 8 years ago. To add insult to injury, Ed should then pose for the fans ala Hulk Hogan. Nothing would be more insulting to the honour of the great Matt Singhy.




Strengths: His mind is like an encyclopaedia of wrestling. Ask him about the Tokyo Dome show in October 1980 and he'll probably be able to tell you what all ten members of the front row were wearing, what colours the booker backstage was wearing, who was filming the show, how many wrestlers were there, how many viewers it had, how many people liked and disliked it, how long and good the matches were and even how many ice creams were sold that night. He uses that knowledge, alongside his Wrestling Observer subscription (all paid for the next 30 years), to great extent during discussions in the US forum.


Weaknesses: More often than not, just like Ed, Riki fails to adhere himself to his neighbours. His arguments are often overshadowed by his vicious "mark beatings" in which he finds any Hulk Hogan fan and unceremoniously beats them to the ground with Shining Wizard after Tiger Bomb '93 (thats right - I know Japanese moves, granted, they're the only ones I know but...). He also often comes off more "holier than thou" (and genuinely believes that he is). If his ego gets the better of him, it can be exploited.


Key Wins: Most threads he posts in. His informative posts usually sum up the facts for everyone and for the most part, end most conversations. Usually the one with the final word, which is of great benefit to him.


Key Losses: This actually isn't a loss, but his famed argument with Tazz13 over the attendance of Wrestlemania 3 (the owner of the building admitted it was only 79,000 in a time when WWE always exaggerated their attendances, but Tazz argued black and blue that it was 93,000) showed that people can match Riki maybe not in terms of knowledge, but certainly arguing ability. Not used to being matched, Riki had to resort to underhanded tactics, and although he didn't come off looking much worse, he certainly lost a lot of steam.


Finishing Move: Riki's strongest hold is the "International scene forum". A powerplay from Riki, he uses it to dominate many a forum on TWO, even those which are inaccessible for mere mortals. With the hold, he assembles a team of puroresu-loving robots, who worship his every move. Assessing their ability, only the smarkest of smarks can progress to the crack unit of killers, who are ready to back up his every quote with more quotes, links and knowledge only known usually by the great man himself...a sure fire winner.


Strategy: Whilst his knowledge is extensive, Riki would have to employ a "questions" tactic. One of Ed's top draws is being able to turn any argument into a reverse argument for his opponent to answer. Keeping Ed on his toes with so many questions would eventually cause him to trip up and contradict himself. This would allow Riki to pounce with green mist to the face. With Ed blinded, the Great Singhy could hit him with his back-catalogue of Wrestling Observer newsletters and pummel into submission by screaming "Tap out or I'll quote every single Chris Benoit promo he's ever done, in exact monotone accent." The threat would be too much for Ed and would mean a guaranteed win for Puroman.




Wrestling Intelligence:

Ed666 - 7

Rikidozan - 9


Arguing Ability:

Ed666 - 8

Rikidozan - 6


Ability To Quote Meltzer:

Ed666 - 3

Rikidozan - 10


Enemy Making Skills:

Ed666 - 10

Rikidozan - 6


Argument Endurance:

Ed666 - 8

Rikidozen - 5


Final Result:

A Draw.



I'm a cop out, sorry...


But in all seriousness, it would be a dream match for all. Both are evenly matched and I know that deep down, both would love to get it on. Of course, chances are they are both actually Emag, playing TWO against itself and setting us all up for a huge takeover, in which he and Joanne will own us all and rename the forum "TalkEmagOnline". However, until that is revealed, we can but dream...



Pabster gets probed



Forum Name : Pabster


Reason for Forum Name : My name is Paul. When I studied Spanish years back, I was stuck with Pablo as a nickname (as Pablo is Paul in Spanish) and then Pablo was cut down to Pab. So, when thinking of a nickname for the forum I just added "Ster" and that's how Pabster was created.


How did you get into Wrestling? Watched WCW on ITV around 1992 and then caught bits of the WWF in 1994, and watched on a part time basis, until about 1996 when I turned into a full time fan.


What's the first match you remember seeing? Sting squashing some jobber.


Who's your favourite wrestler of all time? Essa Rios!!!


What's the one match you could watch over and over again if you had to? Stone Cold vs. The Rock at WrestleMania X7


How did you find TWO? I visited various UK wrestling forums and I came across a link on one of them (probably the UKFF)


Do you remember your first post? Nope but it was probably some thing like "Essa Rios rulz!!1111".


What was the first thing you wrote for the site? I did the UKScene report in the Newsletter in the early days.


What's been the YOUR highlight of being a member of the TWO community? Definitely has to be being a part of the chatrooms in 2001/2002. EVERYONE logged on and it was an awesome laugh. Great bunch of guys, there were always tons of people in the rooms, basically it was brilliant.


What's your favourite TWO Forum memory? Creating the TWO Memories thread and reading everyone's memories, it made for a really special thread.


Does Kam really exist, or is he just a supercomputer? Maybe he's bit of both?


Finally, TWO is four years old where do you think you will you be in four years from now? I think I’ll be 4 years older :P , I’ll still be saying w00t, I’ll still mark out for Essa Rios, Subway, Seinfeld etc. I'll probably the same guy but just +4 years.



Win - Showdown: Legends of Wrestling for the PS2





For your chance to win 1 of 10 PS2 copies of the game see: Showdown: Legends of Wrestling





Where are they now?



As TWO celebrates it's fourth birthday today, be sure to spare a moment for some of the members who aren't around today who helped TWO make long big strides to greatness or some members who caused the forum/chatroom ratings to go sky high due to some incredible arguments. Here we look at a few guys who are missing from the current TWO, a brief description of them and where they possibly may be nowadays.


Ro* : I don't know anyone who didn't like this guy, Ro* was a laid back guy who loved TWO. He got on great with everyone and was best known for his rubber ducky avatar in the chatrooms. Peter Richards also came on the scene right after Ro* disappeared from TWO and many think he is Ro*, also, because he used the rubber ducky avatar in the chatrooms, Ro* appeared a few months later to say he had computer problems and then he disconnected from TWO and the Internet forever. I think Ro* is in Hyde Park swimming with the ducks.


Skullmonkey : Skullmonkey was hardcore! Former moderator on the forums, which meant if anyone ignored any little rule, Skullmonkey would be on the rampage. Posts edited, deleted, people banned, he was/is a true icon to every moderator at TWO. Believe it or not, he was a really nice guy too! Skullmonkey was a really cool bloke and it was a shame to see him disappear as he and I chatted frequently on MSN and knew each other well. I think Skullmonkey is now a millionaire and is living in a huge mansion in the States, drinking champagne whilst watching Star Wars films non stop in his private cinema.


Shaggy : Shaggy was Mr. Cool. If Shaggy liked it, it was cool. Shaggy was also best known for being part of the TWO Early Morning "clique" alongside myself, when we took over the chatroom every morning 7-9am and got a good little crowd going in there. Our highest rating was 15 people in at once at 7.30 in the morning. It was a great cult we had going and we had great fun. I think Shaggy is in Hollywood, working with the likes of Colin Farrell, Samuel L. Jackson and has a rapping career ahead of him!


HBK : HBK was one hell of a character. Based himself on Shawn Michaels, and I mean BASED himself! I think he is the real HBK somedays. He was the self proclaimed leader of the "TWO Clique", and was a chatroom moderator. He "owned" the Sports Forum with KJ in the very early days (Liverpool vs. Man Utd threads) and he and KJ created TWO Superstars, TWO's very own e-fed. He had a HUGE ego but is a great laugh and a really cool guy. He still is online but retired from TWO many years back. He called himself the showstoppa, the ladies man of TWO and loved delivering the Sweet Chin Music in the chatroom. I think HBK now has a TV career with past hits such as Telly Addicts and HBK's House Party. Only joking Andy! (:D)


Sparky : Sparky loved speaking his mind and it often caused conflict on the forums. He was hilarious too, and often came out with some of the best one liners i've ever heard. Sparky quit TWO after reaching 1000 posts on the forum and is still often spotted on MSN.


Jerichoholic : Good contributor to the forums and chatroom. He was a major part of TWO Superstars's success, second time around. He is missed around TWO and left due his interest in wrestling being non existent. He was a big Tennis fan so he is probably having strawberries and cream right now whilst watching Wimbledon.


Latino Reheat : This guy loved posting at TWO, loved posting... a lot. 1950 posts infact in the space of a day, well, to be fair to him, two days maybe. :P He has been missing for a while and recently came back one last time to announce his retirement. Right now he is probably talking to himself over at Latino Land.


Well, there we go.


They were great characters that brought a hell of a lot to TWO and remember I have missed out TONS of guys who gave TWO many great moments and service in the past. Even though all these guys who have disappeared and left won't be reading this, I’d like to say thank you for your time and for sharing some great moments here at TWO.


Thanks for the memories...





A word from Kam



Hey folks,


I just wanted to say a big THANK-YOU to everyone that has helped TWO over the last four years! I really appreciate all the help I've been given and it's why TWO is still here.


Its great to see lots of new users, along with the oldies - I hope you all continue to enjoy your stay around here. :thumbsup







That's it! The Newsletter birthday party for TWO is over. I'm sure this time next year, we will be celebrating TWO's fifth birthday in even more style~! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this edition and thanks to everyone at TWO, you make it what it is...



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Key Losses: This actually isn't a loss, but his famed argument with Tazz13 over the attendance of Wrestlemania 3 (the owner of the building admitted it was only 79,000 in a time when WWE always exaggerated their attendances, but Tazz argued black and blue that it was 93,000) showed that people can match Riki maybe not in terms of knowledge, but certainly arguing ability. Not used to being matched, Riki had to resort to underhanded tactics, and although he didn't come off looking much worse, he certainly lost a lot of steam.


oh it was a loss alright...i even hesitated 30 seconds before pinning him to hammer home the victory

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