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Well the good news is that I have over 20 writers now. Klondyke Kate is writing an article on the state of women's wrestling in this country. Ricky Knight has written a tribute to Flash Barker and Adam Sibley has sent me his article on the current state of British wrestling.


We also have some Indie reviews by Arnold Furious, an article on some of the best feuds in the WWE and a preview of the FWA Academy events in August.





The first edition will include interviews with three former WWE Champions. The Rock talks about his movies, Mick Foley talks about Tietam Brown and there's also an interview with The Ultimate Warrior.


All that, loads more and just £15 for 12 editions and 52 email newsletters.


IF you're interested email me at Mageditoruk@yahoo.co.uk I'm still looking for writers as well and ideas about what you want to see in future editions.

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