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Someone Put Someone Over


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There’s a concept in wrestling that I’m sure you’re all familiar with: it’s called “putting people over”. I’m sure that, as wrestling fans, we’re all pretty familiar with the ins and outs of this concept. When done correctly, it can make a career, or at least give it a kick-start. When done incorrectly, it can ruin it.


As an example: Wrestler A is a super-over individual, loved by the fans, generally regarded as one of the best ever. Wrestler B has the potential to be that good, but so far has been saddled with a lame gimmick that he’s only now getting away from. He needs something to take him to the next level, to prove to everybody just how good he really is and, most importantly, burn him onto the minds of the fans as a real contender.


So Wrestler A allows Wrestler B to be his equal, even though he isn’t (yet). Throughout the build-up to their big confrontation, he allows Wrestler B to have equal (if not more) offensive moments (e.g. beating him down on tv, running him down on the mike, etc). He allows Wrestler B to appear as a REAL threat, as somebody who could easily beat the hell out of him, despite the fact that Wrestler A has been main-eventing for years and is a multi-time world champion. At their match, one the biggest show of the year, he goes one better. He makes Wrestler B look a million bucks and despite the fact that he beat him, Wrestler B comes out of the match with the momentum of a freight train. He has arrived, thanks to Wrestler A “putting him over”.


If you hadn’t guessed it, Wrestler A is Bret Hart, Wrestler B is Steve Austin. Now, Bret Hart should be commended for putting over Austin the way he did – completely and in every way. He did it the right way. Despite the fact that he won, both men came out of that match the better for it. Both men’s careers had benefitted from the match. You could call this “The Bret Hart” method of putting someone over.


There are many wrestlers who subscribe to this, most notably Kurt Angle and The Rock, main-eventers who have never, and will never, have a problem with making someone look a million dollars. Unfortunately so many wrestlers, so-called “legends”, so-called “leaders”, seem to subscribe to the “Clique Method”.


We all know about Triple H and his methods. Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash ruined WCW by trying to protect their spot at all costs, to the detriment of every bit of younger talent that company had. In 2001, a lot of young WCW talent came to the WWF in the “Invasion”. Part of the reason that failed was because so-called locker-room “leaders” like Undertaker, Bradshaw and Farooq took it upon themselves to teach them some respect – for real. Obviously paranoid and hopelessly insecure, Bradshaw and Farooq went super-stiff (I believe it was Palumbo who got a dislocated jaw during a match with them), while Undertaker basically ruined DDP’s chances, along with Mike Awesome and Chris Kanyon, by saying he couldn’t work with them. He then recommended they sign Kronik. ‘Nuff said.


I’ll never understand why these guys won’t try to elevate new talent. If a new talent gets over big (like Austin), ppv rates pick up, everybody wins. I mean, Randy Orton is the only new talent elevated recently, and that’s only cos of his association with HHH and cos of his dad. He’s also a superb talent, but so is Jericho. And we all know who was supposed to elevate him.


Egos will always run wild in wrestling, but the occasions of people like Austin being put over by professionals like Bret Hart are increasingly less. The Rock is gone, Angle doesn’t have much time left. Where are the star-makers? HHH??!! He’ll always protect himself first and foremost. Benoit and Jericho will probably never be thought of at the same level as a HHH or a Rock by the majority of people (unfortunately), which means the impact of them putting someone over won’t be as great. Hell, Eddie Guerrero is probably the only super-over WWE wrestler left who’ll be generous with his performances and put new people over. That’s sad.

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i certainly think that a lot of the older guys these days are being used to get the younger guys over more, the obvious exception at the moment being undertaker as lets face it he dont job at the meoment, but i certainly think that this is one aspect that wwe seem to be getting right


Triple H has been helping younger guys as of late like Eugene and Shelts and at the same time he isnt losing any heat and hes staying a firm Main Eventer (but we already knew that didnt we)


I read somewhere that if Trips wants you to look good he will make you look good, if he doesnt then you'll look like a pile of crap basically and i think hes made some of the younger guys look good and i certianly feel this is the case again especially with Shelts.


My final message is dont change this aspect WWE your doing a damned good job with this.


Great post by the way e2k mate

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Thanks f2k, I appreciate that :xyx


Maybe its cos I'm naturally suspicious of HHH at this stage, but I honestly don't think he gives a crap about putting anyone else over. I don't think it matters what he did with Shelton cos his push is seemingly over now anyway. That's not HHH's fault obviously; but if he was gonna lose to him, why not do it on ppv? And if Shelton does climb the ladder, and is on the cusp of the main event in two years, will HHH put him over then? Doubt it. As for Eugene, wouldn't really class him as talent. He's a comedy act.

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Hey E2K Class Man.


Read my posts in the politics of it all thread about this similar issue.


The point I make there is, yeah 'Taker did refuse to work with these guys and, in my view, for good reason. If you had given your all to the Premier Wrestling Fed for over a decade, I think you or any one would be reluctant to allow just anyone to walk in and take over.


However, when he took on Lesnar in the Hell in the Cell, 'Taker couldn't have made Lesnar look more formidable. Also, remember the Ego Trip Austin and H3 went on it began with a beat down of 'Taker and Kane, without that happening Austin and H3 wouldn't have felt superior, which is only the truth.


I would like for you to take into account, that for years as 'Taker explained in an in-ring interview that he had fought all of the "dragons" Vince had put in front of him and wasn't going to do that anymore. Vince created a monster, and Mark Calloway gave it life, together they created a Legend and it is difficult to make a Legend appear anything less than Legendary, no matter who you put in the ring with them.


So, in what I believe to be 'Takers last year as an active participant, what happens,the only man to really make 'Taker look human (Lesnar) runs off to the NFL without repaying the debt to the Deadman, this though could be a way of Vince creating a new legend, but one that is already tarnished.


As I've mentioned before it is difficult for some folks to comprehend the amount of time the Deadman has been around as some of you were not even born when the legend was created.


One last point I've also made before, in the use of groundbreaking matches Hell in the Cell, Casket Matches, Inferno Matches, Fatal Four Ways etc... 'Taker has been in at the inception, and thus has put the business over before himself, if he doesn't want to work with such and such then through the respect he has earned should not have to.

P.S. DDP is one of 'Takers few off screen friends, who else would get away, really, with threatening his wife Sara?




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Its true... apart from Michaels in the Elimantion chamber and Summerslam when have you seen HHH lose clean on ppv.... to Goldberg and only because he was ordered due to Berg's huge price tag....


But its not just him thats to blame.... HBK hasn't put any young talent over clean since he's come back either.... Randy Orton had to win with knucks and Fkairs help... Jericho won the rematch due to Orton.... only people to beat him clean? HHH and Goldberg again...


I mean Austin tapped to Angle on ppv, thats how you put someone over... he was scared of him and his abilty.... Rock losing to Jericho not once but three times in cracking matches to help try and put him over...


HHH losing to Benoit on ppv was great... hopefully he can do it at Ssummerslam.

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Good points Spiritchaser. And I do have a lot of respect for Undertaker in many ways. But I can't believe why he would do that to a FRIEND. That storyline basically RUINED ddp's chances of ever getting over in WWE, from the beating he took at KOTR 2001 to the beating he and Kanyon took at Summerslam that year, to having to job to SARA of all people. I'm not saying it was Undertaker's idea, but he could've used his influence and know-how to help put the likes of DDP and Kanyon over, like a true leader would. But he didn't. I'll always have a gripe about that, cos I kinda like DDP, always have. I think Undertaker was very selfish back then. Really, I mentioned that as an example of how NOT to put someone over. But again, its just my opinion, and I do recognise that he's improved since, what with helping Cena and Lesnar.
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