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recently deceased wreslers


which recently deceased wrestler would havesthe most success in wrestling today  

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  1. 1. which recently deceased wrestler would havesthe most success in wrestling today

    • brian pillman
    • owen hart
    • british bulldog
    • crash holly
    • mr.perfect
    • yokozuna
    • other

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Well, it depends on how you qualify success and if it was not just ring physicality, then i would have to go with Rick Rude, this guy understood today's business before today's business even got there.

In all my years of watching Richard Rood always had an abiltity with just an expression to bring a rise from any crowd, and over the years he used that to help him succeed even after his back problems forced him to retire from active competition, when he was with DX and The nWo on the same night he transcended wrestling in many ways, he became an unknown quantity and that is what keeps us watching week after week, the guy just knew instinctively and would have been a great asset to WWE now.



Missing RR.

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Out of those listed, I'd say Curt Hennig (Mr. Perfect). He's was a wonderful technical wrestler that would be able to keep up with todays WWE matches. He's also a "perfect" heel too. He was a cocky SOB and struted around thinking he was the best. Much like Randy Orton is doing today.


Curt Hennig would be great today. Dare I say.... PERFECT

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Owen Hart was on his way to becoming one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Unfortunatly an untimley accident took him from us and we now have to stand on the sidelines and wonder where he would be if he were still alive today!



Brian Pillman had a lot of talent and also a lot of demons to deal with. He had the potental to be a great heel in the WWE. His use of the steel chair was great, colaring a guy with it around their ankle and then coming off the 'buckel was awesome...now I know alot of other guys do this same move, but Pillman could really sell it!

Besides,how many other guys have attacked unsuspecting ringside fans with a no.2 pencil?



Funny how all three of the wrestlers in my favorite six-man Tag-team are all on the list...




Davey Boy!

Sad but true!

R.I.P. boys. See you in the ring on the other side!

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