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Ahmed Johnson!

Captain Caveman

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I used to be a big Ahmed Johnson mark back in 1997, in further proof that size matters. I thought he was hella impressive and looked like a bad ass mofo.


I saw him in WCW three years later and cried.


Rightfully so, the guy was a mess. Sure size matters ... but Ahmed was 'super sizing' if you know what I mean.

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Never been a fan, never will be... shame he had to super size to get noticed, if only for his future health....


What was the deal with his kidneys anyway?


In terms of 'super sizing' I was insinuating that he ate a lot of McDonalds. The guy was nothing more than 6'something of walking flab.

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No one going to answer the Gringo then no...

Ahmed Johnson had kidney problems caused by roid abuse and his liver was not dispersing toxins from his system. He was a very sick little dude!

His size was due to not being able to train and anyone who has been on roids and does not train becomes a proper hippapotabuttocks, thus Big T of WCW infamy.


I would have loved to have seen the outcome of 'Taker/Ahmed that they were slowly building to before he got sick, one of my all time wishes to see.




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