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Norman Smiley


Should the WWE hire Norman Smiley?  

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  1. 1. Should the WWE hire Norman Smiley?

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I'm all for WWE hiring Norman Smiley. He's entertaining, can - gasp! - actually wrestle (US style, shoot style and lucha!) and has exactly what it takes to be a solid midcarder in WWE. I mean, Ernest Miller got some decent airtime and Smiley is 1,000,000,000 times better than 'the Cat' ever could hope to be.


Hire Norman, Vince!

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<<Vince McMahon interrupts a meeting with the creative team>>


Vinnie: Excuse me, excuse me. I've found a new talent. He's a 40 something former WCW talent that I can bring onto television push to the moon in a ridiculous dancing gimmick and then drop suddenly without any warning. He's not the greatest or the youngest wrestler in the world, but I feel it would be right to invest tens of thousands into him immediately. Oh, and tell that AJ Styles kid to beat it. I know talent when I see it dammit! I'm Vince McMahon!

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Vince is a sucker for the old guys, and Gerwitz is a sucker for the comedy characters. Look at the fun they had with Goldust after the Rumble, they really dragged it on much longer then he should have. Its unsurprising that they are liking Smiley, the Eugene push proves that if you are a comedy guy you will get the attention of the story boarders on Raw at least....then you look at Rico on Smackdown. Comedy is their niche, so I see Smiley coming on board and having some sort of invovlement with Regal on Raw.
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Smiley wouldn't get over now sorry, but no way...


Thanxx Gringo I thought everyone had gone mental suddenly!


People don't be ridiculous it is gimmicks like Norman Smiley, Eugene, and this soap opera crap with Kane, Lita, and Matt Hardy that is going to send the WWE to an early grave!


I enjoy seeing Eugene for now, but the gimmick is going to become stale unless the writers do something clever withit like, oh, I don't know...make Eugene turn heel on everyone and admit that he's not handicapped, he has just been using the angle to get over and now that he has, he doesn't need it anymore.

That would generate a lot of heat from the fans and give him a heel boost!


I don't know about the indy scene but I couldn't stand Norman Smiley in the WCW that crap with making him Hardcore champ was re'cock'ulous, and it should "Never...and I mean Eeeever!" happen again!

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They Sure Should


times new roman


The question has nothing to do with whether or not Norman's gimmick would work, but whether or not he could generate crowd interest and bring in the much needed dollars for Vinnie Mc-Mc-Mannequin to stuff in his pockets. The answer: yes. Look at it from this point of view - could the "Big Wiggle" be any worse than: (a) Katie Vick, (b) my mentally disabled nephew, "Eugene", © the wrestling superhero, "The Hurricane," and his sidekick SuperHeroInTraining, "Rosie," (d) Lita's pregnancy by Kane, (e) The Terry Funk-ish looking "Deadman" burying his valet, Paul Bearer, in cement, and we're supposed to believe that he's not dead, but due to "severe internal injuries," it is not likely that the character will ever appear again...and let's not forget my personal favorite, (f) the obviously out of shape wrestler who has yet to have a formal single match against anyone outside of Shawn Michaels, has yet to beat either Eugene or Kane (both number one contenders for the World Heavyweight Title), but yet, gets a title shot at the next ppv......and some people actually liked The Great American Bash.


I like Norman b/c he was funny, and his character would be a good change of pace in the WWE. The last time I laughed at something on WWE TV was when The Rock (God Bless this man) came a few weeks back and entertained us for the whole night...forget the matches - by ten o' clock, I was still laughing at the idea of a young Randy Orton running into King Kong Bundy's crotch. Norman would get fans laughing again if the WWE writers could successfully recreate the same magic that made him funny in WCW. Don't blame the wrestler if he's not getting a great push...you could be the greatest artist that existed in the world, but it means nothing if people won't pay to put your art on display.


And for the fact that he's too old...he's 38/39 by now. Let's see - Ric Flair: mid-50s; Hulk Hogan: late 40s; Hunter Hearst Helmsley: mid-30s; Eddie Guerrero: not young; Matter of fact, there's a unspoken rule in the RAW locker room: if you're not older than 30, you won't get much tv time. Think about it....



Ring Announcer: "And the winner of the match, Juventud Guerrera!"

Ref: <raises Juventud's hand>

La Parka: "But Ref, my opponent was Dean Malenko!"

Ref: "....I called it right down the middle..."

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