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Odd hours


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I tend to be on the chat rooms at odd hours due to my work. In the last few weeks I have been constantly insulted by (I think) one guy/girl who keeps using different names.


I was just wondering if Kam has got any new chat mods who will be on at these wierd times so I can ask them to watch out?


Its normally between midnight and 3/4AM.

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im usually on between 8 pm and 2 am depending on tiredness lol but if ur in man ill keep an eye out mate, i pressume at those times its mainly people from across the pond as ive often been called a "british fag", i cant help or anything like booting but my best advice is to keep an eye on the forums to see if any mods liek Col, Chris2k, etc are on the forums because if so im sure a quick PM would be all it takes to get them to come help you out as they have been all too happy to oblige for me in the past.


hope i helped

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yeah u cud contact any of the following


Dean Douglas-who?


Hosgood-mmm dunno

HSM-likes to hide

Inno=see above posties



Pabster-check forums

QuizMaster-check forums

Russ-russ comes in at random times

Sabba Simba-Awol


Simon-in a bit lately

Tajiri-never in lol but check forums


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yes indeed lol' date=' i usually go for the old fashioned TWO pm, like i did tonight altho once he got on (col this was) the morons were gone[/quote']


I always miss the party :(


Yeah, but don't hesitate to PM if you have a problem, hopefully I'll remember to actually check me PMs on time.

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