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Classic Arcade Games


I, along with Gubbs and Roj at work, am up to a £4-a-day habit on this bad boy. A plastic pump-action shotgun and Deer, Doves and Frogs to shoot! Number one on the leaderboard week-in, week-out...


Anyways, let's talk classic arcade games. Having Grandparents in Weston meant we spent a few summers down here and I can remember long afternoons spent eke-ing out a tenner on the games.


In no particular order, just as they occur to me:


1) Space Harrier


The big hydraulic cabinet version. It was a great roller-coaster of a game "Get Ready". Graphics were fast and looked great (lots of sprite-scaling which strikes me now as pretty impressive, didn't notice at the time). Plus the music rocked.


2) Outrun.


See the "music" comment above but times it by about a billion-gillion-fahillion etc (TM Mike Myers). This was a great piece of work but I was rubbish at it back then. Must download the ROM once I get interweb in the new home.


3) Dragon's Lair


Absolute rubbish as a game but back then the pretty pictures won me over.


4) Operation Wolf


Having only seen the Spectrum version up until being old enough to reach the gun on the cab this was fab. A FULL SIZE UZI!


5) Something to do with cowboys - live-action video shooter.


Can't remember what it was called - Quick Draw McGraw maybe? Anyhoo, a video of a cowdude stood on a train or running at you would play: shoot him and the video would freeze, flicker, go black as the next track on what I suppose was a laser-disc inside was accessed, and then it'd play the "death scene".


6) Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles


A four-player classic! One day something went wrong with the machine and my brother and I played all the way to the end - it was giving free credits! Did you know that the last boss-battle involved Shredder splitting into many seperate Shredders?


7) The Simpsons


Basically the same game as TNHT so it was brill.


And I'm spent.


Anyway, share your memories of classic cabs... :xyx



[edit] A fr*ggin' stupid topic title considering what this post ended up talking about. :oops

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What a lovely thread, it almost makes up for the BLASPHEMY of your signature A.C. Pokemon? The only thing I want to catch is a tasty fish for my tea.


Anyway, my favourite old skool arcade game is Final Fight. I loved scrolling beat'em ups in arcades, and this was the best of the best. Every Monday night after my swimming lessons at Edinburgh's Commenwealth pool, I used to go to the arcades, put a 50p in the Final Fight machine and just play like a maniac. Cody was my favourite, because he was a nice mix of speed and strength. Guy was too weak and Haggar was too slow. I never completed the game in the arcade, although I did manage to finish it on the SNES. The fact that Guy was left out of the SNES game was a bit disapointing, as was the fact that you didn't have people queuing behind you complementing you on a sweet flying kick. :)


Another game I loved in the same vein was The Simpsons arcade game. Now this I DID complete in the arcade. I had played it thousands of times before when I went to ten pin bowling parties and just sat in the arcade the whole time, but I completed it on holiday in Millport, a tiny wee Scottish holiday island place. My gran had just won me my 76th cuddley toy from a grip machine thing, at the same time I was trying to beat Mr Burns in his radioactive suit. I downloaded the game on MAME a year or two ago and I was surprised how hard it was. I must have been pretty damn good at this game to complete it before my voice had even broke.


Operation Wolf was another favourite of mine, because in Spain it only cost about 50 pesetas for one credit. I loved Spanish arcades before the Euro was introduced, you could get one credit for 100 pesetas, around 40p. It costs about £1 for one credit in most UK arcades, so you got double and a bit's worth of your money. Anyway, putting in 300 pesetas (£1.20-ish) in Spain meant you were bombarded with credits, and the game became so much fun when you knew that you could afford to die about 10 times before you needed to rush up to your mum for another 100 pesetas before the "Replay?" countdown got to zero from 10 in big red numbers.


My favourite, favourite old school arcade game is a lost classic. It's name is Bucky O'Haire (no relation to Sean), based on the old kid's cartoon. It was a fantastic idea; Final Fight with lasers. It was a scrolling beat'em up, but you shot your laser gun instead of punching. I've only ever seen this in one place, Glasgow Airport, and every time I went on holiday I was looking forward to playing this game. When they finally replaced it with Tekken 3, I was ready to threaten the staff with a bomb until I got Bucky O'Haire back. Then I realised where I was and thought "Oh".


Another game, that I can only barely recall, was called 3-in-1 or something. It was 3 different games on the one arcade, one was a platformer, one was an R-Type style scrolling shooter and the other was a puzzle game. The puzzle, I never touched, but the other two games ruled. Does anyone else remember it, or will it disapear forever and only be remembed by me like Ninja Turtles chocolate and marshmallow pizza?

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i cant say ive been in an arcade since my infamous visit to Disney land Paris however one game i did play and like was ferarri F355 challenge. the graphics were rather good, it had a lot of fiddly things to do like brake pedals, gears and steering etc lol ad was actually rather good


i must of spend about 10 quid in there and eventually i finished a race but not before time, finished 4th so not brilliant but i found it hard as it seemed rather realistic especially when i crashed into a wall on the circuit lol god that was funny i jumped a mile in the seat


other than that i like the silly things where u kick the ball and score goals and the snowboarding games

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