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TNA Anniversary Show Results (Spoilers linking to the other TNA spoilers thread)

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We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to dave@wrestlingobserver.com.


NWA TNA PPV report for 6/23


Xplosion results

Chris Sabin & Elix Skipper b Mikal Adryan & Kid Krazy

Petey Williams & Bobby Roode & Eric Young b Nate Webb & Danny Daniels & Ryan Baz

Sabu b Lonestar


The show ended with the focus on Vince Russo once again. Ron Killings used a guitar that Jeff Jarrett brought into the ring and got the pin after a ref bump. The refs told original ref Rudy Charles that it was a banned guitar shot leading to the pin. Russo came out and before he could make a decision on who won the match, Dusty Rhodes came out and said for once, make the decision with your heart and not your head. So who won? Well, you have to tune into Impact on Friday to find out because the show ended at that point. Things like this will not make people happy they spent $9.95 for an anniversary show.


1. Chris Harris & James Storm beat Miyamoto & Nosawa in 9:50 when Storm pinned Nosawa after the double team death sentence (Harris legdrop off the top while Storm held Nosawa in midair). Decent opener. Not at the level of most AMW matches. The Naturals, still wearing AMW's ring robes they stole last week, jumped AMW after the match and put lipstick on both of them.


2. Trinity beat Desire in a stretcher match in 9:50. Highlight was Trinity coming off the upper deck onto a table with a legdrop but Desire moving. Desire put her on a stretcher and went to take her to the awaiting ambulance. The door wouldn't open. Big Vito, playing a Tony Soprano role, opened the door. This was supposed to knock Desire out but looked terrible. Anyway, they put Desire on the stretcher from the phantom door shot and in the ambulance. Vito is now with the NYC.


3. Jerry Lynn pinned Scott D'Amore in 15:20 with a cradle piledriver. Very weird match. D'Amore played old school prelim heel with a lot of stalling. I thought the match went way too long for a manager. Lots of near falls and it did tell a story as to whether Lynn would be able to use the cradle piledriver on big D'Amore. To their credit, they had a lot of heat down the stretch. We even had a ref bump to miss Lynn using a leg sweep with the hockey stick near fall. Lynn did the move, got the pin, and then the members of Team Canada and Team NWA all came out for run-ins. D'Amore looked to have taken the move bad. Don't know if it was a work or not, but he looked like he was knocked silly. Chris Sabin did a sweet tornado DDT on Eric Young. With Team Canada having a numbers edge, Christopher Daniels made the save and they waved the NWA flag.


They had legends at ringside and this came off so low rent, as the legends were Sara Lee, the local ticket taker, Corsica Joe, who nobody outside Nashville knows, Mickey Doyle, who only the most ardent 70s fan in Detroit or L.A. would know, along with Larry Zbyszko and Harley Race. They should have at least gotten some guys people knew to keep Race and Zbyszko company. Also there was an empty chair which read Dusty Rhodes.


Glenn Gilberti is still a leprechaun. Johnny Swinger is still dressed as a hula dancer. Swinger is starting to like it, tho. David Young is depressed and Gilberti said he needs a win. If only he was a Japanese pro wrestler in a Pride heavyweight tournament.


4. Mascarita Sagrada pinned Mini Pierroth in 8:14. Disappointing. Sagrada did some nice stuff, but didn't open up. This was nothing compared with Sagrada on the last Hustle show. Mini Pierroth was three times his size. After the match, David Young came out and beat up both minis and wanted to pin them. D-Ray 3000 came out but Young gave him a spinebuster. Before he could pin D-Ray, both minis bit him in the butt. I can just imagine the conversation. "When you're in our country, you do 70s midget spots, don't you get it." "No habla." "We're in Nashville, in Nashville you do what Sky Low Low did." "Sky Low Low?" As they bit Young's but, ref Mike Posey gave Young a very nice dropkick. Both minis and D-Ray jumped on Young and Posey counted three. Don West and Mike Tenay then argued if this counted as three losses for Young, or two (because two minis equals one real person in Nashville math, kind of like the old 3/5 of a person deal in the 1800s I guess).


5. A.J. Styles NC Jeff Hardy in 7:00 to keep the X title. Crowd went nuts for Hardy. It was too short to tell what he had left in the tank, but looked as though he hadn't trained at all. Also, Hardy was way bigger than Styles, which you wouldn't have thought until seeing them together. Hardy came across as a bigger star than anyone they've had since Sting. Fans chanted for Styles as well. Kid Kash and Dallas ran in before anything really got going. Styles did nice stuff and the high spots were well timed but it didn't even start to build when it was already over. They beat on Styles until Hardy came back with a chair. Hardy used the swanton on Dallas. This had to be a huge disappointment because people thinking about the Jeff Hardy of four years ago vs. A.J. today would expect a lot.


The tribute to The Sheik was Ultimately lame. Raven wasn't there as he is suffering from pneumonia (for real). They had a big elaborate deal scripted. Instead, they had a scarecrow holding a photo of The Sheik and tried to pretend Raven was that uncreative. They pretended Raven was there and set it all up. Sabu came out to view it. Mickey Doyle, said to be a friend of Sheik, told Sabu to do the right thing. Just a horrible follow-up to what was a strong angle last week.


6. Jeff Jarrett ? Ron Killings in 14:00 in an NWA title match. Russo came out and looked under the ring to find a guitar. He was satisfied. Zbyszko came out and said he and Harley thought it was too easy. So they had ref Rudy Charles crawl under the ring, and he found another guitar. Zbyszko & Russo broke the guitars. Big spot was Jarrett using a stroke off the ramp onto the legends' table. Killings barely beat the count inside the ring. First was a grazing lame ref bump. They do the same thing in every NWA title match with the ref bumps and foreign object stuff. Jarrett used a belt shot but Killings kicked out. Killings went for a flying forearm but nailed the ref good this tie. Jarrett grabbed the guitar hidden under the ring steps. They struggled over the guitar, until Killings used a low blow and got the guitar and used it. Charles revived and counted. A bunch of refs and Russo started a discussion and Dusty came out to give his speech.


Next week:

Abyss vs. Erik Watts with the briefcase with money vs. Watts' contract going to Goldylocks

Monty Brown vs. D-Lo Brown (they did an angle where Monty beat up D-Lo during an interview tonight)

Sonny Siaki & Pat Kenney vs. Johnny Swinger & Glenn Gilberti. If Siaki & Kenney win, Swinger & Gilbert have to be leprechaun and hula dancer for 60 days. If Swinger & Gilberti win, they can dress more normally

AMW vs. The Naturals for NWA tag titles

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