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Entrances, Promos and the such


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Well basically i thought i wuould get some opinions here, basically a favourite thing of mine to do is collect Themes as in Wrestlers entrance themes, ppv themes and promo themes as well as titan trons.


Now back in the day we didnt have all this fancy stuff like music and titan trons etc but since the 1980s I think Music has become an integral part of the wrestling business often the music and trons refletc the character being portrayed and often help create some emotion or feeling towars the character in question.


In the 1990s WWE started to release such cds with wrestlers entrance themes on and since then we've ahd some excellent themes cd such as the excellent Anthology CD. But a lot fo themes are usually available on t'internet for private listening and everybody seems to have a favourite theme or whatnot.


As a huge fan of all things Music and Video related i often sit and listen to my theme collection or watch some titan trons


so what i have to ask is the following, What is your favourite:::


Titan tron-

Promo theme (if you know any)

3 Wrestlers Themes


Heres mine


titan tron- The Rocks Hollywood tron, the start was just excellent and the rest was classic rock heel stuff


Promo theme- trailblazing-used at start of wmx8 and wm xix- or full force which is la resistances theme but was used for promos before


Top3 Wrestlers Themes


3. Rockabilly- Billy Gunn as the funniest character he has ever been teaming up with Honkey Tonk Man, Rockabillies all i really want

2. Sean O'Haire- Come on by Waterproof Blonde- not the most used or most famous but probably the best theme ever used in WWE ever, also going to be my entrance theme when i start

1. TNA Jeff Jarrett My World Remix- The greatest Theme ever made anywehere, fantastic lyrics , rifts, start and beats, it has it all

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Well, i do like Mick Foley's entrance video. The start with the crashing car, then it shows various bits of his career (Hell In A Cell, various commish skits etc etc), definitley one of the best.

As for promo themes my favourite (if i understand it right) is the Drowning Pool track they used at Mania XX.

Entrance themes are a different matter, there have been so many over the years that it is hard to decide on three specific ones, but i will just note down the first three that come to my head. so in no particular order:

Triple H = The Game (performed by Motorhead)

Goldbergs original theme entitled "Invasion"

Shane Douglas' theme from WCW/ECW (the intro/song Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple)

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This ones easy dudes!


1. Chopin Piano Sonata No.2 in B Flat Minor. 'Taker's Funeral March. Dong! Gives me and just about everyone else chills.

2. Promo Themes more Difficult but here goes... AC/DC Highway to Hell, all time classic rock track.

3. My Sacrifice by Creed... pure spine tingling with all the guys giving their little talks.

4. Lonely Road of Faith by KidRock, when the nWo came back to Vince, just love that song.

5. Used to also love Jake the Snakes intro. Cool.




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Titan tron - nWo (I think that's mainly down to the black and white screen though)

Promo theme (if you know any) - So many to choose. Lonely Road of Faith, My Sacrifice, My Immortal, Beautiful Day....

3 Wrestlers Themes


3. D-X Theme

2. Our Lady Peace - Whatever (Benoit)

1. You Look So Good To Me (Billy & Chuck) :D

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yeah promo themes are technically themes to build up matches and also the ppv themes so yes they can be included, theres plenty of great wrestlers themes, i myself have i think its over 300 themes now from wwe, wcw and TNA. that collection still grows altho i think Jim Johnstons work on wwe themes is going down a bit
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um i dont wanna plug or anything but i have the Aj Styles theme and would be very willing to send it you if you add me to msn check my profile it should be there


could you PLEASE do the same for me? I love both both versions (straight rock, and his current with the hip hop beat).


Original DX music


McMahon-Helmsly music when they were first together


the Corporate-Ministry's music. It is soooo overlooked and i can't find it anywhere.


Rock's Holywood music.


3 Live Kru's music and tron. both are hilarious


Jarret's "My World"


X-Factors music


X-Pac's original music. he was the only one in 2nd DX that had his own music.


RVD's ECW theme


in ECW when Nova used "Intergalactic"


Bret Hart's WWF theme


New Age Outlaws "Oh You didn't know"


Jeff Jarret's "I Hate Rap" in WCW. It always cracked me up, a group of rednecks never fail to amuse me.


Sandman's "Enter Sandman" from Metallica


Sting's Metallica theme music.


Billy Kidman's WCW music


Chris Benoit's WCW music


Eddie's WCW theme that Chavo now uses


The Filthy Animals entire entrance was tight with the screen in front of the stage that showed their shadows and the music was awesome.


My all time favorite promo was "Highway to Hell". The music was a perfect fit for that summerslam. Was Austine-Taker orAustin-Kane. Either way it fitted beutifully

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The track is called "Winds of Change".


i am afraid that you are wrong Trashmaster, "Winds of change" is part of a line in the song, but it isnt the title, Spiritchser was spot on when he said

No its not it's called The Lonely Road of Faith, it's Track Number Seven on KidRock's Cocky Album. Check you know I'm right.





The song was used as the theme to the WWF/E desire video, not each wrestlers individual ones, just the main one which was used before shows that included footage of Andre, Owen, Davey Boy, many of the old stars, some WCW/NWO footage, and current WWE footage. It was a heartwarming video package which i would love to get hold of, but as far as i know it didnt make it onto any of the WWE's DVDs. In fact it was worthy of a thread here a while ago, check this thread:



PS sorry bout the mix up f2k :oops

Edited by Alan
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Original DX music- available on anthology


McMahon-Helmsly music when they were first together-available on anthology and wwf music vol4


the Corporate-Ministry's music. It is soooo overlooked and i can't find it anywhere.-available on anthology


Rock's Holywood music.-not available to buy, i have it tho


3 Live Kru's music and tron. both are hilarious-bloody hard to find


Jarret's "My World"-which version all pretty much the same but has had 5 variations


X-Factors music- which one?


X-Pac's original music. he was the only one in 2nd DX that had his own music.

available on wwf the music volume 3


Bret Hart's WWF theme-anthology


New Age Outlaws "Oh You didn't know"-anthology and wwf music vol3


Jeff Jarret's "I Hate Rap" in WCW. It always cracked me up, a group of rednecks never fail to amuse me.-curt hennings i hate rap i hink was ont he mayhem cd


Billy Kidman's WCW music-i have, cant buy


Eddie's WCW theme that Chavo now uses-um i have it says La Rasa at the start-classic again not to buy



thats a list of where u might be able to get them from if u need them, and i didnt quote the song title alanjp

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