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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #66 - (Column: Urning Power of Paul Heyman)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

- Issue #66 - 22nd June 2004



Hey, I guess I'm back. Been a few busy weeks for me, but hopefully this is me back for good. A big thank you to Chris2K for covering me last week, he did a fantastic job. England advancing in Euro 2004, Henmania starts up again, things are calming down in the Big Brother house and oh the wrestling world is still alive too you know! We are back, feeding you with the wrestling goodness that you know and love with a passion.


I just want to wish goodluck to UKScene columnist Adam Sibley who is over in America for the next few months! I have got to know Adam pretty well and he is a great guy. We did a few interviews with each other which were good fun. His column was always a delight to read and this guy deserves all the praise he can get, but dont worry, he'll be back in September. Take it easy bud!


- Pabster

Newsletter Editor



General Knowledge Team Quiz



Talk Wrestling Online will be 4 years old on Friday 25th June 2004, to celebrate there will be a general knowledge team quiz in the chatrooms.


The quiz will take place THIS FRIDAY at 8pm (UK time)


Click here for all the info


Also look out for a special Birthday edition of the newsletter on Friday :xyx



PPV Quiz and Chat



As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. Head over to the TWO chatroom at 8.00pm to enter our highly popular quiz, with your host Colin!. Then from 9pm until 1am, why not stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier.


WWE Great American Bash 2004 Quiz and Chat

Sunday 27th June

(UK Times)


Quiz: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Chat: 9pm - 1am


For more info see:



The prediction league will be carrying on as normal, so look out for the thread on the US Scene forum in the next few days.



New @ Wrestling 101



- CZW Best of the Best 4 Preview (By Trinity)


- NOAH Navigate for Evolution 2003 Review (By Christopher Locke)


- TAT: The Ultimate Job...Ever? (By Boyo)


- UK Scene #127 (By Adam Sibley)


- Sovereign Championship Wrestling Roundtable Interview #3 (By Adam Sibley)


- ST: Wrestling personalities and fan symbiosis (By Saracen)


- TAT: WWE Bad Blood 2004 Thoughts (By Boyo)


- T3C: FWA Carpe Diem 2004 Preview (By Stephen Ashfield)



Forum Focus Special



In the week that Chavo Sr. was fired by the WWE after no showing two house shows, the self proclaimed "highlight of TWO" shark25 posted the news and this is what the people who replied to him, thought of it...


This is a shenanigan! He's about the only thing on Smackdown! that's worth watching these days (except his brother). It might not be such bad news though, we might get a proper cruiserweight division now. We also might get monkeys flying out of JBL's ass. - Realistic Russ giving his opinion on the future of the cruiserweight division in the WWE.


I worry about the CW division now. The WWE tainted it with Jackie, tried to try something different with the Chavo Classic storyline to cover over the hole left by Jackie and now they've left that in midprogress. Mysterio needs a big fued with someone to get that title over big time, or the old fashioned tourny. Chavo Jnr will hopefully be the guy to feud as the fallout of this but once again it gives the ball back to the WWE to get this CW division up to scratch.....meaning they'll dump it on Velocity and Jnr will probs be dumped as a trainer. - Those are the words of Clarkey


Shame that some of the fall out and heat will land on Chavo Jnr... - Evil Gringo could be right, I mean this is the WWE we are talking about here.


I think Uncle Eddie will help Chavo to the point where not a lot of heat will hit the young Chavo. - Shark25 comes to the rescue...hopefully!


I think a tournament is a good idea. A big ass one with all the cruisers in won in the end by Paul London - stereoscene, we wish.



Forum Threads of the Week





THE POLITICS OF IT ALL - F2K bags this week's Thread of the week with a cracking thread on politics within the WWE, on how it is killing the WWE and many members replied with high quality replies. Great stuff!




REGRETS - Cactus Jack wins Thread of the Week!


His thread about regrets that TWO members may possible hold, proved to be a huge success and which made for a real entertaining read. Keep it up Jacko!



TWO Member of the Week



Who is TWO Member of the Week?


Very very busy week on the TWO Forums. Normally the Summer is a quiet time but the boards are buzzing at the moment which is good to see. Plenty of quality posts on the forum this week but the member who stood above the rest for this past week is...Cactus Jack. Really in great form at the moment, starting up really impressive threads and adding his interesting opinions to certain threads. Cactus Jack is TWO Member of the Week.



Win - Showdown: Legends of Wrestling for the PS2





For your chance to win 1 of 10 PS2 copies of the game see: Showdown: Legends of Wrestling




US News - by Pabster



WWE News


A lot of readers are wondering what was behind the Shawn Michaels angle on RAW, whether it was an angle to set him up for some time off. Well, there has been a lot of talk of HBK taking some time off after Bad Blood to spend time with his wife, who is preparing to give birth to a child soon. We’ve also learned that Michaels has signed a one year extension with WWE so he will be back with the company soon. From the way things went down last night, he may be back for a program with Kane leading into SummerSlam.


Triple H will not be taking a leave of absence to shoot his film. The film crew has run into some problems, and since there is no rush to release the film, which is being produced by WWE, the company is taking their time to think things over.


Bradshaw has posted his latest column on wwe.com. In the column he talks about how he delivered at the Judgement Day PPV and explains how when he previously ripped on the internet, he meant the people who run wrestling sites and report on the business….not the internet as a concept. However, he neglected to comment on his actions at the Munich, Germany show which resulted in his losing the CNBC job.


As the RAW roster heads into Miami, FL next week for RAW, it looks like The Rock will likely be on hand. Rock has said he would most likely be at the show since his schedule will allow it next week. With the way they set up the Eugene / HHH match last night, it would be the perfect opportunity to bring Rock out after HHH turns on Eugene or is in the midst of demolishing him.


Chavo Guerrero Sr., known as Chavo Classic in the past months, was informed this afternoon that he would be released from World Wrestling Entertainment. Management became frustrated with him rejecting storyline ideas that would add more humor into the broadcasts. Guerrero was frustrated with the management because he felt they wanted to humiliate him. One of the ideas the management had for him was to parade around on TV in women’s underwear. This past weekend, Guerrero was a no-show for two Smackdown house shows.


Last week's RAW scored a 3.6 rating, which is up from the 3.4 the show drew a week ago. The highest rated segment on the show was Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel, also featuring Triple H and Eugene, which did a 4.2 rating. The main event drew a 3.7 rating, but with the extended overrun, it fell to a 3.5 rating by the time RAW ended.


Word has it that Edge and Chris Benoit will be headlining next month’s RAW pay-per-view, SummerSlam. But with nothing showing any evidence of that happening on TV, there is a chance that the main event will change. It appears as WWE will build a program to have Triple H challenge Chris Benoit for the World Championship at SummerSlam.


As Brock Lesnar’s quest to be signed to a NFL contract continues, more newspapers have picked up the story and are providing updates including the Baltimore Sun, Buffalo News, and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


There seems to still be mixed feelings in the Smackdown locker room regarding the Undertaker. While some resent his no-selling style, part-time schedule, and not performing any meaningful jobs to help elevate others, others have welcomed him back with open arms. They seem to feel that his presence alone is a morale boost. He has also come in early or stayed late to help those who have asked his advice and for assistance.


This past Thursday, Smackdown! did a 3.0 rating.


WWE has sent out e-mails notifying the fans of a change in their upcoming 6/26 Madison Square Garden show. Shawn Michaels was orginally going to face off against Triple H in a New York City street fight, but that has since been changed to a match between Chris Benoit & Triple H. Also included on the card is Randy Orton vs Edge.


Rico suffered a hamstring injury on Smackdown. The extent of the injury is not known.


Rikishi remains sidelined with his bad ankle and there is no timetable for his return as of time of press.


Ric Flair was put in the main event this weekend at the RAW house shows because they were in Charlotte, NC. Flair always gets a big reaction in his home state and this time it was no different.


This weekend Tajiri was back with RAW at the house show’s. He had taken some time off to spend with his family.


South Carolina’s Times and Democrat newspaper is reporting that Shelton Benjamin suffered a fractured hand this week at RAW. He suffered it in his match with Garrison Cade in which he accidently hit Cade’s knee brace. According to the article,


Benjamin will be out for an “undisclosed period” of time.




Steve Austin has opted not to work for Dream stage Entertainment in Japan even though he has received a lucrative offer from the promotion. Apparently, Austin is worried that if he can’t draw in Japan, it will end up hurting him where possible future negotiations with WWE are concerned.


On the other hand, Goldberg continues to work for Dream Stage Entertainment and it doesn’t look like he will be returning to WWE anytime soon and perhaps not ever.


That's it for this week, hope you enjoyed it!


Thanks to PWI/Torch.





UK News - by Goldy



Hi, welcome to this week's UK Scene news! With lots of news and results for you.


Before I begin though I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge big

thank you to TWO's resident UK Scene columnist Adam Sibley. Adam is going to Connecticut to work for the summer meaning that sadly he will be handing over the reigns of his column to me and Saracen until he gets back.


He and his column will be sadly missed, as this said column was one of the highlights of my week, keeping me up to date on all the latest news and gossip from the world of UK wrestling. He doesn't know this but his weekly column was the first thing I ever read on UK wrestling, this was going back a few years when Internet access was limited to the library for me and I didn't know of any other UK scene news sites or anything.


Through Adam I found out so much about the UK scene that currently existed and most of all he was so enthusiastic being a fan first and foremost that he inspired myself and probably many others to get off our backsides and see for ourselves what UK wrestling was all about. I'm pretty confident that Adam helped the UK scene grow to what it is today, after all he did spearhead the 'Get UK wrestling back on our TV screens' which did eventually happen! We at Wrestling101 and Talk Wrestling Online would like to wish you, Adam, a safe trip and a wonderful summer, even if you do have to work!! I hope you have a well deserved break and continue your interest in wrestling, good luck and thank you so very much.


Now onto this weeks show results...


EWF - Bognor Regis - 11/06/04

  • Phil Hyde def Skeletor
  • Phil Powers def Flaming Red
  • 'Rowdy' Ricky Knight def Hot Stuff
  • Jade & Skye def Erin Angel & Karl Fury
  • Ashe def Frankie Sloan
  • Hot Stuff won the Over The Top Rumble.

EWF - Kent - 12/06/04

  • Phil Hyde def Skeletor
  • Tony Sefton def Ashley Reed
  • 'Rowdy' Ricky Knight def Hot Stuff
  • Joe Riot & Peter Nixon/ w Venus def Scooby & Tom Demorey
  • Phil Powers def Ashe
  • Hot Stuff won the Royal Rumble.

RBW - Lincolnshire - 12/06/04

  • "Misfit" Jorge Castano def Shabbaz
  • Ghloom def Marc Mignot
  • Chucky def "MTX" Jem Brown
  • "Wildcat" Robbie Brookside def Majik
  • Keith Myatt & S.C Supreme def Bubblegum & Rainz
  • Ghloom won a Battle Royal.

RBW - Enfield -19/06/04

  • Evan Gallows def Dave Maverick
  • Sammy Ray © def J.C Thunder (British Welterweight Championship)
  • "The Gift" Ross Jordan & Chris Wyld def "Golden Boy" Cameron Knite & Eamon O'Neil
  • Stixx def "Wildcat" Robbie Brookside
  • J.C Thunder, Chris Wyld & "The Gift" Ross Jordan def Sammy Ray, "Golden Boy" Cameron Knite & Eamon O'Neil.

FWA, Carpe Diem - Brent - 18/06/04

  • Mark Sloan def Aviv Maayan
  • Mal Sanders def Steve Grey (2-1)
  • Jane Child's was the person who put the bounty on Nikita. Sweet Saraya then hit the ring to collect the bounty on Nikita's head.
  • Low-Ki def James Tighe via a knockout
  • Simmonz def Burchill by count-out after Drew MacDonald attacked Burchill with a chair.
  • Flash Barker retired to the applause of the great crowd at the Brent Town Hall
  • STD def Ross Jordan and Paul Travell
  • Doug Williams def The Zebra Kid (after Ricky Knight interfered).



The fall out from Carpe Diem now affects the FWA live in Morecambe.

Due to continuing problems with his shoulder injury, FWA management have decided to change the stipulation for Doug Williams ' FWA Heavyweight Title defense at FWA Live in Morecambe next Saturday June 26th. Doug will now put his belt on the line in a three-way against Zebra Kid and James Tighe. In addition to this awesome main event, the feud between 'The Showstealer' Alex Shane and Jack Xavier will be settled once and for all on June 26 when they battle it out in a Falls Count Anywhere In Morecambe match.


The show will also feature FWA Unsigned action featuring some of the brightest up-and-coming talent on the UK scene with Carpe Diem again leading to a slight twist in the originally scheduled matches.


The other FWA Unsigned match should be a high-risk affair pitting two known

flyers against each other. Spud and 'The Golden Boy' Cameron Knite. Spud

impressed on his full FWA show debut on April 9th in Bolton and stole Match of

the Night honors at FWA Unsigned One the following day. Making his full FWA

debut, his opponent Cameron Knite is a daredevil who is excitement personified. Paul Burchill will also be on the card.


Doors open at 7pm on Saturday June 26 and the show starts at 7.30pm. Check out http://www.wrestlingx.com for the latest news and a special Morecambe page for ticket details. The box office is 01524 582803. Tickets will also be available on the door.


WrestleBlast V


September 25th in Tilburg (the Netherlands)

Address: Music stage '013' , Veemarktstraat 44.

Show starts at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 6:45 p.m. Bar is available.

Tickets vary from 10 Euro to 35 Euro and can be ordered by mailing

wb.burg@hccnet.nl ( mailto:wb.burg@hccnet.nl ) or be bought at the door.


Booked wrestlers include: Flatliner, Dominator and the UK Pitbulls, all from

the UK. Bernard van Damme, former WWF/ ECW wrestler Salvatore Bellomo, SteveTaurus, Bas van Kunder, Mot van Kunder, Mad Cow, Tremendous Sitoci, World Champion freefight Rodney Faverus and many more.




The WAW Championship Committee has today announced the following matches for the first show at the Atlantis Resort in Great Yarmouth on Monday, 26th July.


In a battle of the veterans, "Rowdy" Ricky Knight will be going up against current Cruiserweight Champion "The Tattooed Warrior" Steve Quintain. "Gentleman" Jimmy Ocean will be facing his former student and current Eastern Counties Champion Hot Stuff. In the first round of the Atlantis Cup tournament, The Kraft will be facing his old foe Rock Weiler, while rookie Karl Kragious will be facing "The Dark Angel" Ashe. In a match for the vacant WAW Tag-Team Championship, the U.K.Pitbull's will face the New Breed in a best of three falls contest, fought over a one hour time limit.


Keep an eye on the WAW website and fan forum at http://www.wawrestling.co.uk for further details.


WAW this week announced details of their Summer Sizzler 2004 show at the

Atlantis Resort, Great Yarmouth, on Monday, 2nd August 2004. The Zebra Kid will be defending his WAW British Championship against Paul Tyrell, in a traditional British-style match, best of three falls, over ten three minute rounds.


Former WWF Superstar Jake "The Snake" Roberts will be renewing his long-standing rivalry with "Flying" Phil Powers. Plus a women's tag-team challenge, veterans Sweet Saraya & "Naughty" Nikki Best will be taking on

promising rookies Destiny & Erin Angel.


For ticket information, log onto http://www.atlantisresort.co.uk or





United Kingdom Pro Wrestling recently announced that a video compilation would soon be available, comprised of the raw footage recorded at recent events. The video, entitled "UKPW Raw Action", will be available to buy at UKPW's upcoming event on Thursday June 24th as well as online at http://www.ukpw.com .


As a special offer, UKPW are currently offering a pre-order price of just £6.99 (including postage and packaging) for those wishing to purchase the video online. Online payment can be made via PayPal and all major debit and credit cards are accepted.


This offer ends on June 24th 2004 when the video will be available to purchase at it's normal selling price of £8.99. However, UKPW Raw Action will be available for only £5.99 at the UKPW event taking place in Hackney, London that day.


UKPW returns to London on Thursday June 24th 2004. Matches have now been announced and are as follows:


Ethan 'The Heat' Hayze vs Kid Regis

Marcus 'The Toad' Hiscott vs Chris Wyld

'The Atomic Ant' Anton Green vs 'The European Icon' Andrew Coyne

Main Event: 6 Man Tag - Ethan Hayze & The Green Machine vs Andrew Coyne, Chris

Wyld & Kid Regis.


Following the earlier singles bouts, all six men will return to the ring in a

six man tag match. This promises to be an action packed contest and will likely prove to be the battleground where grudges (which are likely to be furthered that night) will either be settled or intensify much further.


Plus a new tag team will be introduced, comprised of two young, talented

wrestlers from the current UKPW roster. Card subject to change. The event

details are as follows:

Date: Thursday 24th June 2004



Nye Bevan Community Hall

107 Nye Bevan Estate,

Overbury Street,


London. E5


Ticket Prices: Adult - £6.00, Children/OAP - £4.00 and Ringside £7.00. Tickets will be available on the door or online at http://www.ukpw.com. Doors open at 5:30pm for an 6:00pm start.


For more information on UKPW, please visit:http://www.ukpw.com.


NWA UK Hammerlock


NWA UK Hammerlock held a sell out live event at the Cathay's Community Centre, near the city centre of Cardiff, Wales on Saturday the 5th of June, the show was well received by all in attendance.


Featured in the show were some of the Hammerlock established wrestlers such as Tank, Paul Vault, Danny Garnell, Exodus, Kurupt, Danny Williams, David Deville & Devilman, in addition there was a team of five representing NWA Ireland lead by Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey, a team from Midlands Pro Wrestling lead by Psycho Steve and eight of the trainees from Hammerlocks Welsh training facility made their debut on the show.


Hammerlock will return to Cathay's Community Centre with another live event soon, in the mean time training sessions take place at the centre on the first Sunday of every month from 12 noon until 3.30pm.


Their official website is : http://www.hammerlockwrestling.com or you can email nwauk@hammerlockwrestling.com.


You can next catch NWA UK Hammerlock in action on Saturday 24th at 8pm at the Sheppey Leisure Centre, Sheerness, Kent. NWA UK vs NWA Ireland including a massive 30 man Rumble and a King Of The Ring tournament. For advance tickets sales please call the Box office on





In good news for Scotland, BCW are bringing the best line up of wrestling superstars ever to appear there outside of a WWE ring for a three night summer extravaganza.


Marty Jannety known as one half of WWF tag team 'The Rockers' is due to take on one of the BCW talent. Another Superstar appearing on the show is 'The Honkey Tonk Man', BCW wrestlers have all requested to go up against this man. Also appearing on the card will be D.O.A.,'The Govner' Carl Conroy, Iceman, Stevie Lynn and Doug Williams as well as many more.


Dates for this three day extravaganza are:


Friday 25th June - Grand Hall, Palace Theater, Kilmarnock - 01563 554 900

Saturday 26th June - Carluke District Hall, Carnwath Road, - 01555 772 501

Sunday 27th June - Ballerup Hall, East Kirkbride, - 0783 3535 840.




On August 7th, BWC are staging their 'Inaugural Monday Massacre Taping' featuring plenty of top wrestling talent including Raven, Gangrel, Jake Roberts, Amazing Red, Stixx, Ross Jordan, MTX, Scorpio, David Flair and.. The Halifax Xtra Ad guys v's Zippy & Bungle!!!


This huge event takes place at the Kanvesmire Indoor Arena, in York.

For ticket details phone 01904 642863. Ringside costs £15, Standard £10, Balcony

£8.50, under 14's and OAPs £7. Or you can also email davemagillr@aol.com and for

any more information visit http://www.bloodsportwrestling.tk .




FCW this week present two shows, the first being on Friday 25th June at The

Collingwood Centre in Great Barr, followed by their next monthly show back at

the Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal on Sunday 27th of June which I will be attending.


The Great Barr show on Friday features the following matches:

Laken Xander/Spud vs "Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil/"SOTN" Rob Hunter

A-Star Athlete vs Spindoctor

Marc Hogan vs BB Steele

Morales vs The Judge vs Cameron Knite

The Party Boys vs Devils Advocate

Tickets cost £5 each or a "Family Pass" for 4 persons cost just £17, email

tickets@futurewrestling.co.uk for details.


K Star


KSW Academy are putting on a show to put their students through their paces on 26th June 2004.


KSW invite you to come along and see potential workers like KSW Academy champion Skull, Saracen, Karaoke King, Marcus Kool and Corey Americana.


At £2 for entrance, it is a cheap night's entertainment, so pop along for some fun moments. The gym is located at: 54 college road, Perry Bar.


Easy access from Birmingham on the 33 and 34 buses and Sutton Colfield on the 107 bus. Doors open at 6pm.




Finally The BAFTA award winning Channel 4 observational documentary series Wife Swap – is looking to find outgoing and fun wrestling parents and/or families who might want to apply for the show.


The programme works by two families exchanging mums for ten days. It offers the chance to walk in someone else's shoes and to see how another family does things. In addition, it offers the potential to have a positive effect on another family.


The series offers some amazing publicity opportunities with over 7 million

people watching the last series.


If anyone is interested in applying for the show, please contact Kam and he will pass on the relevant details.


That's everything for this week, don't forget to check out Wrestling 101's UK

Scene section for all the latest news, also up is Adam Sibley's last column, one from the heart, as well as his third installment of the round table interview

with SCW. Not forgetting Saracen's latest Tennant and also Steven Ashfields

preview of the FWAs carpe Diem show, time to see if he was right!


Thank you for reading.





TWO Newsletter Main Event

The urning power of Paul Heyman - By Stephen Ashfield



It didn't take long did it? Just a few weeks into the latest re-incarnation of The Undertaker (part dead man, part biker, total no-seller) and already his storyline is being dominated by the urn.


Poor old Paul Bearer gets put in the trunk of the Dudley Boys car (FOR SALE: Car with knackered suspension). They hold him hostage and can't wait to get rid of him because the food bills are getting rather excessive. But of course Paul Heyman has that all important brass urn (used to be gold but the buy-rates are down) and as a result he now has power over The Undertaker.


But why? When Undi was doing his demonic act in the Ministry he didn't need an urn, just some wood and nails for the weekly crucifixion. I mean hasn't this guy worked out he should look after the urn himself, that Paul Bearer is just so careless with it. Remember the long-running storyline with The Million Dollar Man, King Kong Bundy, IRS and Kama. That ended with the urn turned into a chain, so how did it get back to being an urn then? Then again storylines never make sense do they? What about Kurt Angle and that plaster cast? How does he get those trousers on and off, and is he just trying to be the next Blofeld?


Anyway back to the current storyline. Heyman threatens to fill a crypt with cement and kill Paul Bearer if Undi doesn't do what he says. Great. Murder on a PPV. This is just so predicatable.


Undi's return as the Dead man just hasn't worked for me. There's the terrible costume, the fact the Kane feud consisted of just one match and then Booker T. Why all that voodoo crap when it never worked? Why was Undi in that grave? Did Sara kick him out of bed or has he forgotten that Buffy has finished?


The whole entrance and rolling eyes gimmick is going to get tired pretty soon. He needs a proper opponent and a good storyline, Mordecai for example? Will he turn heel? Possibly and then he could feud with Eddie perhaps. Something has to be sorted out quick and we don't need stupid storylines.


Anyway more from me next week, in the meantime don't forget to subscribe for 'Piledriver' my new fanzine out in August. I now have well over 20 writers and this week Klondyke Kate has been in touch wanting to write for the fanzine. 12 editions and 52 email newsletters for £15 is great value. Email me at mageditoruk@yahoo.co.uk for more details.








Thank you to all who contributed to the newsletter this week, it is much appreciated. You guys rule! Well done to F2K and Cactus Jack and winning Thread(s) of the Week. Also, a big thumbs upto Cactus Jack who became Member of the Week also.


Finally, the TWO Newsletter wishes Adam Sibley all the best. Thank you everyone and hopefully, I will see you next week!


US Scene News - Pabster

UK Scene News - Goldy

TWO Newsletter Main Event - By Stephen Ashfield




Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the Internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


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Cheers for the accolades :xyx


Anyway, am I the only one not receiving this through email? I haven't had it through email for about a month now; can and one check that I'm on the list?


Check in your control panel that the "receive emails from admin" option is set to "yes", also check to see you have a current email address listed.


If those are correct, it could probably be a spam function on your email provider side meaning it deletes the emails as it thinks they are spam!

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Check in your control panel that the "receive emails from admin" option is set to "yes", also check to see you have a current email address listed.


If those are correct, it could probably be a spam function on your email provider side meaning it deletes the emails as it thinks they are spam!



My options are set to "yes", and as far as I'm aware, I don't have any spam filters.

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Excellant newsletter.

Its good to see the US, WWE news is back up to standard.

Always makes for a good read.


Gee, Do I take it I should not bother covering the US news next time?:)



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