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***Official Raw Thread - 21st June 2004***


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June 21, 2004


The game may finally be up for Eugene this week on RAW. After compounding a truly astounding streak of Monday night perfection with a pay-per-view win at Bad Blood, Eugene squares off against new “friend” Triple H in Miami. By luring Eugene into his good graces, the Cerebral Assassin may have set his opponent up for a hard fall. Watch to find out if William Regal’s disciple will execute another winning game plan.


There should be further word on the condition of Shawn Michaels after Kane’s brutal and graphic attack. What will be the fallout from the Big Red Machine's Nutter Center rampage?


Lita seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders following the positive result of her pregnancy test. Tune in (9/8 CT on Spike TV) to find out if she’s talked to Matt Hardy yet … and why Lita was anything but celebrating the news last week on RAW.

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- TAT: The Ultimate Job...Ever? (By Boyo)

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Footage is shown from last week when HHH and Eugene met up at Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. Tonight the two will go one on one and if HHH wins he will be the number one contender for the WWE title.


JR and the King welcome us and tell us that tonight we will see HHH vs. Eugene. Footage is shown of HBK after last week's beating and tonight we will have an update.


If you smeeeellllllll: What The Rock is cooking! The first person to come out on stage is none other than The Rock! The people go crazy as The Rock makes his way to the ring! The Rock is a former Hurricane player and the fans of Miami know it! The Rock gets on the mic as he looks ready to electrify! Before he can say a word millions of "Rocky" chants hit the arena. The Rock does his "finally" deal and instead of saying Miami he says "home," which gets a giant pop from the crowd. He works the crowd for a bit more and he said that his family is in the front row. He says "Check out my hot ass wife." The Rock also says he has a couple of buddies sitting ringside. He introduces Zach Thomas, #54 for the Miami Dolphins. He also introduces some of the Miami Hurricanes and Jason Taylor #99 for the Dolphins. The Rock goes on to roast the two pro football players a bit as the crowd eats it right up. He says Jason Taylor makes 20 million a year and still calls him collect.


As The Rock moves on to say he has another friend in eugene, Orton hits the ring to say a few things to The Rock, who happens to be a legend! Orton says that Eugene is not here because he is with his new found friend Eugene and he is taking him to the arena personally. Orton goes to say something to The Rock but the "asshole" chants start. He says that they have never really had a chance to talk. He then talks about Evolution's victory at WrestleMania 20.


Randy goes on to tell The Rock that he is old news and that Randy Orton is new news. The Rock rebuttals by telling Randy Orton that the fans are right by calling him an asshole. The Rock then starts to talk about how his ancestors whipped the crap out of Randy's and how Randy's momma and grand momma got their lips slapped right off their face by his momma and grand momma. Randy Orton says that The Rock can listen to all these people but they know deep down that Randy Orton is the man. The Rock says it goes even further back as kids when The Rock met him and he was playing with my little pony. He went on to mock Randy badly and then said that Randy ran away when they were kid and Mr. Orton said "don't make fun of my son, one day he will be great." The Rock said he told Mr. Orton that one day he will whip his sons little ass! The two are about to go at it but Randy says he has a match tonight and he is in his suit not ready to fight. The Rock says that the people may not see them fight TODAY, but they will see them fight TONIGHT. The Rock gives Orton about 5 right hands and then does the spit fisted punch to knock Randy over the top rope.


The Rock throws the belt out of the ring and as Randy is getting up Eric Bischoff comes out and says that The Rock cannot jeopardize anything tonight. Eric Bischoff kicks him out. The Rock grabs a mic and starts to leave with the mic. He makes some awesome jokes on the way to the back. He says that Eric Bischoff throws of all people, THE ROCK out tonight? No wonder WCW failed he says. He then runs into Trish and Tyson and tells Trish to stop looking at his package. He then tells Tyson to stop looking but he ejnoys his show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He runs into Molly Holly and shakes her hand then pulls her wig off and throws in on a security guard. He runs into Rosey and The Hurricane and he throws a few jokes their way as well. He then sees the Coach who is laughing. He starts talking to the Coach saying that he should chill with the Rock and get some Miami poontang tonight! The Coach goes to high five The Rock but Rock stands him up and leaves. He gets to the end of the arena and starts to talk more but Orton from the ring is on the mic asking for someone to shut the Rock up. The Rock tells Orton that he will feel something big in three seconds. He counts down.. 3,2,1.... we get a shot to the ring where Edge spears Orton! A classic Rock segment indeeed.


Bischoff in the back: Eric tells a security Guard to make sure The Rock does not come back. He then talks to Chris Benoit who comes in. Benoit tries to get Eric to drop the eugene match saying he will give HHH a shot if he wants it. Eric tells Benoit to stay out of it or else he will be thrown out.


Women's title Match

Referee: Chris Kay

Victoria vs. Trish ©

Start of the match:


Victoria starts the match off quickly with a roll up for a two count. She takes Trish down and hits her ass shaking moonsault for a two count. Victoria gets thrown outside but lands on the apron but Trish dropkicks her off the apron into the security railing.


Mid Match Notes:


Trish is in control as she takes down Victoria and tries to mock her by doing the ass shaking moonsault but she takes too long and Victoria rolls her up for a two count. Victoria is in control when she lifts Trish over her head and gives her the tilt a whirl side slam. Trish and Victoria go back and forth a bit but Victoria hits a wicked kick right to Trish's face and she could be knocked out.


End of Match:


Victoria goes to the top rope after the kick and she hits a big moonsault. The ref starts the count but Tyson grabs Trish and pulls her out of the pin. Victoria then looks at Tyson and tries to slap him. When victoria turns around Trish rolls her up and uses the ropes to get a three count and defenjd her title.


Winner and still Women's Champion: Trish Stratus


After the match Trish and Tyson pick on Victoria but a woman comes from the crowd and this woman looks oddly like a man named Steven Richards!


HBK's status:


Footage is shown from last week's incident as HBK was destroyed by Kane. We are told that HBK was released from the hospital but is hurt very badly and we will not see him for a long time.


Regal shows up in Eric's office and he asks Eric why he has not listened to Benoit. Regal argues the fact but Eric says that Eugene has to quit under his own power and that there is no better way to get that job done than to have him beaten like a drum against HHH. Regal tells Eric that he should be ashamed of himself. Eric goes on saying that Regal has done a good job with Eugene and that he is relieved of his duties with Eugene and will now be on the active roster and his first match is coming up NEXT.


One on One Match

Referee: Jack Doan

William Regal vs. Kane


Regal is standing in the ring awaiting his first match in over a year. Kane's music hits and Kane comes to the ring and Regal jumps outside to try and get a quick upper hand. Regal gets some shots in but Kane quickly overpowers him and send his flying in the air down to the hard outside mat. Kane picks Regal up by the throat and throws him off the ropes and Regal bounces back Kane gets a huge big boot on Regal that knocks him out cold. The match never got under way.


Match is a no contest


After the match Kane is in the back asking if that is what Eric wanted. Eric says that is what he wanted and that next week Kane will face Chris Benoit for the world title! Kane says that is great, but he is not done for the night. Bischoff asks him what he means and he walks off laughing.


We get some Diva Search footage and all I can say is that the next diva will be HOT.


Tag Team Match

Referee: Jack Doan

Randy Orton and Batista vs. Edge and Chris Jericho


Start of the Match:


Edge and Orton are about to start but Orton tags Batista. Edge smiles and is up for the challenge. Edge dodges Batista a few times to get in some shots but a third time and Batista is on control with clubbing blows. Orton is tagged and he hits Edge with the European uppercuts. Randy plays the crowd but turns around to get a few shots from Edge who whips him off the ropes and hits him with a big dropkick. The two battle back and forth for a bit until Edge hits a clothesline followed by a suplex for a two count. Batista is tagged back in and he controls Edge in the corner.


Edge is in trouble as Batista starts to overpower him and wear him down. Batista whips Edge to the corner and runs at him but Edge gets a drop toe hold and is able to tag Jericho.


Mid Match Notes:


Jericho comes in with a head of steam as he tries to take Batista down and finally does with a flying forearm. Batista tries to fight back but Jericho works him over with a knee chop after he knocks Orton off the apron. Jericho hits his running knee of the ropes followed by a bulldog and the lionsault. Jericho goes for the pin but Orton breaks it up. All men hit the ring and Jericho and Edge clear the ring! Jericho irish whips Edge to the ropes and he baseball slide kicks Orton and then goes outside to work on him. As Jericho turns around in the ring Batista nails him with a very stiff clothesline to the head. He goes to pick up Jericho but Jericho is not moving. The ref calls for help as Jericho looks unconscious.


When we come back Jericho is not there as he got taken away. During the break the ref gave Edge the option to fight and he agreed to. Orton is in control as he is wearing Edge down with a headlock. Chris Jericho's injury may be legit. Edge starts to fight back as he gets to his feet and rolls Orton up with an inside cradle. Orton however fights back with a clothesline and some more wear down holds.


Orton misses a dropkick and both men look for a tag but obviously Edge has nobody to tag. Batista comes in and lifts Edge up but Edge falls out and hits his falling Edgeomatic. Edge builds up a huge head of steam as he hits several big moves on both men. He stacks them in the corner and shoulder spears them both. Batista goes to the outside and Edge works on Orton and eventually hits him with the spear!


End of the match:


Edge goes to pin Orton but Batista breaks up the count and hits the powerbomb on Edge he is not the legal man though so he leaves. Edge is out much like Jericho was so maybe Jericho was not injured. Orton however picks him up and gives him the RKO anyway to pin him.


Winners: Batista and Randy Orton of Evolution


Matt about to propose?


Stacy is in the back and she runs into Matt and tells him congrats on becoming a father. Matt asks her if she can keep a secret and she says yes. Matt whips out a ring and says that he is going to propose to Lita. Stacy is excited, Matt thanks her for keeping the secret and kisses her on the cheek.


After the Smackdown Rebound A limo shows up with Eugene coming out of it and playing with action figures. HHH and Flair come out of the limo and tell Eugene that tonight he gets to dress in the Evolution locker room. Eugene walks off happy as Flair and HHH says that they are having a lot of fun with this.


Matt hits the ring with a ring!


Matt Hardy comes to the ring and is all smiles as the crowd cheers him on. He says that yesterday we celebrated Father's Day but it had a whole new meaning to him since he will be a daddy. He asks Lita to come out and she does. The two kiss and hold hands as Matt looks into her eyes ready to say something. He says he loves her and she makes him the happiest person in the world. He says he wants to show her how much he loves her. Matt gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring, he grabs her hand and asks her to marry him. Lita is shaking her head in a yes motion when Kane comes on the titan tron saying "Liiiiiitaaaaaa, Liiiiiitttttaaa." Kane says Lita should tell Matt something but if she does not want to he will tell him himself. He then tells Matt that the baby Lita is carrying in not Matt's, IT"S HIS. Matt goes nuts on the mic telling Kane to come down and take him on. Kane says if he does not believe him then to ask Lita. Kane dissapears and Lita is crying as Matt is looking at her. She continues to cry as Matt realizes it is true... Matt looks horrified as he cannot believe what he is hearing!


When we come back from break Matt is leaving the arena and Lita is trying to explain that she slept with Kane to protect Matt. Matt is weirded out as Lita says the baby COULD be his. Matt says "Could be mine?" and walks out. Lita drops to the floor crying.


Eugene is in the Evolution locker room as they talk to him about the match. Eugene asks where William Regal is since he likes to go to the ring with him. HHH says Eugene does not need Regal because he is with Evolution now. Eric comes in and wishes eugene luck. HHH gets in his face and tells him that Eugene is with Evolution now and the beating will not happen, he screams at Eric as if he actually likes Eugene. HHH tells Eugene to go get ready so he can finish his conversation with Eric. When Eugene leaves everyone gets a laugh....


Number one contender match (for HHH)

Referee: Michael Chioda

HHH vs. Eugene


Eugene hits the ring and when HHH is called out he gets VERY excited to wrestle his favorite wrestler of all time! HHH calls Eugene out to the apron and allows him to do his taunt with him.


Start of the Match:


The two shake before the match twice and then they lock up and HHH hits a hip lock takeover. He picks eugene up and shakes his hand. HHH goes off the ropes and Eugene hits a hip toss but HHH is a bit pissed off as Eugene helps him up. HHH gets a headlock and a wrist lock but Eugene powers out and throws the Game across the ring. Eugene taunts like Hulk Hogan as HHH watches on. Eugene calls for the test of strength and Eugene over powers him and the Game screams in pain.


Flair gets on the apron and holds his hands up and Eugene thinks he wants to play mercy and Eugene bends his wrists and Flair screams in pain. HHH hits a go behind but Eugene works out of it and hits a back suplex. HHH rolls to the outside as Eugene runs around in the ring as we take a commercial break.


Hunter had the pin after hitting his Pedigree finally, but Eric came out to announce that he did not book the match for Eugene to lose but for Eugene to have the hell beaten out of him. Hunter went to grab a steel chair, and Chris Benoit ran out to make the save. He took out Evolution with a chair, accidentally hitting Eugene in the process. While he attended his fallen friend, Hunter sneaked up and delivered a pedigree. The special young talent and the World Heavyweight Champion were left unconscious at the end of the show, while Evolution celebrated.

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I think it went to a no contest.


I don't know about Jerichos injury being fake, he took a huge clothesline which knocked him down really hard. He may of just had a concussion or something along those lines.



A pretty good Raw though, some parts were questionable tho.



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The reason for Rock's appearance (I'm guessing) was simply because the show was in his hometown of Miami Florida. His family was in attendance in the front row. The show was fairly good overall, but I must stress on the terrible acting of Matt Hardy. How bad is this guy? Makes the whole storyline a joke - as if it wasn't one already.
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