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My thoughts on Eugene.


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Whilst I was at first amused by Eugene, I have found myself rooting for him each and every week, and now with his battle against H3 in the offing, I will shout myself hoarse. It may be just me but since H3 almost destroyed the Raw title by greedily hanging on to it for dear life, it seems he may now be willing to put over the younger up and comers as Vince has obviously instructed him to do...for the good of the business Jean-Paul. :xyx


Thus, we have the beginnings of something exciting about to happen on Raw. I'm afraid, however that there is very little that we haven't seen in one shape or other over the years that hasn't been played out, Bobby Heenan said it best when he said that the magic of wrestling is over, because they told the audience how they do their tricks. He has a valid point but, I think the one thing he missed was that the fans still kept cheering :worship .


Now, I can see the stirrings of good storytelling about to move through the ether again, and it must come at the hands of the older guys who where taught how to wrestle/rassle through telling their story and making a crowd root for you, down to making them wince when you are hit hardest :eek . I still wince when I watch how Shawn Michaels gave 'Taker a piledriver onto the steel steps in the first Hell in the Cell, because I thoroughly believed that Shawn was doing everything within his power to survive The Deadman's onslaught. :help


It is this magic that Bobby Heenan was refering to, but it is re-emerging in this rather twisted way with the Eugene Character and storyline surrounding him, Eric, his flesh and blood, and Evil Uncle is as you all know is trying to remove Eugene and against all the odds Eugene is defying him, and to make things even better, he is doing it unwittingly, :oops almost like a childlike Steve Austin, who no matter what Vince threw at him just kept winning, and winning, but knew exactly what he was doing.


I think we cheer for Eugene because we see his inate love of the business and his prodigious talent, almost as his character is portrayed, he has savant qualities and I for one would pay good money to watch him pretend to pee on Jonathan Coachman any day of the week, just for the fairytale and lets hope we get the ending we all want, Eugene lives happily ever after :) and H3 the wicked King :devil gets his just desserts.




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The Eugene story is great because an innocent young (?) man is living his fondest dream. And its an innocent dream, to wrestle and do his best. He is not driven by ego or ambition. He just loves wrestling. That is why Eugene strikes a chord with most fans.


It will work and be great just as long as they don't wander into the realm of bad taste as they have done COUNTLESS times with COUNTLESS stories and situations.


Perhaps we will learn that Eugene is really not "challenged" and that he and Uncle E were in cahoots all along, sneaking Eugene into a world title reign. Maybe Regal was even actually in on the whole thing.


But I hope not. I like Eugene as he is.

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