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SCW Sovereign results,20th june


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.Last nights SCW Sovereign show is in the books and what a show it was! Twists,turns,a major non-appearance and lots of great action!


In brief:


Masked Inferno defeated Latz in a high-flying cruiserweight encounter.


Danny Oxman earned his first SCW victory by pinning G-Force,the brother of Colaminer D. The Coalminers themselves came out to try and help their brother,but too late,the 3 count had already been struck. G-Force left the ring in a severly bad mood.


Kiddysnax,the escaped mental patient, bested Tom Savage,Grell and "Starman" Marc Clark in a four way dance.


In a major shock for all concerned Mayhem was nowhere to be found at show time,so the scheduled tag match did not take place. Instead the Old School Students fought individual opponents.


Old School Student Kevin Stevens defeated "Tough Guy" Barry Malone in Malone's SCW debut when "Demon" Dave Shocker rejoined the "Kevolution".


Former Champion (and reportedly Mayhems proposed "mystery Partner") Samhain battered "Ironman" and Old School Student Lee Coles to get the pin.


Hunters INC. retained their SCW Tag Team Title when G-Force blasted both Colaminers with the Tag Title belt.


In a very strong outing,Northampton promotion UWL staged a very special match pitting UWL Heavyweight Champion M.T.X against U.W.L Submission Champion Shabazz. M.T.X was victorious in a battle which saw M.T.X get his nose broken and lots of high-impact offence from both men.


And in the main event,SCW Heavyweight Champion Carnage defeated his old friend and former tag-team partner Brandon Thomas to retain the belt.

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