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Psychopathic! @ BxW

Guest Psychopathic!

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Guest Psychopathic!

*Official release from Psychopathic! The Pro Wrestling Faction That Runs Beneath The Streets... - http://www.kidkrazy.co.uk *


Thats right folks!

The most hated wrestling group in the UK (if not the world!) will be making their first ever appearance at a wrestling show in England, by invading the debut show of Beyond Xtreme Wrestling.


The show comes live from the Victoria Leisure Centre in Nottingham on Saturday March 23rd 2002. Psychopathic! Will be running with the hatchet causing a craze all over the city that day and airing their opinions especially at the BxW show.


We will not be making publicised events (ie. Advertising appearances.) but you can be sure that Psychopathic! will be roaming the city all day right up until the BxW show where they will be causing a stir just like they did with all other independent promotions in the UK.


For those who don't know the story...


Since 2000, Psychopathic! a gang of rebellious clowns have invaded Independent wrestling shows all over Scotland... Unofficialy might I add. The shows have sucked and Psychopathic! have been there to make it "that much better!". Promoters fled in fear as Psy bombarded the ring with props and signs to take over and put on a good show (well at least for a few minutes before being arrested or thrown out) but those few minutes proved that there was a resistance against crappy wrestling shows in Scotland, Psychopathic! were there to make sure only the people got the best entertainment possible.

Psychopathic! invaded Allstar, Midlands, BWF, WWF-GB, plus the big 3 WWA, WWF & WCW when they came to the UK.


We have been banned from making posts on most sites, so this won't last long either I imagine. Only a select few can handle the "wickid shxt". We have been forced to air our views on forums all over the UK wrestling forums as our site is currently being worked on.... But listen!


Now Psychopathic! are back to make their first invasion appearance in England.... at Beyond Xtreme Wrestling.


Corrupt wrestlers and promoters are making it near impossible for potentially talented people to make it in the wrestling business. Corrupted promoters are giving nothing out to the people who pay to see entertainment, but are receiving sack fulls of cash for their attendance. Corrupted wrestlers are taking power trips and making it tougher for people wanting to join the industry due to jealousy and and most are in denial but don't wish to show it.


They bring the police in to arrest us, when we bring nothing but the truth. We are here to make wrestling better, because of Government they have made Education a total bombscare. Its impossible to get anywhere in society now with the way the Government works our generation. We turn to the sport we love and we get shunned from that. Everywhere we look there is lies, betrayal, bias and more...


Already there has been incidents where promoters have been trying to sabotage our appearances at wrestling shows, simply because they don't want the truth getting out.


Their ways of working are more faker than the industry they supposedly work for and love...


Psychopathic! will be at Beyond Xtreme Wrestling. Not because we have something against them, but to spread the message.


Psychopathic! fans make sure your at BxW to see a glimpse of Psychopathic! & what they represent.... Plus a few special guests to!


Beyond Xtreme Wrestling

Victoria Leisure Centre

March 23rd 2002

Showtime : 7:30pm


or check out the site at http://www.bxw.2ya.com so you can be there.... to see us! :devil


Much Clown Love,



The Pro Wrestling Faction That Runs Beneath The Streets!




The sixth is coming...

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Guest Perfection
Originally posted by Psychopathic!

*Official release from Psychopathic! The Pro Wrestling Faction That Runs Beneath The Streets... - http://www.kidkrazy.co.uk *


Thats right folks!

The most hated wrestling group in the UK (if not the world!) will be making their first ever appearance at a wrestling show in England, by invading the debut show of Beyond Xtreme Wrestling.


A Joke for you,




i care.

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I wish i had the money


I'd pay for this twit to go to nottingham so Iceman could kick his *** all over. I doubt it'd be the first time he'd get beaten about the ring.


Sorry, Iceman,but unfortuneately I can't afford a ticket to the BXW show. However, I will be giving Lil Dick and Superfly some weapons for you to play with.


I'd have but more respect for this pillock if he got off his rear and did some training with a proper promotion. But then he has pi....sorry 'upset' the locals.


I'm inpressed, I even self edited the harsh language from this one. :)



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Fair enough


I'll take your word for it Lee. But could you please ask Mr Krazy there to stop reffeering to his backyarding if he no longer does it. People get the wrong idea. And if your training him he should get very good very quickly. I see no reason not to give some one a chance, hell, even the WWF have got former backyarders (the Hardys) in there roster.


So sorry man.



Edited by Evil_dan
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If being slammed onto barbed wire, on matting, in a park near Dalgetty Bay isn't backyard wrestling then I obviously don't know what is.


Kid Krazy is backyard, he promotes backyard...


Last night, he even said to me "I'm not just backyard!"


So, there it was from the man himself.


Lee, you only know what training Kid Krazy has told you he's done...KK is the King of BS, the Lord Prince Regal of spin and fiction.


I was all for giving him a chance also, but he acted like a complete -----, so sod him!


When the Hardys were offered a genuine chance do you think they decided they'd rather wrestle on mats in a park, I DOUBT IT!

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Guest Psychopathic!

Bla...Bla...Bla...., in the words of the small ninja cartoon guy with the gun who's name I can't remember;


Aaaaaaaaaah Shaaaaaataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp!


Iceman, I should have took up the offer and went on the Trisha Show back there - not just to give my side of the story on Extreme Sports but to put my shoe up your ass and shut your mouth with a baseball bat.... "Can you dig that sucka?"


That way you wouldn't be talking the crap you are right now...


BxW - March 23rd 2002.

No one will be able to stop this invasion. Not security, not wrestlers, not promoters... no-one!


Cyanide, you think your safe sitting behind that little computer screen of yours looking at this screen. But you fail to see that on March 23rd when your in the ring, someone..... some----one! will be in that crowd waiting for the right moment to Invade the ring. Whoever is in the ring at that certain time will be the lucky one to deal with Psychopathic!... If its you, you WILL collect your prize.


Your all talk, no action.

Its time to stop this mockery of the pro wrestling industry. Invading BxW and bringing the show to a halt will be the greatest achievement Psychopathic! will have ever have had.


Its time to stop the corrupted promoters, the wrestlers who are to big for their boots... Its time to give fans what they want!!!

And believe me... They Don't Want YOU! Wasting...their great love for the industry.

We are willing to go to any lengths to make sure BXW is invaded by Psychopathic! The army is beginning to grow...


The Sixth is coming...





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Guest Cyanide

Well gimpazoid, :D bring it, i don't object to kicking your ass all over the place and more:D

I am no where near the same bulid as kk and that evil dan dude, is that who ur on about. i am 11 stones and about 4 lbs not 9 stone

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Could a mod please relax the swearing rules for a while so I can give this ------- loser a piece of my bloody mind.


What bloody corrupt promoters is he on about anyway??? You're talking about a guy who thought he'd made it when he worked for the BWF and that disgrace Shane Rufus Palmer Stephens Foulkes. (Nice car, house and pub by the way Shane...you God damned rip-off merchant. Heard from the Magnum lately?)


The only thing wrong with the UK wrestling industry, in his mind, is that he isn't a part of it. KK, you are a running joke and you don't deserve to be anywhere near a wrestling ring...you aren't even a damned fan.

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Guest Psychopathic!

Kenny your comments are sickening...


You gave me the chance? What by totally taking control of me?


I'm here to be a sports entertainer...not be over-ruled, changed, restricted and powerless. By the way you treated me when we first spoke... It seems Your SCW is a nazi camp!


If the chance is there, I'm going to jump at it like flies on dog shxt!


You gave no chance. You gave 2 options and in either one I had no voice, what kind of choice is that!??


Believe me if there is a chance, Psychopathic!, myself and any person is going to jump at it. But I'm not here to be a pawn...


Not a wrestling fan? That is still sickening me.


Get to BxW and witness the revolution in sports entertainment for at least a few minutes as Psychopathic! bombs the ring of BXW!!!!!!!


No-one can stop us, its too late.

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