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Some graphics of my own


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ok well i saw omen produce that sd vs raw cover and thought id do my own and showcase a few of my own graphics so here goes , im not sure if this will work or not so bare with me, and Credit to Omen for the SD vs RAW psd

















SOME FEEDBACK MIGHT BE NICE lol j'k see what ya think

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SmackDown v RAW: Bit plain. Just looks like random PSDs stuck on a random background. I'd suggest sticking to one wrestler and using a large pose of him as was done with HHH and Brock Lesnar in previous titles. Don't be scared of the blends either. The 'VS' looks bad cas theres a red blend already on it somewhere. Try a small white glow for it.


NWO: Good background and cuts. Only critisism is that the Scott Hall pic looks a little dodgy. Besides that, good.


Jeff Jarrett: Everything bar the cuts is excellent. The cuts themselves are good but simply too plain. No use of blends or gradients or color overlays.


F2K 1: The glows seem to overlay. Good use of text - I just think the glows are too much.


Hedstrong: The text would be much better if it was next to the Highlight reel with no Jericho PSD in my opinion, but I'm being very picky here. The text I like a lot though.


Fletcher: No complaints except take the "Sig by F2K" thing away and move the HHH symbol to the right more.


F2K 2: Good use of the PSD. Text is good. Background is ok, but use some more blurs and stuff.

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