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You Either Love It Or Your Hate It

Cactus Jack

Bovril; Love Or Hate?  

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  1. 1. Bovril; Love Or Hate?

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When I go to watch Rochdale and its winter there is one thing that kips the nip out... but they won't let me take Rum in so I drink Bovril instead... nice better then drixing Oxo or Coffee which makes me hyper..


Bovril and a meat and potato pie... how northern am I?

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I love bovril! There used to be a running joke at school about bovril so I always steered clear, but at the last blues home match of the season my dad brought some and offered me it, just like drinking gravy but better. Will definately have to start drinking more of it at games, with me balti or pea pie.
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tis never nice when you go to watch wolves get thrashed by charlton 4-0 at home and all you can smell isnt defeat but its fckin bovril, why sell that crap? its horrible


the refreshing thought of the fact it was my dads round at the pub after the mnatch kept me sane what with the bovril and all

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It's a beefy drink, like OXO I guess. You usually always get them at footy matches to go with your pie, or sausage roll :)


It's a proper football drink, goes well with a balti pie and when your losing and its cold.


Thanks ladies. :) The last time I went to a football match was around 2 years ago when Stoke went from Division 2 to Division 1. :) That could explain why I've not heard of the drink. :) Sounds foul though.

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