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WWE Title Belts from WWEEuroshop.com


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WWE World Championship Replica Belt



Become Champion of the World with this amazingly detailed title belt. Exact replica. Measures 142cm long. Centre medallion measures 29cm high. Belt fastens by snaps on each side Fits up to a 117cm (46 inch) waist. Weight, approx. 2.25Kg. Comes complete with custom-made WWE cloth carrying bag.

Item Code: 10134

Pounds Price: £250.00

Euros Price: €400.00

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Dont buy from Shopzone, its a rip off! Log onto http://www.ebay.com in the USA and buy one for $190 from there, then have it sent over via airmail for another $40 or so. Thats like $230 which is about £120, saving you a mint!

The are ok belts, the are 2mm thick plates, shallow engraving as they are stamped out on a machine in China. The straps are not leather, they are stiff material called pleather.

Obviously, they are nothing like the real belts on TV, HOWEVER those belts run up in the thousands of dollars, so you cannot expect them to be, you know?

I own real belts and I own replica belts, I always buy from eBay USA and for the price they cost, they are very very very good items.

Good luck my friend, enjoy it!

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I bought mine from WWEshopzone.com, and as it was all in dollars it worked out cheaper than the ones from Euroshop, even with the delivery charges. It was the Raw title and it worked out about £175 in total, but the dollar has improved a bit of late and the exchange rate isnt as good as it was then.
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