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Who will join Paul Heyman next?


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The Magic Trick of The Great American Bash!


Hey guys,

I don't think anyone will join Heyman of their own free will, but I can see an amazing illusion being pulled off at the GAB. Paul Bearer in a glass case to be filled with cement, no I don't think so not at all 'Taker will do the right thing i.e. take out the trash Heyman and the Dudleys then Paul Bearer will be encased in concrete and on the next episode of SmackDown he will not be inside, casket on fire anyone!

This is 'Takers final farewell in my opinion and he has worked well with Heyman professionally in the past this is going to be an amazing spectacle but an illusion is my best guess... The Dudleys have only 3Ded 'Taker once and that was the American Badass persona, wait for their surprise when he sits up! :eek

'Taker will terminate this little tryst at The Great American Bash I'm sure.


Hoping. ;)

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Pregancy, retards, Paedophilia and now blackmail and MURDER?


Am I right in thinking that at the GAB Paul Heyman will try to BLACKMAIL the Undertaker by MURDERING someone on LIVE TV?


I know it's staged, btw...


I'm not saying that is how it will pan out but on Smackdown Paul Heyman has said he is willing to KILL to get what he wants.


Sick. And you thought JBL was bad.



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Maybe Bearer wants the old heel UT and this is just a swerve that Bearer orchestrated.


Perhaps UT WILL lose to the Dud-leez because Heyman uses the mystical powers of the urn to cause the loss.


I think UT will take out the Dud-leez and get his hands on Heyman. However, someone will attack UT before he can crush Heyman. Question is, Who?

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