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***Official Smackdown Thread - 24th June 2004***


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June 24, 2004


The SmackDown! roster of Superstars is focused on a single question at this hour: “What does Paul Heyman have planned next?”


Last week, Heyman unleashed the Undertaker on John Cena and Rob Van Dam before damning the Phenom to a Handicap Match against the Dudley Boyz at The Great American Bash. Heyman also wheeled out a cement truck, explaining that if the Deadman doesn’t “do the right thing” at Sunday’s pay-per-view, then Paul Bearer will be entombed in a concrete crypt. Will we see more loyalty towards Heyman out of the Undertaker this week? Tune in to find out (8/7 CT on UPN).


Speaking of Heyman and the Undertaker, it appears as though John Cena will be looking for answers this week on SmackDown! Why did the Deadman attack the Doctor of Thuganomics last week? That's exactly what Cena plans on finding out.


Meanwhile, the feud between WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero and John “Bradshaw” Layfield has reached a furious boil. We’ll see if the champ steers clear of JBL just days before the Bash — knowing that when he sees the No.l contender in Norfolk, Va., the two combatants will be tied to either ends of a Texas Bull Rope. But if the past few weeks are any indication, Eddie will make a lasting impression before entering into full-time pay-per-view preparation.


Also this week on SmackDown!, expect to hear a major announcement regarding the Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio and his involvement at The Great American Bash.


And finally, two Superstars in hot pursuit of the United States Championship -- Rob Van Dam and Rene Dupree -- will meet in one-on-one action this week on SmackDown!

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