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I'm pleased to announce I got my hands on the third Driver yesterday because of it being released early.

I was wondering if anybody else had it and if they agreed my opinion that it is better than GTA Vice City.

Now I'm Vice City's biggest fan, but I'm afraid its had its time, and until San Andreas comes out, Driv3r will be the best driving game out.

I found that when you play Driv3r, you can see all what is wrong with Vice City. And you can see just what is so brilliant with Driv3r.

For example, Driv3r is so much more realistic. I'm talking about in terms of the cars, people, getting shot and general game play.

You can get shot in your car, and die!

Unlike Vice City, where you can crash your car going 100 mph, when you crash on driver you get effing hurt.

And when you drive into a lampost in Vice City it comes out of the ground and plays off!

Not in Driv3r. You hit a lamp post and you satop dead, just like in a real car crash.

Its the same with the trees. They dont smash into a million pieces upon impact.

The damage of the cars is so much better, things hang off it when you've driven it round like a maniac, like the bumper.


unlike Tommy Vercetti, you crash your car in the sea and you can get out and swim to shore!

Police are pretty smart too, as are the public.

You pull out a gun in the street, people get out their cars and leg it!

And if you try and twock a car or bike and the owner has a gun he's likely to bloody well shoot you with it and take his vehicle back!

Vice City is not as serious I know and thats what made the game so much fun.

Things like calling the race tracks "Dirt Ring, Hot Ring and Blood Ring" is an example of Rockstar not taking their game too seriously.

Driv3r doesnt have these comical quirks and thats a good thing because its a totally different game.

It doesnt try to be GTA, which is what some people believe it to be doing.

The missions require most skill, as does the shooting.

The cities are massive! They really are huge.


GTA can move aside until San Andreas comes out. Driv3r is the baddest dog in town and will remain in my PS2 until the 22nd October when Rockstar release their chart topping piece of work.


Any thoughts on Driv3r, do you think it's better than Vice City? You disagree?

Post here!

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From the screenshots I have seen it looks very similar to VC graphics wise, and I'm doubtful it will be a better game than VC. I don't think I will buy it when it comes out, as I'm not really a fan of the driver series, but who knows, if it gets lots of decent reviews I may give it a go.
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driver 3 is ok. the best thing on it is the survival driving game.. i was not a fan of the other driver games though so i was not really into this 1...its definatly no gta and its fake that you can only free roam by going onto take a ride...but the explosions are brilliant and you can swim on it!!!
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i have it but its no way better than the famous Rockstar GTA GAMES

GTA started that style of game ok taxi that old 2d game maby inspired gta but


GTA takes the biscuit


i have to say Driv3r is ok but has lots of bugs still

like if you go to nice and go to the hotel you can walk through/drive through the wall

i found that out by going on a quich chase and i went stright through


Zero Tolerance

Gaming is me

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Well i have been playing Driv3r now for about a week, and i must say without hesitation that it is not a GTA beater, and it doesnt live up to all the hype. Dont get me wrong though, it is a very good game, just not as spectacular as everyone made it out to be. The driving is fantastic as you would expect, however i feel it is yet again the controls of Tanner when he is on foot that contributes to the failings of this game. I would also like to point out that the gameplay graphics are not the best i have ever seen either, the FMV looks beautiful but in-game only looks marginally better than Driver 2.
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I've played it quite a bit in my run down state just recently and I have to say try as I might I am beng to bore of it and a type of hatred is boiling in my veins....


I shot a policeman in the head with a shotgun at point blank range... target blueand centred on his rendered head... I squeeze the trigger and he's still popping buillets in me after the smoke has cleared....


SOF II... Shotgun to head at close range equals decapitation aka death.... as it does to anything on the body..... Driv3r? He smiles and spits the pellets back at me!


Pop up! On a X-Box game! I'm driving along the motor way... no turn off and juncutions near me and what happens! A police car renders itself in front of me facing the wrong way! Felony bar goes from nil to the your in trouble stage and all hell breaks lose!


So what you can swim? So the citys are huge? So the drivings great.... So's True Crime, buy that, its a better game although the plot does get crazy near the end...

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There's just no substitute for the GTA games. True Crime: Streets Of LA, Mafia, Driv3r, The Getaway ... despite all their hype, none are quite as good as Vice City. I still rate Vice City as my favourite game ever and I can't wait for San Andreas, hopefully it'll be worth the 2 year wait.
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I actually thought True Crime was an excellent game, not quite the VC beater it was hyped up to be, but with the amount of hype I knew it wouldn't be anyway. The main problem I had with the game is that its too easy! (I had completely finished all the missions within a fortnight).
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