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wZw - Hartlepool results


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First review of the wZw show tonight in Hartlepool. This report is an independant Fan Review of the show.




Path to Destruction (19th June) Review


True to recent form, The C.O.D.E were protesting to the wZw fans before the show about the impurity of hardcore wrestling. Victims of their tongue-lashing included wZw Commissioner Gary Graham and the 'UK Hardcore Icon', Iceman.


The number of fans was quite impressive considering this was wZw's debut in Hartlepool and the crowd were extremely vocal from the first bell to the last.


The evening kicked off with local boy Richie Saint making his pro debut in front of his hometown fans against Bomber Mills who was accompanied to the ring by fellow C.O.D.E. members Big Ben Stone & The Jodis. Bomber dominated the early part of the match with power moves including an impressive Gorilla Press Slam. Jodis managed to get involved in the match when Bomber Mills had Saint in a Figure Four Leg Lock. Jodis grabbed Mills' arms for extra leverage until the referee spotted the infringement and kicked Mills and Jodis' arms apart. Mills was less than happy about this and got in the ref's face but when he pushed the ref he retaliated and Richie Saint nailed Bomber with a devastating DDT to pick up the win on his pro debut.


The C.O.D.E weren't finished there and Jodis drilled Saint as he celebrated and The C.O.D.E began a 3-on-1 assault on the local hero. Iceman hit the ring and made the save as The C.O.D.E dispersed backstage. Iceman ten challenged The Jodis to be his opponent in the 'Four Corners of Hell' match in the main event and gave Jodis until the count of ten to return to the ring with an answer otherwise he was going to go backstage and drag The C.O.D.E's leader back to the ring. The count got to nine when GTS' music hit and the wZw Heavyweight Champion made his way to the ring. GTS stated that Iceman v Jodis would be a walk in the park for Ice and he challenged Iceman for the wZw Extreme Title in the main event. Iceman said he had nothing to prove as he had already beat GTS in a 'Four Corners of Hell' match last year but he said he would accept the General's challenge if GTS' wZw Heavyweight Championship was also on the line. GTS accepted and the crowd went absolutely nuts!


After GTS and Iceman left the ring Highlander made his way out to face J Nattrass. The match was, as expected, very hitting. One of the most devastating moves in this match was a viciously executed piledriver by Highlander on J. Highlander won the match via count-out.


The next match was wZw's first ever ladies match. Minx and Lexx put on a very technical match with many submission holds being applied during the match. Lexx was issued a Public Warning for biting Minx's fingers but Lexx persuaded the referee to reveres the decision by flirting with him and kissing him on the cheek. Minx was disgusted at this and her protests earned her a Public Warning. Minx went one further than her opponent as she grabbed the referee in a passionate clinch and took him to the floor. The astonished and excited referee then revoked Minx's Public warning too. Minx won the match in controversial circumstances when she slyly whipped Lexx's leg into the referee's privates. It appeared to the ref that Lexx had kicked him in the nether regions and he disqualified her. As Minx gloated in the ring, Lexx gained a measure of revenge when she nailed Minx with an awesome spear.


The next match was the one I had personally been dying to see - a Fatal 4 Way Ladder match to crown the first wZw Cruiser Division Champion. Carbon, Anthony McIntyre and Shady Nattrass made their way out to the ring before Stevie Lynn entered with a ladder. The match began at lightning pace with Shady and Stevie tossing their opponents all over the ring with arm drags and hip tosses. Shady and Stevie simultaneously flipped over the top ropes to the outside, landing on Carbon and McIntyre, as the crowd's cheers grew louder and louder. As the match went on it became more intense with some sickening ladder shots as a second ladder came into play. Stevie Lynn nailed Carbon and McIntyre with a corner to corner dropkick as they both lay behind the ladder enhancing the impact. Carbon almost annihilated McIntyre when he springboard suplexed him through a table. Stevie and Shady nailed their opponents with simultaneous powerbombs as Carbon and McIntyre attempted to climb the ladders to grab the belt. The match was won when Shady managed to climb to the top of the ladder and get his hands on the brand new wZw Cruiser Division Championship belt. The fans gave all four competitors a much deserved standing ovation as they left the ring.


After the interval Full Pack and BCW's Drew Galloway took on John Britain and BCW Tag Team, T2K (Wolfgang & Darkside) in a 6 man tag team match. All 6 men were impressive in this match up but Full Pack's tag team experience proved the deciding factor as they executed their double team moves perfectly. Micky L eventually picked up the pinfall after a he floored John Britain with a Yakuza Kick.


The wZw Heavyweight Championship no.1 Contendership between Spitfire and Domino was originally planned to feature General Trent Steel as the Special Guest Referee but that plan was scrapped after GTS' inclusion in the main event. Spitfire and Domino put on a technical display with headlocks, chinlocks and submission moves aplenty. Spitfire picked up the win with an impressive fisherman's suplex.


The main event between wZw Heavyweight Champion, General Trent Steel and wZw Extreme Champion, Iceman started off technically sound. Initially it was the old cliché, the immovable object meets the irresistible force as the two big men of wZw failed to take each other down until a double clothesline felled both participants. The C.O.D.E made their return to ringside at this point and assaulted Iceman, dragging him to the outside of the ring. GTS placed a chair near the ropes and used it to awesomely springboard over the top rope clattering Iceman and all three members of The C.O.D.E. Security then intervened and forced The C.O.D.E backstage. As the Ice and GTS returned to the ring the match degenerated into the ultra-violent spectacle the fans were expecting to see. Barbed-wire bats, thousand of thumb tacks, garbage cans and metal sheets came into play as each man tried to take out the other. Iceman introduced a table into the match and placed the thumb tacks on top as he planned on super-plexing GTS through. GTS countered and Iceman went flying through the thumb tack covered table but he kicked out on the count of two. Iceman came back into the match when he grabbed the staple gun and stapled something to GTS' forehead. GTS staggered around the ring until Iceman ripped off the item opening GTS up in the process. As GTS regained control of the match he repaid the favour by stapling something to Iceman's lip! Moments later Iceman nailed GTS with a DDT onto thousands of thumb tacks but failed to score the three count. Both men were covered in their own blood at this point and The Jodis made his return to ringside. GTS ordered Jodis to leave, stating this was between him and Iceman and had nothing to do with The C.O.D.E. The distraction allowed Iceman to take advantage and he smashed GTS with a vicious chair shot and covered him to become the new wZw Heavyweight Champion, much to the dismay of The Jodis. Iceman cradled both belts in his arms in the ring and the called out GTS to thank him for the match and he praised the General for being a tough S.O.B. Iceman asked wZw Commissioner Gary Graham for a re-match and told GTS it may be his turn for victory next time. As both men received a standing ovation for the outstanding battle they had just competed in, GTS attacked Iceman from behind. This incensed the new double champion who starting hurling abuse at GTS and claimed the re-match was off and he took back all of the praising comments he had just made about the General. Iceman composed himself and celebrated in the ring as the fans cheered and honoured the new wZw Heavyweight Champion and reigning wZw Extreme Champion


Courtesy of http://www.fyewzw.co.uk

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