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What bands have you met?


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So, have you met any bands, got their autographs, or got more than that? :P


I have met:



Hell is for Heroes



Hundred Reasons

Cave In


Kinesis were really friendly guys, they signed my CD and poster. All the Murderdolls guys were really cool to, except Joey who hid away all day.. hmm expected really.. still got his autograph.

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American Head Charge




Head Charge were insane and did there usual trick of getting us to sign them as well... Slipknot were real friendly but kept the masks on as this was before the side project and unmasking stage...

Musheroomhead joked about the fact that they hate Slipknot and took the piss out of Craig the Sampler and Sid the DJ saying they were only there to make the numbers up and that they could beat em in a fight...

Sugarcoma were a bit boring apart from the singer Jess who was real good looking person, they were a bit disappointed to be dropped but they said they'd be back with new stuff...


Was planning to meet Casey Chaos after a gig... shame he broke his ribs during the show and had to be taken to hospital after the show...

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i have met


rueben - really nice, thanked me for singing along

lostprophets - signed my wallet which was nice

Liberty 7 - stood and chatted to the singer as we waited for lostprophets to start - really nice though very short

instruction - nice blokes, they're gonna be huge i hope

har mar superstar - really funny

met the guitarist from saliva - not very nice at all, really rude actually


think thats about it though im sure theres someone else i just cant think who..

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I've met most of Entombed on various tours, lovely if somewhat drunken chaps.

I've met most of Pist. On (anyone remember them?).

I've met Slayer, and have a lot of autographed stuff from them. Muchos pleased about that.

I've met one half of Mortician, and what a fat bastard he is too! Nice though.

Met Mick Kenny from Anaal Nathrakh and Mistress (and Catapult) the other night, and he didn't seem like as much of a twat as everyone says he is.

Andy from Amputated is a sound Welsh boyo.


No one you guys would probably have heard of though, except maybe Slayer.

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The Bled - chilled out in their tourbus

My Chemical romance - got stuff signed and they were cool

Hondo Maclean - got a shout out at the gig

Jesse Lacey from BrandNew - got his wristband

Dopamine - got their msn addy



i take it you went to the MCR/Bled tour? Both bands were absolutely amazing! I went to the manchester show of the tour!

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