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What are you wearing.


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Pretty simple question but what are you wearing as you sit looking at he monitor at this very moment.


I'm wearing a pair of blue shorts from matalan.

And my grey tfg burnley shirt sponsored by VK vodka kick from last season.


no socks on because i've been picking at my toes.

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Lol, this question sounds like one of them pervy questions hehe!! What are YOU wearing :P


Anyways I have on a red vest attached to a white vest which looks like I have two vest tops on (New Look), you know the sort, with black crop trousers.(Mark One)


Just a minute ago I put on my Union Jack cardy (also from New Look) because I suddenly went really cold.


Black underwear, that's it. :)

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White "Hot as FCUK" T-shirt from some shop which sells FCUK stuff, Faded blue boot cut ripped (I bought them ripped. :P) jeans from Top Man, Nike black boxers, black socks. :) Erm dunno where these were from.


Edit, forgot to add where they were from. :)

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