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Euro 2004 (week 1)


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Well ok it's been a week since the start of euro 2004.


Who's impressed you, who's dissapointed you?




Rooney- I slagged him off a few weeks back but hey has he proved me wrong.


Ibrihimovic- I've got a fiver on him at 66-1 to be top scorer well there is a long way to go but he's up there.


Greece- No one really expected them to do anything against portugal and spain but they have 4 points out of the 2 games against them.




Totti- I had been told to expect from totti this summer "it was his time". Well he's been in the news but for all the wrong reasons and we may not see him again this summer.


Portugal- Lets face it they were poor in the opening game, there not out of it yet but are up against it, last time they beat spain i was'nt born


Holland- They got a draw against Germany, but who was expecting anything from them. They looked disjointed and key player went totally missing. They will need a good result against the czechs tonight in order to progress and that could be a big ask.

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Impressed me:



I thought they looked very good in both matches and I think they can go far in this tournament.



Great result against Bulgaria and a plucky as hell performance and result last night against the Italians.



As has been said, nothing much was expected of them and they've picked up 2 great results against the group favourites.


Sol Campbell

Everyones talking about Rooney but I think hes been fantastic in both games for England.






I thought they were pretty poor against a poor German side. They only looked threatening when they went with 2 forwards so hopefully they go with that formation in the remainder of the tournament.


Thierry Henry

I think he's been very disappointing so far. He's looked pretty annonymous in both games and now he has been whinging about England and Croatia getting all their players behind the ball against France. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT THIERRY? You play for the best team in the world. They aren't going to go all cavalier against you!



Their coverage gets worse and worse with each tournament

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Well Rooney has been the far most impressive out of the England squad...

Ronaldo has provided a great spark off the bench for Portugal

The Greeks have been great, will it last?

And I've got to agree on Zlatan, his goal against Italy was a cracker, the Swedes may be darkhorses in this tournement....


Disappointed by the Dutch, they look like they may be self distructing...

Michael Owen has been no where in both games apart from one assist... and Steven Gerrard as well...

The French have looked far from as great as everyone says... without Zidane they be'd out right now...

And what has happened to Vieri and Del Piero? They should have had about 3 goals each by now? Why can't they hit the back of the net?

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Impressed by Zlatan, Wilhelmsson, Rooney, Czech Republic, Cassano, Ash Cole, Bystrov, Schweinsteiger, Kuranyi, Sorensen and Verpakovskis.


Unimpressed by Totti, van der Vaart, Bulgaria, Figo, the Croatians and all the freakin' shirt pulling!



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Rooney (Awesome)

Ibrahimovic (some good performences)

Ledley King (only one game but a freat performance)

Latvia (playing well and trying some of the hardest in the comp)



Totti (played decent but stupid for spitting)

France (poor againgst Croatia and deserved to lose)

Refferees (poor)

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Rooney - For whats already been said, I didn't expect him to come good this time.


Ledley King - Great performance against France.


Zinedine Zidane - Class act, has single handedly kept France in the tournament.


Latvia - For getting a 0-0 against Germany.


Greece - Should qualify for the second stages, probably at the expense of Portugal.




Terry Henry - Has he been playing?


Refereeing - Glad to see the clampdown on diving, but it needs to be applied to all games. Most of the refs have been very 'whistle happy' with a few exeptions. The Ref for England v Switzerland was diabolical, as was the Ref for Holland v Czech.


Holland v Czech Rep - Match of the tournament, shame there had to be a loser.


ITV - and in particular Des Lynam and that commentator who's name I don't know.


Michael Owen - Anonymous

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Well, so far i have been really impressed with Rooney. I had him down to be our downfall with his fiery temper, however he has proved me and many others wrong by showing tremendous resolve and commitment to the cause. No doubt he has been our best player of the two games so far.

As for a team, Greece have shown that they can hang with the big boys, i knew they were a decent side, but going up against Portugal and Spain made their task tough if not impossible. However with some inspired performances they look certain to make the next round.


As for dissapointments, the Italian and Portugese teams have been shadows of their former selves by putting in some decidedly average if not poor performances. People are putting emphasis on Ronaldo, but he isnt that great a player just yet. He needs time to grow and develop, too much pressure is bad for him and will make him create mistakes. Figo is a top player but even he has been slightly off form so carrying the team shouldnt be left to him. Italy have not really shown any desire to win, which is letting them down, they have the players just not the attitude. Only the defense seem to be wanting to win, midfield and upfront seem to be just plodding along. Not the best way to play if you want to win a championship.

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Very impressed so far by the Czech Republic, who haven't been untouchable by any means, but who looked excellent against the Dutch, and have one of the best players in the world in Pavel Nedved. Could win it. I have adopted the Swedes as my team, cos of Henrik Larsson and the fact that they're underdogs, and they've been excellent too. Ibrahimovic's goal against Italy was fantastic. Zidane - France would be going home early if it wasn't for him. And ickle Latvia! Gave the Czech's a fright, and could've beaten Germany.


Unimpressed by Italy. What does it take for these guys to play to their potential? Dirty Totti and Vieri in particular have been very disappointing. Portugal got out of jail thanks to Spain shooting themselves in the foot. Germany don't look like scoring, which is kind of an important part of football. Owen & Henry - what's going on there?!

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