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Thought of the week (IMO)


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Now i've been thinking of a question in my mind for quite some time now, and it's been near tourmenting me... but before we get to the question, lets take a look at the history of a certain wrestler's called Christian. (note: i apoligize for any wrong infomation)

In 1997, Jason Reso (a.k.a Chrsitian) joined the wwf, he dubuted siding with Grangrel who was in a fued against Edge. Chrstian's In-ring debut was at IYH:JD - where he faced Taka Mikinocu for the light-heavyweight championship which he manage to win. eventually Edge, Grangrel and Christian made up and formed the brood and teamed up with the Minstry of Darkness.

After WM-XV, the Brood split from the ministry of darkness and after a while they split up themselves.

after a while Edge and Christian formed a tag team, they manage to gain alot of fan attention and together they manage win the tag team belts seven times and become (IMO) one of the best tag teams in the WWF. Now lets skip to say...king of the ring 2001.

This is where Edge and Christian showed a little (but noticible) signs of spliiting up. after Edge manage to win King of the Ring, the signs greatly intensfied until Christian hit Edge with Edge's own king of the ring trophy.

after they spilt Edge and Chrsitian got a push, but Edge's push was slightly more stronger then Christian's.

Now we rewind to the present, while Edge is in a fued and is joining some good measure of success, Christian has slowly started to dissapear off are screens and isn't in any sorta fued.


Now that we've walked down memory lane i will present my Question.

Does Christian seem to be Going the same way as Marty Jenetty did when the Rocker split?

It does seem like History is reapeting itself, the Rockers were a popular tag team, but when Shawn and Marty split, Shawn gained huge Success, while Marty was slowly forgotten.


well...tell me what you think, feed back (Hopefully nice feedback) is appreicated

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I think the answer is possibly.


There have been so many examples. Look at all the best tag teasm. One guy became a real main event star, one languished in the mid card at best.


Rockers, Steiners, Harlem Heat, Hart Foundation, Smoking Gunns etc etc


I think it's a shame because in most of the examples above there was a huge talent gap between the two guys involved, but with Edge and Christian I don't think there is. Edge probably looks the part more than Christian, but Christian is as good a wrestler and on the mic.


In all honesty it's a bit of a shame they ever split up, Edge seems destined to either make it as a main eventer over the next couple of years, or be another almost made it whilst Christian is potentially going to struggle to do anything other than be a talented mid carder.


Somebody else mentioned on here recently (can't remember who, sorry), that Edge and Christian worked off each other really well and got great heat from crowds. Totally agree, wish they were still together swinging those chairs and livening up the tag team division. I guess it must be hard though, as most good tag team wrestlers always seem to want to prove they can make it on their own, and become a big singles star.

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Guest Perfection

There have been so many examples. Look at all the best tag teasm. One guy became a real main event star, one languished in the mid card at best.


star. [/b]


I'm hoping this happens with The Hardy's.

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And if it does happen with the Hardy's, whose gonna be the star and whose career will be a disaster?


I used to be hot on the bandwagon for Jeff to be a real star in the WWF and that Mat was destined to always be an average tag team wrestler.


I really can't see Jeff making much of an impact anymore. We've seen him swanton bomb off just about everything now, what more can he do. Kinda like New Jack, him jumping off balconies was cool, but there's only so many times you can see it before it loses it's shock value.


He doesn't, and probably never will look the part, too small to be a success for Vince.


Whilst he throws himself about a lot, I genuinely don't think he's as talented as I once thought. His matches aren't well worked, and to sustain a long career he has to tone down the one part of his offence that is actually entertaining.


See, once upon a time the Hardys could have left WWF where they really are going nowhere, and joined WCW, been tag team champs for a while, gained in popularity and eventually split with Jeff getting a real push up the ranks. Then maybe if he proved himself Vince would have snapped him up as a genuine main eventer. What's he gonna do these days, go to XPW and be expected to damage his body even more?

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