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My Smackdown Vs Raw Grafix


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It's pretty decent. just a few critisisms...


1) Change the border to a solid non-opacity-dropped %.


2) Change the colour of the "VS".


3) Smug/blend the middle, so that the red and blue colours blend and look like it's one neat deal.



Beisdes that, good cuts, good logo use, nice use of backgrounds and nice use of colors :)

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I either make my own or other people send me some that they've cut.



Simple way to change the VS if it's part of the PSD: duplicate the layer, in one of them delete the VS, and in the other, delete the SmackDown and RAW logos. Then either add a glow or a colour overlay.

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Well as i was bored last night the only thing i cutted in that was the logo including the hard WWE bit at the top


I normally cut my own when i get on the other board i will show u all my Texas Chain Saw Massacre one i made and i cut the Leatherface on that.


I'm hoping to start a PSD site in a couple of months so if anyone wants to help just PM me and we can go from there


F2K i'm on my grandads comp at the moment and the logos on my home computer so i will add you to my MSN 2night then sent u the logo if u want just remember to give me credit

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