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who has or had the best personality in wrestling


who has the best personality  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. who has the best personality

    • chris jericho
    • rowdy roddy piper
    • mr. perfect
    • joey styles
    • the rock
    • jerry lawler
    • steve austin
    • other(state who)

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It was between Rock and Y2J for me and Rock only got my vote by a margin.


Have to agree with you, tough decision but The Rock gets it by a margin! For a guy thats gone off and done his own thing, yet continually reappearing you never hear anybody bad mouthing him. Hilarious on the mike too!

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i think the rocks on air character has never been matched in terms of class and charisma, his on mic skills are second best to no one as he has the ability to play with peoples emotions not just through his often hilarious promos altho i havent really seen any funny ones since backlash 2003 and that was just coz he mentioned a cockatoo, but also through the way he works in ring, he didnt get pushed for nothing


he may not be the best technically but his matches tell a story rather than just putting together a few moves

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Jericho for me... The Rock is up there but if you have witnessed the evoultion of Jericho's character from the WCW days then its been amazing...

He was the best thing in the midcard in 1998 and should have been pushed harder going into 1999 so he was right to leave...


Should have been given the ball in 2000 against HHH, the WWE missed the boat abit when they finally gave him the push only to set him up for the fall against HHH...

He's effective as a Face, Heel or Tweener and through personality rose above the size barrier in the top tier of wrestling...

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The Ultimate Warrior



You are kidding right? The guy is an IDIOT! :tdown He is INSANE! :dumb He needs PROFESSIONAL HELP! :help


I say the Rock for his in ring class, style, and humor as well as for the excample he has set in his personal life.

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